What if there was another?

Chapter 6: The End of a New Beginning

Sam and Dean managed to catch an arm each before she hit the ground. They wrapped the arm they caught around their necks so that her weight was shared equally between them. They pulled her gently over to where Ellen and Bobby stood. The Winchester boys handed the unconscious teen to the family friends as they walked up to their dead father.

Both Dean and Sam looked confused and relieved along with the happiness clear on their faces. They could see their dad. After ten long months, they could see their dad one last time. John was smiling gently at his two sons. Dean walked closer to their father than Sam did. John took the final few steps and placed his hand upon Dean's shoulder.

John was smiling sadly but proudly now, knowing he had to leave his boys alone again. Dean returned the eldest Winchester's sad smile slightly, tears in his eyes. John then turned his head to face Sam, whose eyes were as tearful as Dean's were. Sam nodded once towards his father as, he to, received a sad yet proud smile. John looked back to Dean as a single tear fell from the man they knew loved them, but rarely showed how strongly he felt any emotion. Dean was released from his father's grip, as John walked backwards. He began to glow, until the light was so bright John was just a human shaped white light. Sam finally managed a tearful smile for his departing father. As John evaporated before his son's eyes, a lone tear crawled steadily down Sam's face, while Dean stared tearfully where their father just stood.

Sam and Dean stood either side of the man that was once a host body to their greatest enemy. Although both brothers were still slightly tearful, Dean looked at his younger brother and said;

"We'll check that of the 'to do' list."

Sam looked at his big brother, a slight smile pulling at the corners of his lips. "You did it."

"I didn't do it alone." Sam and Dean looked over to where Hope lay gently. They also thought of their father.

"Do you think dad really," Sam's voice became choked up. "He really climbed out of Hell?" Sam turned back to face his brother, hopefully.

Dean breathed a single humourless chuckle. "The door was open." He turned towards the door as he spoke. "And if anyone's stubborn enough to do it, it'd be him." His voice was light, yet had an undercurrent of sadness.

Sam smiled at Dean, but that expression wouldn't stay for long. Sam looked back down at the host body of Yellow-eyes. "Where do you think he is now?"

Dean smiled gently, but his eyes were sad. He shook his head and raised one shoulder as he spoke; "I don't know."

"My God. I can't believe it, Dean. I mean, ah, our whole lives, everything, has been prepping for this, and now it's ..." Sam breathes out deeply shaking his head with a slight tilt to his lips. "I kinda, don't know what to say." He looks up at Dean, that slight tilt still on his lips. His eyes hopeful.

"I do." Dean crouches over the body. "That was for our mum." He shakes his head a little. "You son of a bitch."

Dean and Sam had Hope balanced gently between them once again. They were carrying her back to the Impala. Sam opened then back door, keeping a hold of her as Dean walked to the other side, to open that back door. Dean crawled across the seats and gently held Hope's shoulders as Sam picked up her legs and they manoeuvred her stretched out above the back seat, then gently laying her on top of the seats.

Hope sighed as she felt herself being manoeuvred around. She just felt so drained, she didn't have enough energy to open her eyes or move her own muscles any way. She knew it was Sam and Dean moving her around though, so she didn't even try. All she wanted was to sleep. Hope let herself drift to sleep.

Dean turned as he heard footsteps behind him. Sam followed suit. Ellen and Bobby walked up to the boys.

"Well, the Yellow-eyed demon might be dead, but a lot more got through that gate." Ellen stated matter of fact.

Dean focused on her. "How many do you think?"

It was Sam who answered; "A hundred. Maybe two hundred. It's an army." Sam turned to Bobby. "It's unleashed an army."

Ellen also turned to face Bobby.

"Hope to hell you boys are ready." Bobby stated. "Cause the war has just begun."

"Well then." Dean smiled cheekily at the others as he licked his bottom lip.

Dean opened the trunk of the car, Sam beside him. He dropped the Colt into a slot in the floor of the trunk. His hand on the roof of the trunk door. His face to Sam.

"We've got work to do." With a self satisfied smirk, the trunk slammed shut.

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