Unsealed Time Rift

Chapter 2

There was a moment of silence where Team Minato remained unsure of how to process their introductions.

Minato had a slight niggling, familiarity in the back of his head that made him think they were telling the truth and that he should believe them. It was a feeling he got when he was experiencing déjà vu or when fighting in the war using his hiraishin.

Kakashi of the present was also experiencing a vague familiarity, not as strong as Minato, but it was still there. It was as if this situation had happened before or he'd heard about it from somewhere. Not being able to pin point what caused this feeling, Kakashi pushed it aside and decided to give the 'Future' Team a chance.

Rin and Obito didn't know what to think or say about what the apparent future Kakashi had said. Rin was more inclined to think that maybe this team needed some therapy whereas Obito was leaning more to awe and excitement.

Minato was the first to react. He cleared his throat and stated sternly; "We should go talk to the Hokage."

Team Minato and Team Kakashi were inside the office having just explained the situation to the Third Hokage. It had taken a while, not because of explanations, but because Naruto had taken one look at the Hokage and latched onto him and began rambling with unshed tears in his eyes. "Gramps! I'm-I-You-! Don't die!" The Hokage watched the young blonde in confusion as he continued trying to speak and squeezing Hiruzen tighter each time he managed to get something coherent out. Eventually, Kakashi had walked over to where the Hokage was being hugged by one of his charges, and pried Naruto from around the Hokage's waist with a bow of apology.

Naruto stood beaming at the Hokage as the man began thinking about the situation and analysing each supposed future member of his ninja forces.

"Well," He started in a serious tone. "This wouldn't be the first time I've encountered a situation concerning time travel."

At his statement, both teams looked at the Third Hokage with surprised faces, some more hidden than others, depending on the person.

"Woah… Seriously!? That's so cool!" Naruto started to bounce slightly. Sasuke gave him a look of annoyance and Sakura hit him over the head. "Ow! What was that for Sakura!?" Naruto gave Sakura a look of betrayal from where he was crouched with his hands holding his head.

"You're being an idiot, idiot!" Sakura said hotly with a raised fist. Naruto pouted. "You were saying, Lord Hokage?" Sakura questioned politely.

Hiruzen raised a brow as he took a puff from his pipe and chanced a glance at Team Minato. They were similar. Obito looking excited about the prospect of time travel, Kakashi mildly annoyed and Rin staring in polite askance. Both sensei's seemed not to notice.

"Yes, it happened in Rouran. The mission to protect Princess Sara of Rouran city, Minato, Kakashi."

"That mission was three years ago, Lord Hokage. I do not recall any instances regarding time travel." Minato informed the Third. However, at the mention of Rouran, both Minato and Kakashi had an increase in feeling of familiarity to the situation.

"Yes, Minato, it was indeed three years ago now. You wrote me a report informing of the situation and sealed the memories of every person involved" The Hokage sighed. "You're son had travelled back twenty years, Minato. He helped you on your mission, after attacking you, thinking you were the enemy and trying to hurt the Princess." The Hokage puffed in amusement.

Minato was speechless.

"I have the report in the Hokage's private archives. If you'd like, you may read it, but when we return the Team Seven of the future, you most once again erase the memories of everyone involved." The Hokage warned.

Minato thought about it as his team and Team Seven watched on.

"Yes, Lord Hokage. I would like to look at that report and I concede to the set condition."

"Aw man!" Obito moaned as he and the rest of the two teams left the Hokage's tower. "I wanted to read the report too! Why's it only Minato-sensei that's allowed?" Obito pouted.

"I know, right? It's not fair! I'm already from the future, what's it matter if I find out who else ends up time traveling, huh!?" Naruto moaned in tandem.

Both boys were walking besides each other, both of them had their arms behind their heads as they walked ahead of the group.

Rin, who was walking besides Sakura turned to comment. "It's weird how alike they are, isn't it?"

Sakura blinked at the girl a moment before turning to analyse the boys in front. "Oh God." She breathed. "Two Naruto's." She finished in dread as she slumped forwards causing Rin to giggle as she carried on walking, hands behind her and a skip in her step.

The younger Kakashi and Sasuke were both walking in silence at the back of the pre-teens. Both boys were emitting slight waves of irritation as their respective male team mates continued to bemoan their loss of not reading about another time travel incident.

At the very back of the group, the grown Kakashi was walking slumped, one hand in pocket and the other occupied with his favourite orange book. For all intense and purposes, he was reading, what he was actually doing was watching the two teams walking ahead of him in amusement. Obito and Naruto were the pair most alike, Sasuke and little Kakashi were similar and Rin and Sakura were the couple least alike, yet still similar in the mismatched teams.

"How about some food?" Kakashi suggested to the two groups.

"Ramen!" Naruto instantly shouted. "Ichiraku's Ramen is the best!"

Suddenly, a female voice from above and to the right rang out. "That kid knows what he's talking about!" Team Seven looked on in confusion whilst Team Minato greeted the red-haired women who had just dropped down from the roof of the building besides them. "However, I have brought home-made lunch!" she said brightly as she revealed a large basket with flourish. "Ta-da!"

Team Seven continued to look at her in confusion as she stood there with a basket held up triumphantly with her other hand on her waist and a beaming smile.

"Um… Who are you?" Naruto questioned the bright lady that made him feel warm and safe for reasons unknown to him.

"I, my young blonde friend, am the one, the only, Kushina Uzumaki!" She took her hand off of her waist and held up a peace sign in the direction of Team Seven with a wink.

Naruto's heart picked up speed as his breathing stopped and his eyes widened. Uzumaki… does that mean, she's my mum?

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