Unsealed Time Rift

Chapter 4

Minato had been walking through Konoha in a slight daze as he looked for his team and Kakashi's future team. He couldn't get the contents of the report out of his head.

He was going to have a son. A son. A powerful and bright and obnoxiously loud and cheerful son. A son who would travel through time and had actually helped him on a mission, but hadn't yet. A son, who was once again in the past. Naruto was his son. His blonde, bright, slightly slow son. And Minato couldn't be more proud.

As he'd read the report, he'd realised that the seal he used actually had a failsafe, in case the memories were needed later on. He knew because he'd created the seal, and he hadn't told the Hokage, even though he knew he was duty bound to, but it was his son. Why couldn't he be little selfish? As he'd left the Hokage's office, he'd activated that failsafe and had flashes of memory, glimpses of Naruto fighting, talking, being a bit of an idiot and eventually saving them. The pride he felt as he realised that Naruto had surpassed him was overwhelming. To know that his son, while not the best at this moment, would one day achieve such strength and such a strong Will of Fire, made Minato feel complete.

And then he'd remember how Naruto hadn't recognised him as his dad when he finally did show some recognition, he'd recognised him as the Fourth Hokage. While Minato was happy that he'd achieve his dream, was it worth losing his family? Naruto was -is- an orphan. Just like he was, just like Kushina was, just like they both wished their children would never be.

He could picture a life raising Naruto. He'd be a prankster, like his mother. Probably struggle in the academy because he had to do, not get told the theory on how to do things. He'd be the sunshine for his friends, never leaving anyone out. Always having friends over or out at friends house. He could imagine his first smile, first laugh, first word, and first step. He could imagine the birthdays. Making cakes with Minato for Kushina's birthdays, devouring cakes for his. Minato could see an entire life with Kushina raising a little Naruto until he became the strong man he encountered in Rouran.

If he wasn't the Hokage, someone else would be there to help contain the Kyuubi, making sure it didn't escape, and if it did, someone else would take the burden of sealing it again. Kushina was an Uzumaki, if she was treated straight away, she'd heal up. She might not be able to be a ninja anymore, but she'd be alive, she'd have Minato, and most importantly, she'd have Naruto. He wouldn't die, because he wouldn't have been the sacrifice for the sealing.

But Minato knew, even if the scenario where he wasn't Hokage happened, he wouldn't be able to live with himself. Letting someone else die just so he could have his family. He couldn't do it. It would go against his beliefs and honour, his loyalty and worse of all, he'd be going against himself.

"Minato-sensei!" A voice called out from behind him. Minato turned to see Asuma, Kurenai, Gai, Genma, Raidou, and Anko sat eating dango in the stand he'd just passed. Gai was holding himself up with one hand and waving his free arm crazily in the air to get his attention.

Minato walked back towards them whilst calling a greeting. "Good afternoon everyone. How can I help?" He asked pleasantly as he smiled at the pre-teens. They were from the same graduating class as Rin and Obito, the same class Kakashi had started in before racing his way to genin and chunnin rank within a couple of years.

"Kushina found everybody." Kurenai informed him. "They were headed over to the Uchiha district with a lunch basket."

"Oh, I see." Minato said. "Thank you for letting me know." With that, they all said their goodbyes and Minato headed to the Uchiha district.

They must be going to see Mikoto. Minato thought as he walked. He wasn't too far from the Uchiha district as it was and not five minutes later he was walking down the empty path between the main village and the Uchiha clan's compound when he noticed something strange.

The air seemed heated and there was a metallic tang hanging in the air. It was almost like an overflow of chakra, but darker and more sinister. Sudden alarm filled Minato as he realised that Naruto had the Kyuubi sealed in him, and Kushina currently has too. If they got too close… Minato began running down the path and the sensation got heavier. Up ahead he could make out two forms, huddled on the ground, and he sped up.

Luckily, Minato was highly sensitive to chakra and there wasn't enough to gain the attention of anyone nearby, but it didn't stop the panic Minato felt as he flashed to Kushina's side in time to see her lift up Naruto's shirt and stare in horror at the seal.

"God, Naruto… What happened!?" She gasped out, staring at him with wide eyes. Naruto screwed his face up from the pain and didn't answer.

Minato crouched down beside them, causing Kushina to gasp out; "Minato!" in relief of the familiar face.

"The pair of you need to back up a moment." He ordered in a voice of authority. Kushina did so, realising Naruto was in no condition to move at all, just yet. She backed up until she was leaning against one of the trees lining the path whilst Naruto was closer to the wall of the Uchiha compound. Instantly, the pain began to settle and she noticed Naruto uncurl more naturally.

"Is Naruto alright?" She called to Minato who was examining the seal on the boy's stomach.

"He's going to be just fine, Kushina." Minato smiled reassuringly at her. Kushina allowed herself a sigh of relief before she tensed up again seeing the chakra gathering in Minato's hand, surrounding his fingers. "Is he's seal breaking!?" She demanded of Minato. "Naruto! Are you okay!?" She went to get up and go over before she remembered that close proximity had been what caused Naruto pain to begin with. She shifted from each foot as she watched on worriedly.

"I'm okay, Kushina." Naruto called back as he smiled at her. She saw through the mask though, saw the fear that he wouldn't be in his eyes, saw the fear that they wouldn't be, because of him. It was a feeling she dealt with a lot herself. Kushina could only smile back in reassurance and watch as it calmed Naruto down some, giving him some actual confidence rather than the mask he usually dons.

Minato slammed his hand onto the seal on Naruto's stomach, causing Naruto to cry out, and twisted to the right, tightening the seal minutely and removing the pain of something trying to tear its way out of Naruto's body, to which Naruto sighed in relief.

"Are you okay, Naruto?" Minato asked in concern as he pushed the hair back out of the boy's eyes, leaving his hand on Naruto's head.

"Yeah, I'm fine now. Thanks." Naruto smiled gently, genuinely, at Minato.

Minato turned to face an anxious Kushina. "You can come back over now." He called out brightly. Kushina practically dived to them and grabbed Naruto's face and began searching his eyes.

"Are you okay now!? You better be, ya know!" She demanded as she began patting him down as if to find a physical wound. Naruto just watched her with wide, wet eyes.

"Kushina." Minato called gently, halting her movements and she turned frantic eyes to her lover. "He's fine now, relax." Kushina took a deep breath in, held and then released it in a gush of air.

"What happened?" Kushina questioned him. "I couldn't see from the angle I was at."

"The design of the seal used on Naruto allows for the Kyuubi's chakra to begin to integrate and merge with the chakra Naruto naturally produces. Due to the chakra not being completely integrated with Naruto's, when he came in close proximity to you, who has the full Kyuubi compared to his yang half, the chakra tried to integrate and combine with the Kyuubi you house." Minato explained.

After informing Kushina of what had happened, he turned to Naruto. "The tailed beasts are made, purely, of chakra. They can never die, just dispel for a while. Once the chakra begins to gather in large quantities again, the tailed beast will start to reform, and the conscience will come back once more, giving the mass of chakra a shape and personality."

Naruto nodded in uncharacteristic seriousness, unconsciously clenching a hand over the seal.

"But, Minato…" Kushina called, strangely subdued. "How does Naruto have any of the Kyuubi sealed in him?"

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