What if there was another?

Chapter 3: Explanation

There were two men and a girl in a car, driving down a long stretch of clear road. They were talking about this and that, nothing too heavy. But, after a brief pause of conversation, Dean looked into the rear view and back at the girl sitting in the back of his Baby.

Hope could feel someone looking at her; she looked around the car before realising it was Dean looking at her through the mirror. When she made eye contact with him she knew straight away there was going to be a heavy topic coming soon.

"So, Hope." Dean started, trying to sound casual. "What sort of abilities do you have?"

Once he had said that, Sam turned round in his seat to look back at Hope expectantly. Hope began to fidget in her seat; she didn't like talking about her psychic abilities. After a quick glance down at her clasped hands, she released a long breath.

"Well," She started. "I can turn invisible."

"Seriously!?" Dean exclaimed loudly. Sam looked like a fish; opening and closing his mouth with bulging eyes. Recovering, he said;

"What does that have to do with the mind? Or physical agilities? Do you mean you can camouflage?" Sam inquired.

"Well, I don't actually" she put heavy emphasis on 'actually'. "turn invisible. I guess I just erase myself from somebody's mind. Make it seem like I'm not there, but I am. It's sort of like camouflage, I guess; it's like I'm erasing my image from a certain person. If you get what I mean?"

"Sort of." Dean said slowly.

"I understand what you're saying." Sam assured her. "So, can you do this with sight only; or other senses too?"

"All the senses." She stated proudly.

"Huh." Dean muttered. He then clicked his neck one way, then the other. After this, he rolled his shoulders back two times and forward once.

"Also," Hope gained the two brothers attention again. "I can copy-cat anything."

"Meow." Dean whispered sarcastically to himself, making a clawed hand with his left hand on the wheel.

"Can you explain what you mean? Please?" Sam asked fascinated.

"Mmhmm. So, you know everyone has their own skills and such? Well, I can copy that skill after absorbing it from their mind. It's like reading instructions. I unlock these abilities inside myself for a certain amount of time, but, if I exercise this skill or ability enough, it becomes my own." She explained cheerfully, pushing her clasped hands down on her thighs and kicking both feet up a little ways. A large toothy smile plastered across her face.

Dean continues nodding, a thoughtful expression coating his face. Sam sat still, watching her. He then smiled gently at her before turning to face forwards again. All of a sudden, Dean lets out a chuckle, which turns into triumphant laughter.

"This is brilliant!" He exclaims, softly slapping the wheel four times. Right, left, right, left. "Hope, you just became my favourite person." He states confidently.

"Umm." She raised an eyebrow.

"Care to explain, Dean?" Sam inquires, his own eyebrows going towards his hair line.

"She can help us with taking down Yellow-eyes! We'll definitely have an advantage with Hope helping." Dean explains excitedly.

"Dean, I don't think-" Sam starts, only to be interrupted by Hope.

"Yeah!" she exclaims excitedly loud. "I'd love to help you take out that creep! He kept trying to get me to hurt people, the asshole." She said the last two words to herself; hoping no one would hear. That idea failed though.

Dean's face looked highly amused, whilst Sam looked surprised, before becoming amused also.

"Sorry, what was that?" they asked simultaneously.

"Oh, nothing." She replied, widening her eyes innocently.

All three chuckled.

Once they got to Bobby's place, and Bobby had let them in, they all told Bobby about what they had discussed in the car on the way here. He nodded thoughtfully. "Why do you look so young? You say you're around fifteen or sixteen, but you look no older than thirteen." Bobby questioned.

"Malnourishment?" Hope suggested with a shrug.

"Hey, Sammy." Dean called out to Sam. "I got like a vision thing. How did that happen?"

Just as Sam opened his mouth to reply, Hope interjected. "That was Andy. He sent the image to you, so you could come find them." She spoke nonchalantly.

Sam shifted one side forward with a confused expression. "How did you-?"

"I was there before you. I was watching everything. I even tried to tell that Lily girl to go back to you because it would be safer. She didn't believe me though. I pointed the way for her to get since she was headed the wrong way, instead, but then Evil-Eva started to control the demon, the chiri. That was what you called it, right? So I ran. I was so scared." Her voice dipped lower with fear as she said the last two sentences.

"Out of mind, out of sight. Eh?" Dean joked. When he got blank looks, he tried to explain. "You know, out of sight, out of mind? But it's the other way around for her, because she removes- oh, Forget it!" he exclaims moving both hands side to side while explaining before letting out a huff and throwing them up in irritation.

Hope giggled, receiving a smile from Dean, while Bobby and Sam just shook their heads at him.

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