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Chapter 8: Heads Will Roll

Dean woke up to the sound of pain filled groans. He instantly jumped out of bed, ready for an attack. Accept, there wasn't one. He looked towards the sound to see Hope groaning, pain covered her face as she clutched at her stomach. Sam walked out of the bathroom with a box in hand. He looked up as he noticed Dean moving towards Hope.

"Dean," he called out quietly. He didn't want his head chewed off by Hope again. He carried on once Dean paused to face him. "I wouldn't get too close if I were you. She will chew you up and spit you out."

"What?" Dean asked puzzled. Hope was hurting, he was worried.

"Just," Sam paused. "Just trust me. Ok?" Dean nodded at sat back down on the small sofa in the room. Hope had slept in one bed, as Sam slept in the other. Dean and Sam would rotate sleeping situations every night.

Sam walked carefully over to Hope. As he crouched in front of her face, he gently called. "Hey, I got your pain tablets."

She squinted at Sam, and then held her hand out with a groan for her medicine. He placed two white tablets into her palm. He helped her up, passing the glass of water from the night stand to her. She gulped the tablets and water, before resting back down again.

Sam sat next to Dean as Hope fell back to sleep, her expression eased slightly.

"What's wrong with her?" Dean asked his brother, looking worriedly at Hope.

"It's her T.O.M. as she likes to call it."

"Her, Tom?" Dean looked at Sam as if he'd lost the plot.

"Yeah. It's short for, Time of the Month." Sam stated with a slight flush to his cheeks.

"Ah." Dean said awkwardly. A thought suddenly occurred to him. "Ah shit."

"What?" Sam questioned his brother confusedly.

"She's gonna be pissy all week, at least." Dean stated looking a little scared.

Sam's face lost all colour. "I think we should start praying." Sam wasn't sure if he himself was just joking or not.

"More like, write out our wills." Dean suggested. He fell backwards on the couch, flopping his head over the back of it. Sam leant forward so his head rested in his hands, elbows on knees as they both groaned.

Sam and Dean were currently sitting in the front of the Impala, Hope sat in the back. They were sure there was a floating storm cloud above her head at the moment. Her expression was certainly thunderous, and her eyes looked like they could shoot out lightning. They were walking on egg shells. Hope blew up on the most random things.

As they were getting ready to leave, she had literally torn through the bed sheets because they were wrapped too tight around her and she was struggling. She had most definitely growled at them, when they looked over at her when the sound of tearing reached their ears.

Not to mention she screeched like a banshee at Dean when he tried to carry her stuff to the car for her. It was safe to say, he backed down from the furious and ferocious teen girl with out of whack hormones very, very, quickly.

They heard a growl from behind. Both Winchester brothers hoping it was her stomach, not her.

"I'm hungry. Can we pull over soon?" Hope whined.

The brother only just managed to hold in their sighs of relief. Hunger, they can deal with that. Hormonal teen girls? Not so much.

"Sure thing." Dean replied easily. "There's a café a mile away."

As they got out of the car, Dean noticed Hope clenching an arm across her stomach.

"Hope." He called. As she faced him he asked. "Do you need some more pain tablets?"

Her face turned sour. 'Uh, oh,' Dean thought.

"I need t eat first, dip shit." She snapped. She stormed pass Dean as he stood in shock.

He mouth 'Ok.' To himself as he followed behind. When he noticed Sam's amused face, he snapped, "Shut up!" before walking in side. Sam followed, still highly amused.

Hope sat glaring at the menu. Sam and Dean sat, hiding behind their own menu. A waitress walked over with a smile. Dean automatically turned on the charm when he saw her good looking self.

"What can I get you three?" She asked nicely.

Dean licked his lips, his thoughts changing tracks instantly. As he went to open his mouth to speak, a sharp, stinging burst of pain exploded at his shin.

"Ow!" he yelped grabbing his shin under the table. He looked in front of him to see Hope glaring fiercely.

"Are you ok, sir?" the waitress bent slightly closer to the man who was in obvious pain. She noticed, whom she assumed was, his little sister glaring at him. She figured the girl probably didn't like her brother flirting in front of her. Terry could respect that. When she was a kid, she hated it when her older brother and sister flirted with people when she was around.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Came a strangled reply from the injured man.

Terry decided the girl would be best to get the orders from. "So, sweetie." She started gently. "What can I get for you?"

Hope smiled charmingly, "Could I have some apple juice please, miss?"

Terry smiled back, ensnared by the young cutie's charms. "Of course you can, honey. How about your brothers?"

"They want coffee please, miss." Hope smiled again. Sam and Dean were staring at Hope in confusion. The sudden mood swing had thrown them for a loop. It was a good thing the waitress had taken the orders from her, because both of them were practically immobilized by their surprise. Hope just switched from 'cross me at your own peril' to 'sugar, honey, spice and everything nice' in the space of five seconds flat.

"Coming right up darling." The waitress then walked away to place their drink orders, leaving them to decide what to eat.

As soon as the waitress was gone, a thunder cloud crossed Hope's face. They guys traded fearful looks, before turning to face an evil looking Hope with a gulp.

Through clenched teeth, Hope hissed out; "Don't, Ever, Flirt, In front, of me!" her hands were screwed into tight fists on top of the table. Both of them nodded their heads quickly and continuously. Hope's mood switched once again, she was smiling as she exclaimed happily, "Good. Thank you!"

At least she didn't look like she was going to ripped their throats out and chew them to pieces any more.

They let Hope order the meals as well, just in case. The waitress seemed very amused by this. Two grown men scared of a young girl's wrath.

The rest of the week passed by in a similar pattern. As the days went by, the brothers took it in turn on who would give Hope her pain killers each morning, that way, they could actually survive the mornings – somewhat anyway.

The further through the week they got, the more normal Hope became. Her moods had improved enormously compared to the first couple days. They weren't so jumpy and all over the place. All three were immensely relieved when she was no longer suffering through her T.O.M.

As they all got into bed on the day after her last bleed, Dean made a mental note. 'Note to self: buy protective armour' he also realised he had never been so relieved for being guy as he was then. Gals have to suffer through that? Hell no, he would not survive.

So, after suffering through a week of physical, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, Dean and Sam fell into a deep and satisfying, normal sleep. They didn't get knocked out for once!

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