What if there was another?

Chapter 5: Devil's Gate

It was stupid. But as soon as that name, Jake, crossed her mind and all she felt was dread, she wasn't focused enough and – voila! – She is once again seen. 'Oops.' She thought as everyone turned to face her.

She smiled sheepishly. "Hey, guys." She said nervously, with and idiotic little wave. All she could think was; 'I am in, SO, much trouble.'

Almost as if her mind was read;

"You," Dean pointed at her for emphasis. "Are in so much trouble."

She looked down ashamed that she was spying.

Dean was shocked when she looked up smiling after looking so ashamed. Even more so after she spoke.

"Have I told how amazing your eyes are?" she questioned Dean. "Because they are. Very amazing. A brilliant green."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Flattery will not work, Hope." He stated.

She felt her hope dying but tried again anyway. "Do you work out? You have great muscles."

She heard Sam snicker quietly beside her.

"I appreciate the compliments, but you're still in trouble." Dean said with a raised eyebrow and an amused face.

"It was worth a try." Hope shrugged, with a sigh.

Ellen smirked, "Nice try, sugar. But you should've aimed higher. With someone who had more authority."

Hope blushed slightly and looked down again with pursed lips.

Everyone was loading up with weapons whilst Hope sulked at being caught red-handed. Hope gradually started to pay attention to what the adults were talking about. Turns out they were discussing what to do with Hope as they went after Jake at the cemetery.

"I can help!" Hope called out to the four adults.

Everyone froze what they were doing and what they were saying. Then, almost as if practised, they simultaneously faced Hope. Creepy. All three men looked to Ellen before walking some more weapons out to the car.

Ellen watched their retreating backs as she mumbled, "Cowards. The three of ya." After them. She then turned towards Hope. She regretted it almost instantly. Puppy-dog eyes. They were as good, if not, better, than Sam's. Ellen thought to herself. 'I am doomed.'

After five minutes of conversation. The term 'conversation' is used loosely here. They finally agreed that Hope could come if she proved she could use a gun before they leave, and that she stays in the car. Ellen said Hope will guard the car for Dean. Hope had rolled her eyes at that, but figured she could just help from afar. She was laughing evilly in her head.

They were leaving in ten minutes and Hope had to prove she knew how to use a gun. Which, she didn't by the way.

Bobby, Dean and Sam were not happy with this and were hoping Hope fails the gun firing test.

Ellen had gone with Bobby in his car. Hope sat contently in the back seat of Dean's Impala. Sam was wearing his bitch-face in the passenger seat while Dean was looking impressed and pissed off in the driver's seat. Hope would smirk smugly if either of them looked back at her.

It turns out, Hope was a natural shot. She was given her very own gun and shown how to work it properly. She was also given a box with refills for the gun.

When they finally made it to the cemetery, Hope stayed in the car - as promised – while the others spread out in the cemetery in wait of Jake. When Hope saw Jake walk towards the crypt in the cemetery, Hope silently manoeuvred herself out of the car and behind it. She lined up her gun for the perfect shot to the heart. Hope was honestly surprised she had managed to hide the car from his mind as well as herself. She was grateful that she was getting stronger.

Dean was hidden behind one of the statues in the cemetery, Jake walked pass the statue as Dean manoeuvred around it to stay hidden from Jake's line of sight.

"Howdy Jake." A voice called from behind. As he turned, Jake saw that it was Sam. Sam also had a gun lined up with his heart. With Sam were two men and a woman. They also held guns at Jake's chest. They inched forwards slowly, guns still withdrawn and pointed.

"Just take it real easy there, son." The older male said.

"And if I don't?" questioned saucily.

"Wait and see!" Sam raised his voice a notch.

"So you're tough guy all of a sudden?" Jake asks Sam. "What are you gonna do, kill me?" He continued.

"It's a thought."

"You had your chance, you couldn't."

"I won't make that mistake twice." Sam states.

Jake laughs without humour.

"What are you smiling at, you little bitch?" Dean questions Jake.

Jake turns towards Ellen, "Hey lady, do me a favour." His tone changes as he says; "Put that gun to yer head."

Ellen doesn't know what's happening. Her heart beats faster as she loses control of her own body; her arm raises the gun in her hand to point at her head. Tears begin to gather, not many but some and her breathing gets a tad shallower and a tiny bit faster.

Sam turns his face in shock to see Ellen, with her gun to her head.

When Hope saw Ellen put her gun to her head and then saw Jake's malicious smile, she froze. He can control minds now. Her shots not clear enough for a surprise death shot, and the others won't be able to risk it.

"See that Ava girl was right, once you give into it, there's all sorts of new Jedi mind tricks you can learn." Jake told Sam.

"Let her go." Sam demanded.

"Shoot him." Ellen managed to get out through clenched teeth. The hatred she was feeling was barely concealed from her voice.

"Might blow her skull before you can get a shot off." Jake told them.

Dean and Bobby both looked indecisive.

Jake looked at them and ordered; "Everybody put your guns down." he paused. "Except you sweetheart." Jake mentioned turning his eyes only on Ellen.

Dean looked to Bobby, saw him put his gun down, then turned to Ellen, before he to, lowered his gun down. Not without a hateful look though. Jake looked at Sam pointedly, who raised his gun and other hand in a surrendering motion, before lowering his gun also.

"Ok." Jake nodded. "Thank you." He turned towards the crypt quickly, placing Colt's demon killing gun into the slot into the middle of the devil's trap seal in the doors and turning to the right. As he had done this Dean and Bobby had speedily removed the gun from Ellen's head just as it went off. Sam went to stop Jake.

When the commotion started, Hope had readied her gun. She shot Jake once in the shoulder as Sam carried on shooting. He had a truly evil look upon his face as he continued to shoot. Blood bloomed like opening flowers where the bullets entered. Flowing stringy from his mouth also. As Sam towered over Jake Gun pointed to his head, Jake begged.

"Please." He begged. "No. Please."

Even while Jake was on the floor Sam shot. Until Jake was dead. A small speck of blood splashed onto Sam's face under his eye.

The door of the crypt carried on opening on its own behind Sam. Bobby looked beyond shocked at what Sam had just done as he, Dean and Ellen approached. Dean and Ellen looked shocked as well, but not as shocked as Bobby. Bobby and Ellen just walked past, Dean stopped in front of Sam. Sam chose to wipe the speck of blood off of his face Dean just stood there looking at Sam. He seemed to be at a loss for words.

Bobby and Ellen watched as the seal on the door spun in two different directions as the door continued to unlock.

Dean finally looked past Sam just the seal stopped spinning. When Bobby spoke;

"Oh no." His voice was gruff.

Ellen was closest and heard clearly, "Bobby, what is it?"

"It's Hell."

Dean spun the Colt back and removed the gun before stepping away from the doors.

Bobby yelled, "Take cover now!" as he and Ellen went one direction, Sam followed Dean in another. Sam and Dean jumped over and hid behind several grave stones, just as Ellen and Bobby crouched round behind some more.

The doors exploded open as hundreds upon hundreds of demon charged out of the doorway in masses of black smoke and screeching. Due to such a large amount of demonic forces, the iron railway lines burned back, breaking the devil's trap surrounding Devil's Gate. The demonic escapees began to reduce in numbers that were escaping, but remained a continuous flow of released demons at high speeds.

Hope's concentrated focused snapped due to the wave of fear that took over her at the waves of demons being released. She rushed to get back into the car for cover.

Unbeknownst to her, a demon had spotted her just as she released her hold on her power and taken a fancy to her, before it went off to find a host body.

"What the hell just happened?" Dean called out above the noise to Ellen.

"That's the Devil's Gate. A damn doorway to Hell." Ellen called back.

As Dean looked around he noticed what had happened to the railway tracks. A thought occurred to all four adults simultaneously as they were once again able to see the Impala. Hope. There was nothing they could do to help the teen. They were trapped at the moment. They decided to count themselves lucky that she was hidden inside of the car and unseen.

"Come on, we gotta shut that gate." Ellen called to the Winchester brothers.

They hadn't noticed someone had just joined them that would have been better had he not.

The four adults rushed to get up. Only Ellen, Bobby and Sam rushed over to the Devil's Gate. Dean checked the demon killing Colt for bullets, before he spoke his thoughts aloud.

"The demon gave this to Jake, then maybe-" Dean turned around and came face to face with Yellow-eyes. Straight away, Dean raised the Colt so he could shoot the demon that killed his mother and hurt his baby brother. Using telekinesis, the demon removed the gun from Dean's hand.

"Boy's shouldn't play with daddy's guns." Yellow-eyes said, holding the gun up. Dean was then flung back and around to his front by the demon's telekinetic abilities, hitting the right side of his forehead on a grave stone. Blood instantly gushed from his head wound.

Bobby was trying to close one of the doors to Hell whilst Ellen and Sam were trying to close the other when Sam spotted Yellow-eyes standing over his big brother.

"Dean!" Sam yelled out as he ran towards where Yellow-eyes was currently standing over Dean.

Hope heard Sam's panicked yell for Dean, she looked out the window in time to see Sam start to race towards Dean and some old guy with yellow coloured eyes. She assumed that guy was a demon. Hope could feel large amounts of power radiating from the demon, and decided to start absorbing to build up her supply quickly. She saw that Dean's head had rivulets of blood down the side of his face. She felt slightly queasy at the sight.

Ellen and Bobby were still trying to close the gates. The amount of demons rushing out the gate created a very powerful thrust against them.

As Sam was about to tackle Yellow-eyes, he to, was flung back by the demons telekinesis. He was thrown so his back whacked into a tree with strong force.

That gave a very strong dosage of telekinetic energy to Hope. She gasped, not used to the power flowing through her at such quantities.

"I'll get to you in a minute, champ." The demon, Yellow-eyes, called out to Sammy. "But I'm proud of you. I knew ya had it in ya." He then turned back to Dean, who was struggling to his feet.

Dean was, once again, forced back and again hit his head on the grave marker. This time he hit the back of his head.

Another power surge flowed through Hope. Not only was she gaining his abilities, which will probably last at least two or three months, but hers were being super charged. The power she felt, was amazing. But it was also addictive.

"So Dean," the demon started as he crouched down in front of Dean after trapping him against the Grave marker. "I gotta thank you. Ya see demon cant' resurrect people," Dean felt a wave of confusion as this was said. "Unless a deal's made. I know, red tape, it'll make ya nuts. But thanks to you, Sammy's back in rotation." Yellow-eyes said with a joyful tone and slight fist pump and slight joy filled laugh. By now, Dean had figured out the demon thought Sam had died leaving Jake the survivor and Dean had struck a deal to bring him back. Dean would have done something like that if Sam had died, but Hope had saved him in time. But the demon doesn't need to know that.

"Now, I wasn't counting on that," Yellow-eyes continued. "But I'm glad. I liked him better than Jake anyhow." He smiled, showing his pearly whites. "Tell me, have you ever heard the expression, 'if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is'?" the 's' at the end of 'is' was extended, making the demon sound like a snake.

"Well, you gotta know how to deal good." Dean antagonized.

No one had noticed Hope get out of the car, because, no one can see her, nor can they see adjustments she's making on her path closer to Dean, Sam and the yellow-eyed demon.

"Ah, so a better shape than your dad ever got." He began pointing at Dean. "And you never wondered why." Yellow-eyes hand returned to his side. "I'm surprised at you; you saw what your brother just did to Jake, right? Now that was pretty cold wasn't it?" the demon smiled bright and chuckled softly. "How certain are you that what you brought back was one hundred percent, pure, Sam?" the demon laughed again at the pain on Dean's face.

What Dean didn't get was, Sam hadn't died, so why was he so cold in killing Jake? Sam was breathing heavily on the tree trunk. Pain and panic evident on his face at the sight of Dean bloody and the demon so close to him.

Now, demons weren't the only things escaping Hell, spirits, ghosts were also.

"You of all people should know that what's dead should stay dead." Yellow-eyes whispered menacingly. "Anyway," the demon said loudly while standing up. "Thanks a bunch," he started to back away from Dean's crumpled form on the floor. "I knew I kept you alive for some reason, until now anyway." He shrugged. The words registered in Dean's brain. He wasn't sure how he felt now that he was going to die. "I couldn't have done it, without your pathetic, self-loathing, self-destructing desire to sacrifice yourself for your family." Dean's facial features smoothed out into a blank mask.

The demon raised the Colt to Dean's head, but before he could fire, John Winchester materialised behind Yellow-eyes, and then wrapped his arms around him from behind removing his demonic smoke self and causing the host body to fall unconscious, closer to the still un-see-able teen girl filled to the brim and over flowing with demonic power, than anyone else.

The spirit of John Winchester and the demonic smoke scuffled around until the demonic smoke smashed ghost-John grip open, flinging the spirit backwards as the smoke stormed back into the unconscious host body once more. The only difference being, the Colt was no longer in the hands of the host body but the girl the demon had unknowingly filled to overflow with power.

Hope decided it would be best if she could be seen. She stood in front of Dean, who was barely on his feet. She was very certain that he had a major concussion, considering how he was swaying. She raised the gun in her hand pointing it at the yellow eyed bastard that stole her life.

"You forgot your ultimate sacrifice, you son of a bitch." With that she pulled the trigger. She saw his eyes grow large just as bullet hit him smack bang in the heart of his host body. He started glowing yellow from the inside, causing the skin of the host to go faint red and yellow through the skin, and his eyes and open mouth to glow yellow in alternate flashes as if one was electrocuted.

The yellow eyes faded, and small steams of black puffed out of the bullet hole.

Sam was released and fell from the tree. Hope threw her hand at the doors, causing them to slam shut straight away. Bobby and Ellen almost falling forward into the doors as well. Hope didn't know but Dean and Sam saw her eyes were completely covered yellow and black. The two colours were swirling and moving. Flowing and dancing. She looked at Dean and Sam, and then she held a hand out to each after putting the gun down her holster with the other gun she brought out with her.

As she helped them to their feet, she glimpsed their thoughts, Demon eyes. Is she possessed? Or too much power? She instantly caught the reflection of her hers in theirs, they were literally glowing. She took a deep breath in, and let the energy flow through and out.

Sam and Dean watched in fascination as black smoke streamed gently and harmlessly to the ground through her fingertips. They also noticed that it flowed out her back. Almost like wings.

When she opened her eyes they were back to being blue with green and brown flecks around the centre. She smiled softly, and then her eyes fluttered closed as she collapsed forward.

A boy with eyes completely black stood watching, unnoticed by any one. He was paying close attention to the girl who just fell unconscious. He had a dark and pleased smile gracefully curving his lips. He turned silently and walked away. He had her energy trace locked in memory. He'll be able to find her whenever he wants now.

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