What if there was another?

Chapter 10: You're Kidding Me!

Hope, Dean and Sam were running all over the supposedly haunted house. The reason being is because the remains of the ghost that is in the house is the reason it's scaring everyone, the rest of the body was cremated. Hope was relieved if she was being honest. Running she can do. Digging up graves, and then salting and burning an open coffin holding a dead body? Yeah, not so much.

The ghost had been going around and scary people at the house, turns out he was just scared because now that it was being hunted, it was running around like a bat out of Hell.

"Hurry up guys!" Hope called back to the others. It was a safe assumption that Hope was a lot faster than the boys. Therefore she was more of a threat, which is why the ghost stopped and spun to face. Hope couldn't stop in time and if he was alive, they would have both gone crashing to the floor. Hope flew through him trying to stop, and the ghost ran through the wall.

"Damn it! You coward!" Hope yelled out after it.

Dean and Sam heard her yell just as they saw the ghost run through the wall and down the hall to their left. They instantly set after it. Hope chased back and then after them into a large basement. She hates basements. There is bound to be something freaky or scary down them. It's like the main horror movie room in any house.

Just as she got to the bottom of the stairs, Dean and Sam yelled out in unison, "Hope! Get down!" but before she could she was flung up and out of the basement with a surprised scream. She was hurdling towards the wall and was bracing herself for the impact.

She saw a black blur and then she was caught. When she opened her screwed closed eyes, she noticed she was being held bridle style. As she looked up at her rescuer, she saw a pair of very dark brown eyes staring at her; it was a boy around her age. He was toned; she could feel that through his shirt where he was holding her close.

His hair was black, it could've been brown considering it was dark inside but she had a feeling that his hair was indeed black anyway. His expression was blank as he intoned gently and quietly, his voice husky, "You need to be more careful, Hope." He set her down on her feet.

As she was about to thank the boy, a gunshot rang out from behind her. As she turned to look down in the basement, she noticed the ghost had started to fight back and was getting shot with rock salt as a result. When she turned back to face the boy, he had disappeared.

Hope looked left and right, looking confused. To make sure she hadn't missed him she spun in a slow circle. Nope. He was gone. another gunshot rang out.

Hope ran towards the stairs leading up onto the landing and headed straight for the master bedroom. As she started across the floor, a board underneath her feet creaked. As she looked down and removed her foot, she noticed it was loose.

She crouched down and pried it open. Inside was a tin box. She removed it and took of the lid, revealing baby items.

"Ok then." She said to herself. Well, she was very certain she hit the jackpot. There were teeth, locks of hair and 'oh ewww!' a belly button/cut off umbilical cord. She decided to burn everything in the tin because it would probably have baby drool on it. She poured the little pot of salt over the tin, then lit a match and dropped it in.

The fire was flickering and glowing. It had a life of its own. Hope was entranced by the fire; her head was tilted slightly as she stared into the flame. It flickered and flared. Sparkling and snapping. There was crackling in the air all around as the items were licked up and eaten by the flames. The heat was gently caressing her skin, she was completely hypnotised. She felt something stir inside of her. She was attracted to the fire.

Dean had just shot another bullet as there was a screech and the ghost burst into flames. Sam and Dean shared a look. They realised Hope must have found the remains.


"Hope, where are you?"

"Hope!" they kept calling out. They were growing increasingly worried as they didn't receive any reply. They were running carefully around the house, looking for her.

They had just got to the top landing, when they noticed a door was open at the end of the hall. The master bedroom. They could see a flickering light through the slight gap of the door. They approached slowly with caution.

As they shared a look, Dean placed his hand on the door. He pushed lightly, Sam raised up his gun and walked in. All they saw Hope sitting on her knees, her feet either side of her bottom. Hands rested on the floor. Her head was tilted and she was leaning towards the small makeshift bonfire ever so slightly.

Dean placed a hand on Hope's shoulder. She jumped up and spun around in a panic. When she saw it was only Sam and Dean she relaxed and smiled.

"I did it." She sang out, locking her hands behind her back and rocking forwards onto the balls of her feet. All three laughed lightly, while Dean ruffled Hope's hair.

Hope's face screwed up and she batted at his hand. "Sa-am! Dean's ruining my ha-air!" She whined rubbing her hair back down. Sam just smirked at her.

The trio had gotten back to the motel they were staying at. It was decided Hope would have the first shower, her 'prize for doing so well' Dean had said, causing Sam and Hope to roll their eyes and smile indulgently at him.

Hope walked into the bathroom with her wash bag.

She froze at what she saw scuttling across the floor and up the wall. She took a deep breath, and screamed as if her life depended on it.

Sam and Dean were joking around as a blood curdling scream was issued from the bathroom. They ran in, guns in hand looking for a demon or ghost. When they saw nothing but Hope cowering in the corner, Sam walked over to her. Dean carried on looking around the bathroom before facing the screamer and his brother.

"Hope." Sam called out gently in his soothing voice. She carried on whimpering and staring at the top corner of the bathroom. "Hope." He tried again. This time she flicked her gaze quickly towards him and grabbed for his shirt.

Sam rubbed her back, rocking and cooing her until she calmed down enough to talk. What happened? What is it?" Sam asked gently. Hope pointed to the top corner that Dean was standing near.

Dean turned and looked, his eyes widened in shock. "Son of a bitch." He breathed. "That is one big spider." The spider's body was the size of Dean's clenched fist, and legs were as long as Sammy's fingers.

"Wait." Dean raised a hand and turned to face Hope. "You're telling me," an accusatory finger was pointed at Hope. "That you can handle ghosts and supernatural monsters, but you see a spider, and get the crap scared out of ya?" Dean raised a mocking brow. Hope nodded.

"You're kidding me!" Dean's voice was raised in exasperation.

Hope got angry. "Well, you pick it up and get rid of it then!" she demanded.

Dean snorted. "Hell no. That's Sammy's job." Then he just walked out of the room, as calm as can be. Sam sighed when he noticed Hope giving him puppy-dog eyes filled with tears for extra effect.

He put a silencer on his gun, raised and shot.

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