Unsealed Time Rift

Chapter 10

The moment Kushina registered what Kakashi implied, she raced back inside, ignoring the concerned voices of Naruto and Sakura as she slammed her bedroom door shut and tore into her closet for her shinobi gear.

Kakashi was left alone on the roof, a hand held up to the recovered Sharingan eye as he thought back on how he got it.

They had been on their way to Kannabi bridge, Obito having just reminded that Kakashi was a now a Jounin and that Rin had talked to him about getting Kakashi a gift.

"This is my gift. A custom-made kunai knife." Minato winked at Kakashi as he held up a three-pronged kunai by the ring at the end of the handle. "It's sort of heavy and odd-shaped, but once you get used to it, it's easy to use." With that he threw it to Kakashi, who caught it by the yellow-tagged handle.

"Thank you." Kakashi said.

"And this is from me." Rin said cheerfully as she took her bag from her back and opened it up to reach in and pull out a small pack. "Here!" She said, smiling with closed eyes as she presented her gift. "A personalised special medkit..." Rin opened her eyes and continued in the same cheerful tone. "I adjusted things a little, to make it easier to use."

Kakashi reached forward and took the medkit from her hands. "Thanks." Rin beamed brightly. Kakashi then held his hand out to Obito.

"W-what's with that hand?" Obito questioned testily. "I don't have anything to give you!"

Kakashi sighed with slight disappointment. "Well... I don't mind. It wouldn't have been anything worthwhile anyway. Getting something useless would just get in the way."

Obito suddenly threw an accusing finger at Kakashi. "I still can't figure out why you became a jounin!"

"You should talk." Kakashi replied.

Obito trembled slightly with both hands at his side, before he thrust a finger of the opposite hand into Kakashi's face and continued yelling. "I am Obito Uchiha of the Uchiha clan! I'll surpass you someday! The minute my Sharingan awakens!"

"Everyone in the Uchiha clan is elite, right?" Kakashi questioned calmly. "So you shouldn't have to rely on something like that."

"What...!?" Obito yelped angrily.

"Ahhh..." Rin ran between the boys, holding one hand to each of their chests as if to stop a physical fight from starting. "Stop it, you two!"

Minato sighed in mild annoyance at their antics. "Can I start to explain the mission to you now? We're close to the border."

Kushina sprinted out the door and took to the roof decked out in her Shinobi attire and headed for the Hokage tower leaving behind a confused and scared genin duo and a morose Jounin.

Once she reached the tower, she rushed to the Hokage's office and pushed into the room ignoring the attacks from the ANBU's on guard. "Lord Hokage!" She yelled. "You have to send back up after Team Minato before they reach their destination tomorrow! Obito Uchiha is going to die if you don't!"

Hiruzen looked up at the panicked redhead with sad eyes. "They reached their destination ahead of schedule and are already into their mission. I received word this morning. It's too late to send back up. They wouldn't make it in time. The best we could do, would be to send a body retrieval team."

"Obito! Don't go after them!" Obito jerked to a stop and glared back at Kakashi.

"What!? Do you realise what you just said!?" Obito yelled at Kakashi, throwing his arm in an arc backwards.

"Yeah..." Kakashi replied softly. "The two of us will continue this mission."

"And Rin?" Obito questioned. "What about Rin!?"

"Rin comes later." Kakashi stated firmly. "The enemy want to find out what we're up to. They won't kill her straight away." He explained. "And luckily, Rin is a Medical Ninja. So even if she ends up a prisoner of war, she'll probably be treated cordially... on the condition that she treat the wounded on their side. The problem is if the enemy learns about our strategy." As Kakashi spoke, Obito became more tense and enraged. "If they obtain information, no doubt, they will immediately increase the security on the bridge. That will make our mission much more difficult." Obito turned his head away in disgusted confliction before getting back his courage to do what he believes is right.

"You're assuming Rin's safety under baseless assumptions!" Obito accused Kakashi harshly. "What if those guys just now are lackeys who don't give a damn?! Right now, saving Rin takes priority over the mission!"

Kakashi was silent for a moment before speaking up again in a heavy voice. "A ninja... must sacrifice a comrade in order to carry out a mission. That is the rule." He told Obito. "If we fail in this mission, it is possible that the war will be prolonged and many more lives will be sacrificed."

"That's just an assumption!" Obito refuted loudly. "And for something like that, you're willing to simply abandon a comrade who's been through life and death with you!?" Obito yelled before continuing in a quieter and more firm voice. "When you or I were wounded, Rin saved our lives with her Medical Ninjutsu! If she hadn't been there, we'd both be dead by now!" Obito's voice had gotten louder and less restrained as he talked.

"That was Rin's duty." Kakashi stated coldly, only to be knocked to the floor by the punch Obito sent into his face.

"I don't like you, after all!" Obito screamed at Kakashi.

"I don't care. I'm the captain. You will obey me." Kakashi stated simply. "Whatever the situation, in order to keep the team together, one person gives the orders. That is why we have the rule that states that members must obey the team captain." Kakashi paused before continuing on, looking directly at Obito. "Obito, you're not strong. That is why I was chosen as captain of this team."

Obito leant down and grabbed Kakashi by the collar to pull him up with rough aggression. "Then why won't you try to save Rin!? As captain, you're strong. Strong enough to save you're comrades, right!?"

"If you give into your emotions, even for a moment, and fail your mission, you will regret it later. That is why our code of conduct forbids any emotional feelings." Kakashi stated blankly. "You should know that."

Obito let Kakashi go and looked to the side tearfully. "Rin... Rin was concerned about your well-being. That's why she gave you that medkit. She even sewed on a protective amulet inside it!"

"The medkit and Medical Ninjutsu are superb systems developed by Konoha in order to increase the success rates of our missions. But I told you yesterday, didn't I? 'Getting something useless would just get in the way.'"

Obito jerked as if hit. "Something useless...?" Obito trailed off and Kakashi nodded.

"To carry out his mission, useful tools are essential to a ninja. Something like emotions are useless."

Obito was quiet a moment, his face covered by horrified disbelief as he tightened his fists. "Are you serious...!?" He whispered. "Do you seriously believe that!?"

Kakashi looked away from Obito for the first time during their conversation as he thought of his father. He turned back and looked Obito in the eyes. "Yeah... I do..."

Obito's face clouded in anger. "Forget it." He stated with quiet rage. "You and I have been like water and oil from the start. I'm going to rescue Rin!" Obito pushed slightly on Kakashi's chest before turning and walking away.

"You don't understand anything...!" Kakashi called to Obito's retreating back. "Not about what happens if you break the rules..."

Obito stopped momentarily, refused to face Kakashi, and said the one thing that would forever change Kakashi's view on the life of a ninja and in general. "I believe that the White Fang was a true hero..." Kakashi gasped slightly in shock as his eyes widened in the first show of emotion in a long time. "Sure, in the world of the ninja those who break the rules and regulations are regarded as scum... But... those who abandon their comrades..." Here Obito looked over his shoulder and gave Kakashi and angered glare. "Are worse than scum!" Kakashi felt as if his world was tipped on its axis as everything fell off course. "I'm gonna be trash anyway, so I choose to break the rules. And if that doesn't make me a true ninja..." Obito faced forwards again and began to walk once more. "Then I'll crush this so-called 'ninja'!" He finished passionately.

Kakashi closed his eyes and turned away, leaving in the opposite direction to Obito.

The cave was collapsing on them. "This is bad!" Kakashi yelled. "Run for the exit!" With that, Obito, Rin and Kakashi dashed forwards as fast as they could.

Due to his eye injury, Kakashi didn't see the rock that was about to hit him, knocking him to the ground in a daze. As a boulder was about to fall on top of Kakashi, he was grabbed from the floor by his waist and thrown out of the way by Obito.

As the dust settle after the collapse, Rin and Kakashi slowly pushed themselves up from the ground.

"Are you alright? Rin...? Kakashi...?" Obito's weak voice called out.

Kakashi turned towards Obito and was horrified to see him trapped under the collapsed roof, the entirety of his right side crushed. "Obito!" He cried.

Rin's eyes widened in terror at what had happened to Obito. Kakashi rushed over to his fallen comrade and tried to push the boulder on top of him with all his strength, letting out soft grunts in his effort to release him.

"Don't..." Obito said softly. "It's okay, Kakashi. I don't... I can't make it..." Kakashi ignored Obito's words and continued trying to push the boulder off, feeling the strong urge to cry burning in his eyes and throat. "My right side is totally crushed. I can't even feel anything..."

Kakashi stopped pushing, leaning his head down between his arms as he gasped for his lost breath, clenching his fists and falling to his knees besides Obito with a heartbreakingly cried "Damn it!"

Rin's eyes were filled with tears as she held a hand over her mouth. "No..." She whispered in despair. "This can't be... Why...?" She turned away from the sight of Obito crushed as the tears gushed from her eyes, clenching them shut hopelessly.

Obito coughed feeble as blood flew from his mouth. "Obito...!" Rin yelled in panic, jerking to his side, before once again covering her mouth and looking away tearfully.

Kakashi fell forwards onto his hands as he began to pound the floor with a fist and yelling "Damn it!" in hopeless frustration. Letting out another sobbed "Damn it!" Kakashi trembled. "If... If only I had listened to you, and we had come to rescue Rin in the first place... This never would have happened!" More sobs escaped Kakashi uncontrollably as he remained collapsed by Obito's side. "So what is I'm a captain!? So what if I made jounin!?"

Obito smiled gently. "I was the only one, who didn't get you a gift... for becoming jounin, Kakashi." Kakashi raised his head and looked at Obito in surprise. "I was... wondering what to give you... and I just had a thought." Rin watched Obito with tears streaming from her eyes and Kakashi sat back quickly causing Obito to give a small pained chuckle. "Don't worry... It's not some useless, extra baggage... I'm giving you... my Sharingan." Obito said definitely. Both Kakashi and Rin flinched in shock. "Whatever the village may say... you are... a great jounin." Obito praised. "That's how I really feel... So please accept it." Rin sniffed as she wiped her arm over her eyes to dry her tears and looked to Obito as he called for her attention. "Rin... Use your Medical Ninjutsu... take my entire eye and transplant... my Sharingan into Kakashi's left eye."

Rin gave a solemn nod as her medic training kicked in and she became a Medic, not a heartbroken friend. "Kakashi, come over here... I'll start right away." She ordered.

Kakashi looked from Rin back down to Obito. "I'm about to... die..." Obito whispered painfully. "But... I'll become your eye and... see the future... for you."

Kushina raced back to her house even faster than she had run to the Hokage tower. She couldn't let Obito die. Not when she had lost so many she cared about already. Not when Minato and little Kakashi had lost so much.

She shot through her front door, only stopping as her future son wrapped his arms around her waist and demanded she stop.

"Naruto, there's no time! Obito's in danger!" She cried as she gently tugged his arms from her waist. Naruto held on tighter, his face full of determination and his eyes bright with stubbornness.

"Calm down. You won't be able to do anything while panicking. You didn't even realise your head band was upside down and your clothes inside out, mum." He stated in uncharacteristic seriousness. Kushina paused as she quickly surveyed herself, noticing he was right, and did as he said. She took a deep breath and calmed down. It was unlike her to be so out of control, she was an emotional person, but she never let it destroy her chances before. The events of time travel and finding out bits from her future had knocked her off course more than she realised.

"You're right. I'm calm now." She said as her eyes burned with a fierce protectiveness as she thought of a plan to help Obito. Hopefully we're not too late. She thought. Grabbing Naruto's hand, she pulled him into her and Minato's room and took of her jounin vest. "On the back of my shoulder there is a seal, pour your chakra into it, Naruto." Naruto nodded and placed his hand on the mark, felt for his chakra, and pushed it to his hand and out, hoping he had done it right.

Not a minute later, Minato appeared in a flash. "Kushina!" He yelled as he appeared before he took in the scene with slight confusion.

Kushina stood up and walked over to Minato hurriedly. "Minato! You need to get to Obito immediately! He's going to die if you don't!"

Without waiting for an explanation, Minato's eyes hardened and he disappeared in another yellow flash.

"Mum... Do you think he'll get there on time?" Naruto asked quietly.

Kushina sighed as she turned to him and pulled him forwards and into a tight hug. "I hope so."

Minato instantly locked onto the seal from the kunai he'd gifted to Kakashi and flashed over.

"Kakashi... Take care... of Rin." Obito choked.

"Yeah." With that, Kakashi went on a rampage whilst Rin held Obito's hand.

It echoed through Kakashi's mind as he pulled Rin from the, once again, collapsing rocks. The Sharingan burning the scene of Obito being crushed for a second time into his mind. Searing it there, where he would always remember what he could have prevented, but hadn't. Also etched into his, was the smile on Obito's face, knowing he had been able to protect his friends.

As Kakashi and Rin took in the enemy's which surrounded them, Damn it! He let his emotions rush forwards in a flood of protective rage. Obito... This is the jutsu you helped me perfect!

Lightning engulfed Kakashi's hand, creating a chirping sound loud enough to mask what the enemy ninja had said. "Rin! I'll hold them off! Get out now!" He ordered.

"But...!" Rin started to protest.

"I promised Obito I'd look after you... I'll protect you with my life!" He declared.


"Rin... Obito cared about you. He loved you... You were everything to him. That's why he gave he's life to protect you." Kakashi told her.

A final tear filled and dripped from her eye as they grew fierce. "Then, Kakashi! You should know my feelings for you..."

"I...!" Kakashi interrupted. "I tried to abandon you... I'm nothing but scum." The enemy began their attack. "Rin, go!" Kakashi yelled as he attacked.

It was the scene of Kakashi fighting against a battalion of enemy Shinobi that Minato flashed into. With a sinking feeling, he realised Obito was nowhere to be found and he instantly got into the battle, determined to protect the last of his students at the very least.

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