Unsealed Time Rift

Chapter 6

The stunned silence which followed the introductions of the members of Team Seven was a heavy one. Minato was looking at Kushina worriedly, Sasuke was watching his mother, Naruto was glaring at the table and everyone else was looking between the two women.

"Wait." Obito interrupted the silence, gaining the attention of everyone. "Uzumaki. Does that mean Naruto's mum is Kushina? Which would make his dad, Minato-sensei, he looks like a mini Minato-sensei. But that would mean…" Team Minato paled simultaneously.

"Minato-sensei and Kushina are going to die!?" Rin fretted with wide eyes.

"Is that true!?" The young Kakashi demanded of his future counterpart with clenched fists and a voice full of despaired anger.

"The day Naruto is born." Adult Kakashi confirmed.

"Are you implying, that these kids, are from the future? And that one of them, is my son?" Mikoto questioned, her voice strangely empty before she turned desperate eyes towards Sasuke. Sasuke looked her in the eye, refusing to look away. "And my son, has a haunted look. A look I've begun to associate with orphans who knew, and lost. their parents." Her voice trembled as she held a hand over mouth, the other over her heart. "Oh God. Sasuke." Her tear-filled eyes blurred her vision causing her to close them in despair. "I'm so sorry, Sasuke!" She cried.

Sasuke got up from his seat and went over to stand beside his mother. He stood for a moment, watching his mother's shoulders shake as she tried to stop her tears before he laid a hand on her shoulder gently and she leant over to wrap her arms around him, pulling him into an embrace he hadn't felt in nearly six years. Sasuke buried his face between her shoulder and neck.

"Mum." He croaked as he tightened his arms around her. "Mum."

Meanwhile, Kushina still sat in shock. Her possible son, from the future was sitting next to her. Her son from the future, who was an orphan, who didn't even know the names of his parents, was sitting next to her and looking heartbroken.

"Um, Miss. Kushina…" Naruto started hesitantly, gaining her attention. … "I, um. Are you, planning on having kids?" Naruto questioned awkwardly.

He had asked her if she wanted kids. But he wasn't just asking her if she wanted kids, he was asking if she wanted him. He had realised that she and Minato were close, realised both her and Naruto had the same last name, had the same features, realised his colouring probably came from Minato, he had realised he was her son. And he had been scared he was never wanted, because he was alone. He was alone because she was dead. He was alone because Minato was dead. He had no one, no one at all, and he wanted to know, if things were different, would he have been wanted?

Yes. She wanted to tell him. You are wanted, Naruto. You are loved beyond measure. But she couldn't. She was frozen because the one thing she has prayed and hoped wouldn't come true, had. The one thing she wanted more than anything was to have a family, a family that wasn't alone in anyway. But he was, Naruto was.

By the time Kushina had become aware of how damaging her silence was, Naruto had pulled his knees up and curled around them. Minato was kneeling behind him, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Naruto…" Kushina whispered.

When he heard Kushina's voice, he buried his head further into his arms and mumbled. "It was the Kyuubi's fault. It was my fault."

"That stupid, bastard fox took everything from me!" The words Naruto had cried out made much more sense now. As well as the fact that Naruto had chakra from the Kyuubi.

"... It was my fault."

"No!" Kushina snapped, gaining the attention of everyone from their various conversations and fretting thoughts. Naruto flinched away from Kushina, curling into himself further. "No!" She repeated, rising to her feet. "No, no, no!" She screamed.

Everyone watched in shock as Kushina screamed her denials. All the kids assuming the worse. Assuming she was rejecting Naruto, rejecting her son. Sasuke and Sakura suddenly felt protective. Naruto was an idiot, the dead last and annoying. Naruto was all that, but he was their team mate, their comrade, he was their friend. Before either of them could act on those feelings, Kushina grabbed Naruto's arms and tore them away from his face and pulled him to his feet before grasping his shoulders tightly, with bruising force.

"No!" She yelled at Naruto, causing him to flinch back in fear, eyes wide and filled with tears. "No, Naruto, no! It's not, you hear me!?" Naruto's eyes began to cloud in confusion, not understanding. "It's not your fault! Get it!? It's not! Don't you ever, ever, go thinking that!"

"What?" Naruto croaked out.

"You are not at fault for whatever happens to me and Minato, understand? You're not! And you're not the fox, either! If the fox killed us, that's where the fault lies! And only there!" Kushina shook her head vigorously, tears spilling down her cheeks. "Or even mine." She whispered. "I'm the current jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, Naruto. It's my job, my responsibility to keep the fox sealed away. To keep it from hurting Konoha." She gently squeezed Naruto's shoulders and pulled him close. "If the Kyuubi killed people, if the Kyuubi killed us, then it's got nothing to do with you, it's because I wasn't strong enough to keep it trapped." She tightened her hold around Naruto. "So, you see? You did nothing wrong, and whoever tells you otherwise… Should burn in Hell." She finished with a growl.

There was a pause before Naruto began to sob into his mother's shoulder. "Mum!" He wailed wrapping his arms around her tightly. "Mu-um!" He continued to sob. Minato stood straight from his crouch and encircled the pair of them in his arms, pulling them into his chest and laying his cheek against the top of Kushina's head, which was rested on top of Naruto's.

While they were having their tearful embrace, Obito turned to the crying Sakura and Rin. "Why are you two crying?" He questioned.

"Oh, Obito. Isn't it sad?" Rin sobbed into her hands. "It's so heart-breaking!"

"Yeah!" Sakura agreed as she hit Obito over the head before returning to Rin and crying alongside her. "Show some emotion!"

Obito rubbed the top of his head. "That hurt…" He pouted. He froze as he felt a large hand cover his and felt the warm sensation of healing chakra. He looked up and realised it was the adult version of Kakashi. "Eh? What're you doing?"

"Maa, it's an emotional time. You don't need a head wound on top of it." He explained with a sad smile before turning back towards the families gathering.

Itachi had joined the hug between his mother and his younger brother-to-be. He was young, but he knew what was going on. Young Kakashi had been roped into a hug with the Namikaze-Uzumaki family while Kushina and Minato explained that Kakashi was gonna Naruto's big brother when he was born.

"We're all just kinda sappy, aren't we?" Obito questioned in resignation.

The adult Kakashi laughed and wrapped an arm around Obito's shoulders. "Of course! We wouldn't be family otherwise!"

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