Chapter Nine: Falling Into Place

Time seemed to have frozen still. Alex was standing there watching nurses rush in and out. Alex got pulled to the side by Nicky who held her in a strong embrace. Alex couldn't take her eyes off the blonde. Piper lay there still frozen with her eyes locking onto Alex's emerald green eyes. They exchange looks of uncertainty.

Five minutes earlier. Piper watched the door squeak open and there stood a tall dark man with a pistol held tightly in his grasp. Piper went stone cold. She gulped. Kubra was in front of her with that same devilish smirk he had that night she was alone with him in her hotel room. Piper's eyes scanned the room for a possible weapon if she needed one. There was no one around. No nurses no doctors, no Nicky and especially no Alex they were alone. How Kubra got through security with that gun in his hand no one could have guessed. Piper tried to speak but fear overridden her bodily controls.

"Shh." He cooed at her as he glanced at her body attached to all the chords.

"This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't fallen in love with Alex Vause" Kubra continued as he sat next to Piper.

"You would have been a free happily married woman if you hadn't met the famous Alex Vause" Kubra continued hoping to get a reaction from the cowardly woman in front of him.

"I left her in Paris because you told me too!" Piper snapped trying to refrain from going donkey kong on his ass. She was too weak to move.

A small chuckle came from Kubra's mouth. "Mm..That was fun". "She was pissed, Alex turned to drugs because of you".

"Because of me? You're the one you gave me a serious choice to make" Piper spat at him.

Kubra wiped off her spit from his new suit. "Calm down Blondie this suit is new" Kubra smirked at her.

Piper tried to get up. Kubra pushed her back onto the bed. "You listen here you broke the promise".

"I never told Alex" Piper spat again which earned her a slap across the face.

"I have no choice but to kill you" Kubra smirked.

Piper felt the gun be pressed against her forehead she took heavy breathes as she mentally said goodbye to everyone she knew. Chapman knew there was no way she would survive if she got shot. Her last memories were of Alex. She thought about what she would say to Alex if she had one last shot on this earth.

Kubra got ready he was playing with his gun placing the magazine into the bottom of the gun. He didn't need many but it was all to scare the living shit out of Piper and it was working. Much to Pipers prayers a Nurse walked in.

"Hey Sir You cant be in here" Nurse yelled then she saw the gun and screamed. "Sir put down the gun".

Piper looked over to the frantic women with eyes of sorrow. Kubra got up and walked over to the woman. Smirking the whole way. When he got close enough he whipped out his gun and fired. It was in that moment that Kubra had realized he forgot to place the silencer. People were heading to this very spot. Kubra couldn't fail he wanted Piper dead. Before he left the room he fired the last shot without looking. Piper was shot. As more doctors were coming Kubra made a quick exit. Smirking all the way to the bank.

Alex was so white she blended into the hospital walls. Nicky tried her best to hold onto her but eventually she had no choice but to let go. Alex ran to Piper's side. Tears fell as she watched doctors try to get an OR ready for emergency surgery to remove the deep embedded bullet from Piper's lower stomach. She was bleeding really bad. Piper was in shock. Looking into Alex's eyes as single tears fell down her face.

"So.r..r..y" Mumbled Piper. Alex just held her close, there were no words Alex could muster up.

Piper looked down and saw her blood start to seep through the nurses hands as she was putting pressure. Light flashed through Piper's eyes. Alex was afraid she would loose her. She only just got Piper back. Heart beating through her chest as they wheeled her away. Alex watched her lover going into the surgery down the hall. Piper was gone. Alex had to wait to find out news. Nicky was glad she was here to support Alex.

"She'll make it Alex" Nicky said holding Alex's shaky hand.

"You don't know that" Alex voice broke Nicky's heart.

"I know she's saved your life more times than I can count you just need to be strong for her this time" Nicky whispered trying to keep Alex from thinking negatively.

"I guess you're right, I just wish the world would just let us be and live happy" Alex sighed into her hands.

"You two are not a fucking Disney movie, but you two always come together in the end, your inevitable with each other" Nicky laughed.

With Piper in the OR. They had successfully removed the bullet and now where just trying to stop the bleeding. Piper woke up watching herself sleeping on the table. Piper remembered everything, every moment with Alex and everything in between. A woman appeared in front of Piper making her jump.

"You don't remember me?" Dianna smiled at the woman in front of her. Piper remained silent. She knew this was all a figment of her imagination but she couldn't help but wish it was real. Dianne always knew what to do, she was a real mother figure to Piper.

"You've grown, But your still that WASPY Piper that my daughter fell in love with all those years ago, and you two need to grow the fuck up" Dianne continued.

"You both mean so much to one another, stop with the games, you are nothing without each other" Dianne cooed.

"I miss you mama Vause" Piper smiled missing the nickname.

"I miss you both kid" Dianne smiled as she held Piper Close.

"Now go back to Alex and show her how much you truely love her" Dianne continued as she started to fade and that meant that Piper was starting to wake up.

"See you in another life!" She chuckled as she disapared and Piper woke up to two green eyes staring back at her.

Piper wasted no time in kissing Alex Passionately. She was done waiting Piper knew she screwed up and that she was a disastrous fuck up but through and through she's always loved Alex. Piper has always secretly chosen Alex. Alex Vause was her love drug and she wasn't ready to stop the addiction just yet.

"Al?" Piper said pulling back as she gazed into the eyes of her ex lover.

"I'm right here" Alex smiles at Piper whilst holding her hand softly. Piper pulled Alex in for a tight embrace as tears fall down her cheeks and onto Alex's shoulders. "I'm sorry about everything" Piper mumbled into Alex's neck.

They were broken, both of them on the outside and internally. Two broken pieces make a whole piece and Piper and Alex weren't whole unless they were together perfectly entwined. Piper placed her hand on Alex's and whispered " I heart you to Pluto and back". Alex let out a small chuckle.

Alex didn't speak she just played with Piper's hair.

A few hours later and they started to talk about the past.

"When I get out of Litchfield I know the first thing I'm doing" Piper stated.

"What's that?" Alex asked snuggled into Piper's side in the bed.

"I'm going to travel back to Cambodia, I want to explore and relive the memories, well the ones without the entire drug trafficking" Piper smiled at Alex.

"Wait. We?" Alex asked Piper confused but yet on the inside she was really happy.

"Yeah... When we leave Litchfield and we go to Cambodia unless you'll have another girl to go with" Piper smiled at Alex.

"No just surprised you picked me, Larry did just save your life" Alex replied nervous.

"Larry is a floor mat, you're an adventure and I've decided to forever choose you Alex Vause" Piper smiled as she nudged Alex's side. "Your inevitable to me, there is no use fighting" Piper added.

Alex smiled as she mumbled "I hear you Pipes". Piper couldn't help but giggle. "I love you too Alex Vause".

It's like for a moment no time had come between them. "It feels like I'm 22 and nothing has changed" Piper mumbled staring into Alex's green emerald eyes.

"I think that when you have a connection with someone it never really goes away, you know? You snap back to being important to each other because you still are." Alex says whilst getting lost in Piper's blue eyes.

"You're such a goof ball Vause" Piper nudged Alex again but this time was greeted with a kiss.

"No you're the goof ball Chapman" Alex smirked as she received a kiss of her own.

"You sure you don't want to pick Larry over me again" Alex asked one last time just to make sure.

"I want warm, but I also want hot. I want fireworks. I want somebody I can have adventures with." Piper smiled. "I want you Alex Vause you're my warm, my hot, the fireworks and my adventures, I was a boring person that night in the bar, I ordered an ice drink in the middle of winter" Piper giggled.

"You did, but you weren't boring, you were interesting enough to spark my interest" Alex smiled.

"My ass sparked your interest Vause, I saw you staring at it" Piper smirked as she kissed Alex's forehead.

Everything went quiet for a few minutes. Piper was smiling to herself before she landed a big question in Alex's lap.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Piper asked nervously.

"Yeah." Alex smiled.

"Yes?" Piper got excited.

"Yes, you idiot" Alex smiled as she kissed Piper passionately. Alex hadn't been this happy since the day Alex first laid her eyes on Piper in Litchfield, she was given this chance to get to know her and get her back for a reason. This time Alex wasn't going to let this opportunity slide past her.

"I see you love birds are back at it" Nicky said smiling as she walked into Piper's room.

"We need to get back to Litchfield as soon as your better, you will be a lot safer in there than out her regardless of what happened to me, I won't let him touch you" Alex said whilst comforting Piper.

Piper kissed Alex and Whispered "As long as I'm with you, I'll be happy, I'll follow you anywhere" Piper smiled into Alex's kiss back.

Nicky just sat and watched. "I know we have to go back but I'm just starting to like being outside of Litchfield" Nicky sighed.

"I know but we have to go back or we'll get more time on our sentences" Piper replied.

"I will say one thing, I do miss Red's food" Alex smirked at Nicky.

"Yeah, I miss mommy's food its way better than this crap. Okay its official they can take me back" Nicky smiled. She missed her mommy.

"Also because i'm just want to be able to sleep and not worry about chasing after Vause or dealing with drama I'm going to hate to say this but i'm looking forward to seeing the meth heads" Nicky said laughing.

Alex and Piper agreed but were just missing the feeling of being safe and this time they would make sure to be safe together.

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