Unsealed Time Rift



After Kushina Becomes Pregnant

Minato had been ecstatic at the news that Kushina was pregnant, and the house had been full of joyful tears and cheerful laughter. It was evening now, and Minato was in his study whilst Kushina was asleep on the sofa in the living room. He’d taken the baby name book from her hands and wrapped a blanket over her for warmth. Whenever something eventful, be it good or bad, happened, he liked to read Jiraiya-Sensei’s first novel, ‘The Tale of an Utterly Gutsy Ninja’. Pulling the book down from the shelf, a piece of paper fell from the embracing pages and onto the floor.

Curious as to how the paper got there, and what was on it, Minato bent down, picked it up and opened it. The white sheet was blank, but his chakra echoed quietly from it. Sending out a burst of energy, a seal began to ink itself out, underneath were the words ’Remember Him’.

Like a burst dam, a flood of memories came rushing through his mind.

“Naruto Uzumaki,” He held his other hand other Naruto’s head, Naruto beamed and let out a “Nice ta meet ya!”


“Is Naruto alright?” She called to Minato who was examining the seal on the boy’s stomach.

“He’s going to be just fine, Kushina.” Minato smiled reassuringly at her. Kushina allowed herself a sigh of relief before she tensed up again seeing the chakra gathering in Minato’s hand, surrounding his fingers. “Is he’s seal breaking!?” She demanded of Minato. “Naruto! Are you okay!?” She went to get up and go over before she remembered that close proximity had been what caused Naruto pain to begin with. She shifted from each foot as she watched on worriedly.

“I’m okay, Kushina.” Naruto called back as he smiled at her.


The conversation was beginning to lull when Kushina suddenly piped up. “Hey! I never did ask! Where’d you guys come from anyway? Were you all undercover somewhere? I’ve never seen you before, I’d definitely remember cute, adorable little Naru-chan!” She then dived sideways so that she could hug Naruto tightly, taking everyone, except the future Kakashi by surprise. Kushina rubbed her cheek over Naruto’s hair. “Such a cutie! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!”

“Kushina…” Minato trailed off as everyone watched in various stages of amusement as Kushina baby-talked to Naruto while he closed his eyes in mortification.


“I’m Naruto…” He hesitated, looking towards Kushina before finishing with his introduction. “I’m Naruto Uzumaki. I’ve been an orphan since the day I was born, and don’t know who either of my parents are.”


Naruto had a small, dazedly happy smile as he nodded and began to head back to his room. Kushina stood back up and dusted off her dress. She turned towards Minato and tilted her head after Naruto. “Come on, Mi-na-to!” She called. “We’re going to sing our son in to a beautiful dream!”

Minato chuckled as he stood up and followed after his wife and son. “Alright, alright. I’m coming!” He called.

That night, Naruto slept with his parents for the first time. Minato and Kushina on either side of him, holding him between them in a protective embrace.


“We have to do something Minato. We can’t leave Naruto to grow up on his own...” Kushina implored to her child’s father.

“I know, Kushina. I don’t want that either, but we can’t change the future. You know information up to around thirteen to fourteen years into the future, and I know some events up to around seventeen years into the future. We can’t change any of that.” He told her calmly.


“Sooo...” Kushina trailed of as she smiled mischievously at Minato. “We can’t change what we don’t know about, right? But we will be helping Naruto when he’s, say, seventeen?”


However, when everyone had gathered for lunch at Kushina and Minato’s house, Itachi brought it up.

“When is little brother’s team going back to their own time?” Itachi question in a flat tone, however, his eyes shone slightly in curiosity. Everyone was shocked into guilty silence.


“We don’t have to do it right away, though, do we...?” Kushina questioned, her voice bordering desperation. “They can stay for a bit longer, right?”

At Minato’s silence, Kushina’s face dropped and her eye began to gleam sorrowfully as she turn from her lover to her son. Seeing his also crestfallen face, she gripped him in a tight embrace, whispering her love for him even as the tears slid past her defences, dribbling down into his sunny hair. Naruto’s hold on her was just as tight, and just as desperate as Kushina’s on him. They were soon joined by a solemn Minato.


The Future Team Seven stepped forwards, having finished their respective goodbyes, and waited for Minato to seal them home. “Good luck.” He told them brightly, flinging the hiraishin kunai expertly into the Memorial’s gap, before flipping through the necessary seals to activate the memory sealing. As he slammed his hand onto the ground, and a web of a seal spanned across the earth, expanding to encompass the entirety of Konoha, a gurgling wind of colour once again shot out and swept Team Seven off of their feet, dragging them into a swirl of time.


Minato shot out of his office and over to Kushina, almost faster than using the Hiraishin. “Kushina!” He yelled frantically.

Kushina was instantly up and looking around for any threats. “What is it!?” She demanded urgently, scanning the room in her fighting stance.

“Kushina, use this!” Minato thrust the paper into Kushina’s hands.

“Minato, what..?” She began in confusion before the seal took hold of her mind. Her eyes grew distant and her face morphed rapidly between various expressions and emotions, tears dripping as she came back to herself. “Naruto...” She whispered.

The next few months were spent altering Kushina’s seal design, changing it to add a body stasis and a regenerative seal into it. Once the seal was complete, they once again blocked their memories of time travelling son’s and teams.

After the Kyuubi attacked, despite searching and researching the rubble of destruction left in his wake, they never found the body of Naruto’s mother, Kushina Uzumaki.


Many years later, when the entire world of Shinobi were in crisis, fighting an evil that should be dead, Naruto’s seal began to glow, before golden chakra chains shot out, pooling in front of him, building until they solidified into a person. A person with bright red hair and stormy eyes.

“Hey! Who do you think you are, bullying my son!?” Kushina Uzumaki bellowed in anger, cracking her knuckles and chakra flaring around her.

To the reanimated Minato, his wife had never looked more beautiful.

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