Unsealed Time Rift

Chapter 12

It was with hope in their hearts and a thrill of mischief that Kushina and Minato set to work on a plan to help Naruto with his future, in some way.

They discussed sealing their memories into a scroll for him, making a video telling him how much they loved him and how happy they were for him to be born, they talked about writing journals for him to read and they even went so far as to consider telling him about the time travel, before realising that would be thwarted the instant Minato had to use the memory-wipe seal on everyone. However, the best idea they had concerning Naruto and his future knowledge on them, was sealing remnants of their chakra to be activated as a safeguard on his Jinchuriki seal. They agreed on this idea because not only would they have some time to interact with their son, they'd also be able to help and protect him in some way.

It was decided that Minato would appear in the seal and talk to Naruto should he begin to lose control of the Kyuubi and an eight-tailed cloak is triggered. This would allow Minato to tighten the seal, preventing Naruto from being entirely overwhelmed, as well as allow him some time to see Naruto as a grown man and let Naruto know how loved he is and how proud they are of him.

Kushina's chakra remnant, on the other hand, would be activated in a separate section of Naruto's mind. She would appear before Naruto when he decides that he wishes to have control and use of the Kyuubi's chakra without the Kyuubi agreeing to it. This way she would be able to explain further the circumstances Kushina and Minato were in when sealing the Kyuubi into an infant Naruto as well as impart parental advice before lending a hand in subduing the Kyuubi for Naruto and instructing him on how to take the Kyuubi's chakra by force.

They wrote down instructions to themselves on their idea, and placed them inside Minato's copy of 'A Tale of an Utterly Gutsy Ninja' to be found when deciding on the baby's name when Kushina falls pregnant.

The next morning, the breakfast table was filled with tension as the young Kakashi glared hateful daggers at the Kakashi of the future. Kushina, Minato and Naruto had tried to lighten the mood only to end in failure.

It was just as Naruto was taking a mouthful of milk that young Kakashi threw his chopsticks at the older Kakashi, shocking Naruto enough to cause him to choke on his milk, coughs racking through his body as Kushina rushed to his aid and young Kakashi once again began yelling at his future counterpart.

"Why didn't you do anything!? Obito didn't have to die! This is all your fault, you bastard!"

Before his anger could gain any more momentum, there was a knock at the door. Minato slowly got up from the table, cautiously watching the Kakashi's, before making his way to the door. Kushina was still rubbing a red-faced Naruto's back soothingly.

There was the sound of light murmuring followed by a train of people led by Minato making their way into the dining area. Rin, Sakura, Sasuke, Mikoto and Itachi trailed in after Minato. They all spared a concerned glance Naruto's way before focusing on the two Kakashi's. One still shaking with boiling rage and the other still sat in resigned silence.

Thick silence hung heavily in the air before young Kakashi huffed and shoved himself away from the table, violently grabbing his dirty dishes and taking them to the sink where he angrily scrubbed at them. Rin rocked on her feet for a second and then decided to walk over to him and dry what he had cleaned, silently offering him her support and comfort.

The of the houses occupants remained quiet for a little longer, which eventually became too much for Naruto, who started to fidget in his seat fighting the urge to say something, and Kushina who was drumming her fingers on the seat next to Naruto's leg where she was still crouched. Kushina caved first.

"Alrighty then! What brings my wonderful bestie and my adorable godson to visit? I would've made extra if I'd known, ya know!?" She asked brightly as she jumped to her feet. Her smile was slightly strained, but she didn't appear any worse for wear, which caused Mikoto to relax minutely.

Itachi watched impassively from where he held his mother's skirt as she answered. "We came to see how you were all holding up. We ran into Rin and Sakura on our way over here." Mikoto said in a soothing tone.

"How we're all..." Kushina trailed of slightly, followed by loudly stating, "You shouldn't be worrying about how we're doing! You just lost a member of your family! How are you holding up, Mikoto-chan?" Kushina questioned worriedly as she came to stand by Mikoto and placed an arm around her shoulders in a one-armed hug as she rested her free hand on top of Itachi's head.

"Mikoto wrapped her arms around Kushina's back. "We're doing fine, Kushina." Mikoto sighed as she pulled away. "The funeral is this afternoon. The elders want to get it done as soon as possible." She held a slightly bitter tone in her voice as she said it. There was no love lost between her and the elders. They were too obsessed with power and had always looked down on Obito because he hadn't activated his Sharingan. If it were an Uchiha with an active Sharingan, they would've put a lot more effort and care into the arrangement of the funeral.

There was a shattering sound from the kitchen which announced that Kakashi had heard Mikoto's announcement. He flew into the room with wide eyes. "But they haven't even recovered his body yet!" Kakashi protested. "How can they have his funeral without a body!?"

The adult looked down sadly. "Kakashi," Minato said, gaining the boys attention. "They won't be sending a body retrieval team for Obito."

"What!?" Kakashi and Rin shouted. Rin just as shocked as Kakashi was.

"They have to!" Kakashi exclaimed. "He, he... You can't just leave him out there!"

Kushina went over to the two remaining students of Team Minato and took them into her arms. Kakashi began to struggle, yelling incoherently as Rin cried into Kushina's shoulder.

Whilst Team Minato were with Kushina, taking comfort in her warm presence, Naruto questioned Mikoto. "Why won't they send anyone to get Obito?"

Mikoto crouched down in front of Naruto and Sasuke, who had also turned to his mother in askance as Sakura walked over to her team mates so she, too, could hear the answer.

"The village needs permission from the clan they are from in order to retrieve any bodies or captive members. It's because clans have secrets they want to keep hidden, and each clan gives their own instructions on what to do in those situations. Some clans instruct their members, that if taken captive, they have to take a suicide pill to prevent their secrets from getting out. The elders deemed it unnecessary to send for the retrieval of Obito's body because he hadn't activated his Sharingan, so he couldn't give away any of the clans secrets or skills."

"That's stupid." Naruto said. Sakura nodded her agreement. Mikoto noted the sceptical look in Sasuke's eyes.

"It is." Mikoto agreed. "But that's how it is."

"That argument is invalid." Sasuke stated. Mikoto looked at him in confusion. "Obito had activated his Sharingan, so the argument of not needing to retrieve his body because he hadn't activated it is invalid."

Mikoto's eyes widened in surprise. "He activated his Sharingan? When?"

"During the mission." Sakura piped up, getting Mikoto's attention. "He told Rin to transplant one of his eyes to Kakashi, because Kakashi lost his eye protecting Obito."

When Mikoto had gone back to the Uchiha district, she left Sasuke in charge of Itachi whilst she went to inform the elders of the fact that Obito did, in fact, activate his Sharingan on the mission. However, once she told them she could prove it because Kakashi had one of Obito's eyes, the elders became raving mad. The elders demanded that Kakashi and Rin, who they were told performed the transplant, be brought before the Uchiha Clan Council.

Minato decided to go as well, to represent them as their Team Leader. It was a wise decision on his behalf.

When Mikoto led Kakashi, Rin and Minato into the Uchiha Clan Council meeting room, the elders instantly began to rant and rave about Kakashi being unworthy of the Uchiha's Sharingan eye and demand that it be returned and Kakashi punished, along with Rin for performing the transplant using her knowledge of medical ninjutsu. The Uchiha elders paid no heed to any of the defences made by the two remaining students of Team Minato. They also ignored any arguments against their decision made by Mikoto and Minato.

As a result to the Uchiha's elders being so domineering, Minato used his authority as Team Leader to take responsibility, making the issue Village related because of Minato's high rank as both a Jounin and being part of the strongest defence for Konoha.

When the issue was brought to the attention of the Hokage and the village elders, the matter was deemed unimportant in current times, and pushed down the list of priority to be looked at once the war was over.

This decision caused an increase in the hostility and isolation the Uchiha's felt towards the village, and, as a result, would be one of the key components leading up to the Uchiha Massacre in seven years' time.

It was two weeks later when things began to settle enough to resemble normal, everyday life in war-time Konoha. Team 7 had been in the past for just over three weeks, and there hadn't been any mention or discussion on how to get back to their own time. Kushina, Minato and Mikoto had all kept quiet so that they could spend time with their respective son, Team 7's leader Kakashi had kept quiet because he wanted to see Kushina and Minato for as long as possible, and the boys hadn't said anything about it due to spending time with their parents and Sakura had kept quiet so that she could help Rin. And the Hokage had been too busy to get back to the issue of time-travel and had, in faith, left that to Minato.

However, when everyone had gathered for lunch at Kushina and Minato's house, Itachi brought it up.

"When is little brother's team going back to their own time?" Itachi question in a flat tone, however, his eyes shone slightly in curiosity. Everyone was shocked into guilty silence.

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