What if there was another?

Chapter 2: Introductions & Being Named

The young girl was sitting in the back of the car with Sam. She was sitting behind the passenger seat with Sam's head resting gently on her lap. Her movements were at a minimal, she didn't want to jostle more than what was unavoidable, in case he wakes, or is injured more. Her hand was gently running soothingly through his hair, just like that old lady down the alleyway she slept in most of her childhood used to do for her when she still considered a baby. She remembered how comforting it was for her, how peaceful she felt whilst sleeping as much as she could. She wanted Sam to feel that same comfort and peace. She hadn't realised, but her other hand had entwined with one of Sam's larger ones.

There was music playing softly through the car speakers, to her, it sounded like Metallica. She wasn't completely sure as it was playing quietly so it didn't disturbe the sleeping Sam. She gazed blankly out the window. Her thoughts were all over.

Dean chanced a quick glance over his shoulder to the backseat. He had purposefully laid Sam that way so that Dean could see his face for any signs of pain or discomfort on the road to Bobby's place. Then when he realised the girl needed transport too, he took her to the passenger side so Sam rested on her lap and she could help Sam, if he did become uncomfortable, easier. He didn't realise it would bring her comfort as well, but he was glad it did. She needed as much comfort as possible. He'd noticed that she looked exhausted, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. It was as if life had caused her more pain then she could handle and stay sane, but she did. He could see the shining hope in her eyes as clear as he can see the sun in the daytime sky at mid-day. Blindingly clear. She had obviously held onto that hope for a long time, it was her lifeline. It was what kept her sane.

It was extremely late; he was starting to grow tired. He was surprised he hadn't fallen asleep at the wheel, also, that the Girl was still awake. He noticed a sign for a motel at the next turn and decided it was time to rest up.

He left the Girl, Bobby and Sam in the cars as he went into the main office. There was a man in his late teens or early twenties sitting behind the front desk. He too looked half-asleep. He had dirty-blonde hair that was long enough that it curled slightly around his ears.

Dean cleared his throat loudly. This caused the boy to jump.

Wiping the sleep out of his eyes, Jim looked at the guy who cleared their throat for his attention. The man looked to be in his mid twenties, and dead on his feet.

"Room for one?" Jim asked.

"No. Two rooms, both with two single beds please." Dean requested of the blonde. The blonde looked curious, but dismissed it and nodded pulling up the information needed on the screen in front of him.


"One room for me and my brother, under Anderson. The other for our Godfather and his niece, under Michelson. Please."

The blonde nodded, typing in the information. Dean looked at the blonde guy's name tag. 'Jim Reynolds' it read in bold capitals.

After finishing the payment, Dean called out a 'Thanks' as he left back to the car. When he got there he realised that the Girl had fallen asleep as well. He went to the boot of the car, taking his and Sam's bags out and dropping them of in one room. Then he carefully carried a battered Sam to their shared room. Then laid him down on the bed furthest from the door, for safety reasons.

Dean removed Sam's shoes, placing them at the bottom of the bed. Then undone and removed his jeans. He had a flashback to when they were kids living in motels. Sam had fallen asleep on the coach watching TV, waiting for Dean to finish his homework so they could play a game. Dean had done the same then. Removing shoes and jeans before pulling the blanket up to Sammy's chin so he was warm.

After tucking Sam into the bed, he went back out to the car and handed the key card to Bobby who was leaning against his own vehicle. After a few incoherent mumblings from Bobby. They managed to carry the bags and the Girl to the room next door to Sam and Dean.

After placing the bags on the bed Bobby would sleep in, they wished each other a goodnight. Before leaving, Dean placed a soft kiss to the mystery girl's forehead.

Waking up warm and comfortable was a strange feeling to someone who slept in alleyways and abandoned buildings when lucky, for most of their life. The girl was confused for a moment before she remembered what had happened over the past couple of days.

Once everything was fresh in her head once more, she bolted upright into a seated position and swung her head from side to side wildly looking around for Sam. She began to panic when she couldn't him. Even more so when she couldn't find either Dean or Bobby as well. Her breathing increased, sweat broke out in her brow, tears formed in her eyes and she started to shiver even though she was starting to burn up.

Her heart constricted and her stomach clenched. Was someone hurt more then she remembered? Did they abandon her like everyone else did? Was it all just a dream? Her mind shut down those thoughts and swung into a new gear.


Plain and simple. She denied anyone being hurt, she denied being abandoned, and she denied it being a dream only. She even denied that she met them, she denied she had abnormal abilities, she denied she was a homeless orphan with no name. She was about to deny more when the door to the room opened revealing the three men that she was travelling with the night before.

They hadn't noticed she was awake, and now that she could see beyond her denial, she noticed the messed up bed beside her own bed, the bag resting on it and the book on the bedside table that wasn't hers.

As soon as all of that finally settled in her mind as fact, tears flowed and she ran from the bed crashing head first into three men, who had only just closed the door. She was gripping Dean's and Bobby's shirts, one in each fist, and had buried her face into Sam's abdomen. She was sobbing as she felt rather then heard or saw, as Dean and Bobby moved to either side as all three men gave her a group hug.

Sam was baffled as a girl, no older than thirteen at the most, barrelled headfirst into him and grabbed onto his big brother and who he considered his second father, sobbing about how she 'thought they had abandoned her too'. That didn't stop him from starting the group hug all three gave her though.

Once the Girl had calmed down to hiccups, Dean pulled out of the hug along with Bobby. Sammy led the Girl to the she slept on and sat down next to her, while Bobby and Dean sat opposite them. All four were quiet for a while. The Girl from embarrassment of her breakdown, and the guys because they didn't know where to begin.

Finally, Bobby started.

"Well, how about we all introduce ourselves?" it was more of a demand than a suggestion, and everyone knew.

Sam cleared his throat and held his hand out to the Girl, "I'm Sam. Sam Winchester. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The Girl looked at Sam's hand then flashed her eyes up to his face, looking at him through her lashes. She then gingerly took his hand in hers and shook gently.

"Hi." She whispered softly, smiling timidly.

Looking amused, Dean went next, holding out his hand also, "I'm Dean Winchester. Sammy's big brother." He stated proudly, smiling big. Putting on a posh voice, he said "Mighty fine to meet you, young lady."

More boldly, she shook Dean's hand, giggling slightly at his acting.

"And I'm Bobby. It's nice to meet a brave young girl, such as yourself." He said with a gentle smile.

She knew they were just trying to make her feel more comfortable, but it was nice to hear these things for the first time, it made blush though. She smiled beamingly at them all.

"Hey." She said stronger now that she wasn't so shy and awkward.

That changed when she realised she didn't actually have a name. Her smile dimmed, and she looked down at her lap frowning. She was trying to think of a name for herself.

The other three looked at each other when they noticed her mood change. Dean slid closer, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees with his hands clasped in front of him. Bobby shifted closer too, but not as much. Sam wrapped his arm gently round her waist.

"Hey." Sam started gently, "What is it? What's wrong?"

When she started to sniffle, Dean rested one of his hands on her knee. Hoping to comfort her some. "I-I" she stuttered "I d-don't h-have a na-ame." She sobbed quietly into her hands. Dean looked at Sam then Bobby; they were all concerned for this girl with no name. Dean rubbed his thumb gently, back and forth, on her knee while Sam rubbed soothing circles on her back.

She calmed once more, mentally grumbling about how much of a baby she was becoming.

"How s'about, we name you?" Bobby suggested softly.

She looked at them hopefully; Sam and Dean nodded their agreement. She smiled at them gratefully.

"How about Melody?" Bobby suggested. The Girl scrunched up her nose. "So that's a 'no' then?" Bobby asked amused. She shook her head, causing her hair to almost hit Sam in the face.

"How about, Hope?" Dean offered slowly. The Girl looked thoughtful before nodding slowly and smiling. Dean smiled in return.

"Your surname could be Salvator." Sam added. "It means 'Saviour' in Latin"

The Girl, newly named 'Hope Salvator' smiled brightly. She was ecstatic with her new name.

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