Unsealed Time Rift

Chapter 3

Team Seven were silent as activity broke out from Team Minato, adult Kakashi watching from the side-lines.

"Yay!" Rin yelped gleefully as she rushed up to Kushina, distracting the red head from Naruto.

Kushina smiled blindingly. "Here's your order. It's a Kushina Special!" she said as she handed it to Rin.

"All right!" Rin beamed taking the basket from Kushina's hands. "I love the food you make, Kushina! Thanks!" Rin tilted her head to the side as she smiled happily.

Kushina looked shocked for a moment before her eyes lit up and she grabbed Rin into a tight hug. "Ahhh! You're just so cute!" She exclaimed rubbing her head against Rin's hair. Rin giggled softly at Kushina's antics. "You are such a good girl, Rin, ya know!"

Obito scoffed and turned away from the two, gaining Kushina's attention.

"Oh?" She says, letting go of Rin and walking up to Obito's turned form, bending at the waist till she's level with his face. "Let me get this straight, I take the time to bring lunch to you guys, and that's the kind of thanks I get from you?" Obito turned a slight irritated look to Kushina before looking away again. "Hmmm?"

"Hey!" Obito protests. "I didn't ask you to do that!" He raises his head in arrogance. "Besides, I'm not even hungry!" Obito's vehement denial of hunger was contradicted by his growling stomach causing Kushina to sigh before resting her hands on Obito's shoulders, ignoring his embarrassment.

"Trying to be tough is okay," She stated softly. "But first go ahead and eat something." Kushina turned Obito towards her gently after speaking. "I mean, you couldn't fight with an empty stomach, could you?"

Obito turned away again. "I don't want it!" He stubbornly and loudly stated. "I won't take anyone's hand out! I could fight without food!"

Kushina stared at him for a moment then smiled sweetly. "Hey … You're pretty manly." Suddenly her calming aura became deadly and she seemed to glow with violence, the wind picking up her hair made it seem as if her hair was alive and ready to attack. "Yeah, right … like I'd ever say something like that to you!" She screeched as she hit him over the head.

Obito cried out and wrapped his arms over his head in pain, wailing from the strength of Kushina's hit.

"Now, no more out of you!" Kushina commanded hotly, hands on hips. "Eat! Being healthy is part of being a ninja!" She lectures violently. "What you just said proves you're nothing but a little kid!"

"Well, you know what!?" Obito suddenly starts defiantly.

Kakashi interrupts before they can argue any further. "Maa, maa. Calm down you two. It's lunch time, we should all find a spot to go eat in peace."

"Oh?" Kushina blinked from her position towering over Obito with her hands on her hips before straightening up with a smile. "Sure! We can have lunch and finish the introductions at the Uchiha District. I'm meeting with Mikoto for an afternoon of R&R. She'd love to meet and see you all."

Kushina began to lead the way, oblivious to the turmoil within the two boys of Team Seven and the worry that Sakura felt for her team mates.

The entire journey to the Uchiha district, Naruto was quiet and kept looking at Kushina. He was unsure of how to talk to the woman who could possibly be his mother. To ask why she would ever leave a child if she seemed to be such a good person. Scared to find out if she had died, because of him, because of the Kyuubi, or because of a mission gone wrong or an illness. There were so many reasons she could have been taken from him, he was afraid to find out.

Sasuke spent the entire walk to the Uchiha district trying to psyche himself up, to not think about what each person will look like in under a decade, cold, bloodied and dead. He had known that his clan was alive after seeing Obito, but only as a side thought. He hadn't wanted to analyse anything. He had no choice but to face his ghosts now, as he headed towards his clan to go to his mothers, of all places. How does Kushina even know my mum? Sasuke thought to himself.

"Um, Miss. Kushina…" Naruto started hesitantly, gaining her attention.

"Hmm? Ah! Just Kushina is fine!" She smiled brightly at Naruto. "What's up?" she asked as she slowed down to walk besides him.

"I, um. Are you, planning on having kids?" Naruto questioned awkwardly. Kushina blinked before raising a brow in amusement.

"Why? Were you offering?" Kushina teased causing Naruto to go bright red.

"No! Nothing like that!" Naruto shouted waving his hands in front of him.

"Oh? Is there something wrong with me then?" She asked.

"Ahhh! No!" Naruto exclaimed before sighing and muttering. "I'm making such a mess of this."

Kushina pat his shoulder and smiled when he looked back up at her. "Relax, I'm just teasing. You're almost as fun to tease as Minato!" Naruto rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "But," Kushina stated. "To answer your question, yes I am planning on having kids. I'm gonna have lots and lots of kids! A huge family, ya know! So none of the kids'll be lonely, and they'll all be cute little blondes and redheads! Ahhh!" Kushina squealed with her hands clasped in front of her chest. "I can't wait!"

Naruto stared at his possible mother with teary eyes. If Kushina is my mum… Naruto thought. She's most likely dead. Just the thought of Kushina dying caused Naruto's heart to clench tightly. And like everyone else, the Kyuubi probably did it. Naruto finished morosely, hand clutching at his stomach tightly.

Suddenly, Kushina was knelt in front of him with her hands on his arms. "Hey, what's wrong? Is your stomach hurting?" she asked gently, concernedly. Naruto stared into her eyes, his own filled with tears. The promise he made to himself to never cry unless he was happy again, was on the verge of being broken. Kushina raised a hand and swiped her thumb gently under each of his eyes. "No need to cry, Naruto. It's okay."

Kushina didn't know what had caused the blonde she had watched be as loud and obnoxious as Obito before her descent, to become withdrawn and upset. She was relieved when Naruto had called out to speak with her. She wasn't sure why, but she felt a very strong need to protect him and make sure he was happy.

She pulled him forwards and into a hug, holding a hand on the back of his head and laying it on her shoulder as he began to shake. By now, they were the only two on the path outside the Uchiha district, she had signalled for everyone else to head in and head over to Mikoto's.

"That stupid, bastard fox took everything from me!" Naruto sobbed into Kushina's shoulder, his arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders. Kushina stiffened in surprise, wondering how the Kyuubi could have done anything. He had been sealed inside her for years, and Mito Uzumaki for even longer before.

Naruto grasped onto her tighter, afraid she'd let go after she had stiffened. Kushina relaxed and held him more firmly.

Suddenly, both seals began to glow red and throb with pain. Both Naruto and Kushina gasped and grabbed their stomachs. Naruto collapsing on the floor and curling up with his arms around his stomach whilst Kushina was crouched with one hand hold her up and the other fisted over her stomach.

After seeing Naruto's reaction, she went onto her knees and pushed his knees down, undid his jacket and pulled up his top. At the sight of the glowing seal and the presence of the Kyuubi she felt, she froze and stared at Naruto in horror.

"God, Naruto… What happened!?" She gasped out, staring at him with wide eyes. Naruto screwed his face up from the pain and didn't answer.

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