Chapter Eight: I Heart You

Piper closed her eyes for a brief minute. Smiling to herself. One last moment of peace before she tries to talk to Alex after the song is finished. Piper took a deep breath and whispered. "I heart you too Al".

Alex froze. She had to take a double take. Did Piper just speak? She looks over at Nicky who was smiling that shit eating grin.

"Pipes?" Alex calls out looking for reassurance that she did hear her.

"Alex?" Piper called out with the same look for reassurance.

Alex let tears fall as she gazed at the woman in front of her. Her pools of green were no longer dark but bright with happiness. Piper let out a weak smile. Alex had been craving. Nicky left the room to give them space.

"Alex? How is this possible? I saw you, you weren't breathing" Piper whispered with a pang of pain in each word as she looked into Alex's green eyes.

Alex heard every word and all the pain that came with them. She broke at how much Piper had beaten herself over this whole situation. She was aware this had gone too far, Piper had already tried to contact Kubra. Piper Chapman would never contact a man to kill her if she wasn't dying inside. Alex had to fix this; she wasn't prepared to lose Piper ever again much less to Kubra.

"I know, but I'm really here" Alex tried to keep that famous Chapman smile glued to her face. But it failed.

"I'm sure a needy bitch! Ugh! I nearly got you killed."Piper sighed as she moved her hand away from Alex.

Alex missed her touch, she craved to be held. "Pipes, the past is in the past" Alex sighed trying to find that smile.

"No Alex, You shouldn't forgive me! Kubra should have been here already, you should leave before he kills you too" Piper choked up on the last few words.

Alex's heart broke at her words. Piper should feel guilty but not to the point where she wanted her ex girlfriend's drug king come and murder her. That wasn't fair of Alex to let this go on for so long, there was nothing Alex could have done, she wasn't allowed to visit Piper. How was Piper supposed to know Alex was okay? She wasn't. Alex tried to refrain from telling her that she burned the letter in yard but those words just came spilling out of her mouth like a waterfall.

"Kubra isn't coming, I burned the letter so he couldn't read it" Alex spilled out without thinking of the consequences of telling Piper.

"You What? How did you even get the letter, Nicky, I'm going to Kill her!" Piper spat.

"Why would you want my ex boss to come and kill you Piper are you stupid!" Alex raised her voice.

"I thought you were dead!" Piper yelled back.

"What about you're precious Stella! Huh! What about the dingo! Why do you need me! You have her!" Alex yelled back she was losing control.

"You know what?! FUCK YOU ALEX" Piper spat words as cold as ice.

"FUCK ME? YOU'D LIKE WHAT WOULDN'T YOU" Alex yelled back as she got up.

Piper just watched her leave. As soon as Alex was out of sight Piper sighed. Couldn't she do anything right, Piper thought to herself.

Nicky watched them argue. She sighed. Would they ever just get along, she thought to herself. Chapman and Vause, who does she talk to first. Nicky decides to talk to Chapman. She's seen enough of Vause to know when to let her cool off before confronting her.

"Hey Chapman" Nicky smiled at Piper.

"Oh hey Nicky" Piper said whilst playing with the IV tubes connected in her veins. Nicky sighed.

"What happened?" Nicky asked.

"With Alex?" Chapman continued. Nicky just nodded as she sat down next to Piper.

"She's mad about the letter that you didn't send!" Piper snapped but quickly cooled off.

"Yeah. There was no way I would have sent it Chapman, Alex was fine and neither here nor I wanted Kubra getting his hands near you" Nicky said soothingly.

"I figured I just had to hope right?" Piper whispered.

"No, Anyways what did you mean in the letter about him getting you back?" Nicky asked cautiously.

Piper knew this would come up eventually either from Nicky or Alex. Right now she was just glad it was Nicky, Piper couldn't handle another blow out from Alex right now. Piper started telling Nicky the night it all happened.


"I'll be right back Pipes" Alex whispered kissing Piper's cheek.

"Okay hurry back!" Piper yelled as Alex left the hotel room. Alex was off dealing the drugs and getting her mules set up in all the right places. Piper was usually left in the hotel room for hours and hours till Alex would come back. Tonight was different. Sure Alex was away but Piper wouldn't be alone. There was a knock at the door.

Piper opened the door to find Kubra smirking at her.

"Hello Kubra isn't it?" Piper stuttered as she grew nervous.

"Yes Is Alex Here?" Kubra asked still smirking at Piper.

"No she's gone to go and set up the mules for tonight's events" Piper continued to stutter.

"Shame... Oh well... can i come in?" Kubra asked.

"Oh... Um... sure" Piper replied nervous.

"I see what she sees in you" Kubra said whilst revealing his devilish smile.

"Oh what's that?" Piper replied.

"You're one hell of a catch" Kubra smirked.

"Oh... um... thank you?" Piper replied unsure of what else to say.

Nicky interrupted the story.

"Wait? He raped you?" Nicky yelled.

"SHH!" Piper yelled back.

"Sorry but did he?" Nicky asked concerned for Piper's answer.

"Yes" Piper replied nervous.

"Why didn't you tell Alex?" Nicky asked.

"I'm getting there" Piper replied.

"Continue" Nicky replied eager to hear the Blondes reason.


After Kubra had raped Piper.

"You tell Alex anything and I'll have her killed" Kubra spat at Piper.

Piper shuddered at his touch. "Yes I understand" Piper stuttered.

"This never happened" Kubra whispered. Piper just nodded.

"Have a good evening" Kubra smiled his devilish grin again whilst leaving.

Piper lay on the floor for another 30 minutes cowering into her shell. She decided a shower would help clear her thoughts. However even after the shower she felt dirty. Alex came home to find Piper on the couch staring into space.

"Pipes? I'm home" Alex whispers as to not startle her girlfriend. Piper looks at Alex with eyes of fear and confusion.

"You okay?" Alex questioned.

"Yes! I mean I'm fine" Piper snapped but tried to hide the truth from Alex. She didn't want Alex to die.

Nicky questioned. "So you never told her?".

"Well she's alive isn't she" Piper giggled.

"Well yes" Nicky smiled.

"I never told her" Piper smiled weakly.

"Is that why you left her in Paris?" Nicky asked.

"Yes and No" Piper replied.

"How So?" Nicky questioned.

"Kubra threatened me to go home I was no longer needed by both parties and Alex completely forgot I existed, I understand work is hard and stressful but the Alex you know wasn't like that before prison" Piper replied. Nicky just nodded. "She started treating me like another one of her mules, But if it was my choice I wouldn't have left her that night when her mother died" Piper continued with a sad tone.

"Her mother was like a mother to me, she was amazing, and she was everything Alex was and more" Piper smiled at the thought of Dianne.

"I did go to her funeral, I saw her there but I wasn't allowed to talk to her" Piper whispered.

"Alex still worked for Kubra, if he found out he would have killed her" Nicky continued.

"Pretty much" Piper nodded.

"So you've been saving Alex's life this whole time and she's had no clue" Nicky asked.

"I guess so" Piper just nodded still looking at her IV's in her hand. "I just wish we would stop yelling at each other but that's impossible we are so inevitable to each other" Piper sighed.

Nicky and Piper conversed for a few more minutes before Nicky decided it was time to go and find Alex.

"I'm going to go and find Alex" Nicky smiled at Piper.

"Have fun" Piper said whilst closing her eyes.

Nicky ran off to go and find Alex. She wasn't hard to find. Alex was sat in the cafe with her hands on her face on the table.

"Hey Vause" Nicky whispered.

"Go Away Nicky" Alex whispered.

"No" Nicky replied.

"Please?" Alex continued but Nicky refused as she knocked Alex out of her chair.

"What was that for?"Alex grumbled.

"I spoke to Chapman and there's lots you need to talk about" Nicky replied.

"Like what?" Alex asked.

"Like how many times she has saved your life!" Nicky snapped. Alex listened to what Nicky had to say and they were walking back to Piper's room.

Piper's door squeaked open. Piper looked up in horror.

"You broke your promise" The voice whispered.

Alex and Nicky were close to Pipers room when they heard two gun shots. Alex and Nicky looked at each other scared as they ran to see what the hell had happened.

Alex looks into the room and her face turns ghostly pale.

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