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Chapter 9: Sam, We're Bored

It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the bright blue sky. The birds were singing, the breeze was slight, gently and calming. Unfortunately, Sam, Dean and Hope were all stuck inside. Hope with sun burn from the day before when she didn't listen to Sam and put sun cream on. Dean because he twisted his ankle playing 'Tag' with Hope the day before. And Sam due to doing research on a case they found in town on a haunting.

Dean and Hope were talking about themselves.

"Favourite song?" Hope questioned. "Mines between 'The Dilemma' by 'You Me At Six', 'Scream' by 'Avenged Sevenfold' and 'Breaking Inside' by 'Shinedown'."

Dean nodded before replying himself. "I'm between Zep's 'Ramble On' and 'Travelling Riverside Blues'. When's your birthday? Mine's January 24th." Dean countered.

Hope smiled. "Don't know, but if I had to pick. I'd choose June 26th. Before you ask, not for any particular reason." She interrupted Dean and watched as his mouth snapped shut. "What is your favourite ... hmm." She paused thoughtfully. Her eyes suddenly lit up. "What is your favourite food? I love chocolate!"

"Don't all girls?" Dean questioned, scrunching his face.

"No!" Hope cried out indignantly. "Now answer the question." She demanded.

"That's easy." He waved a hand forward. "I love pie." Dean smiled proudly. They heard a quiet snort come from the table Sam was sat at. But they ignored him. "You like reading right?" Dean questioned rhetorically. "What's your favourite? I'm all for 'Busty Asians' magazines." Dean wiggled his eyebrows.

"You're gross." Hope scrunched her nose in disgust. Then a mischievous sparkle lit up her eyes. "Well, there's quite a lot I like..." she trailed off. Dean suddenly wished he hadn't asked. Sam turned his head to face Hope as he listened.

"'Hush, Hush' is a very good book." She smirked.

"What's that about?" Sam called over. Hope shrugged nonchalantly.

"Just a fallen angel who falls in love with a human whose part nephilim." Dean groaned and flopped backwards onto his bed. "Said human was supposed to give up her life for him," she carried on as Dean placed a pillow over his head. "So that he could become human and feel. But he falls in love with her. So when she does sacrifice herself for him, not only does this sacrifice kill her ancestor who was a nephilim and the fallen angel's vessel, but starts the change of the angel to human." Dean groans loudly into the pillow. "But," Hope bursts dramatically. "Dun, dun, dun. He refuses the sacrifice, causing the girl to live, and the fallen to become the girl's Guardian Angel."

"Oh, come on!" Dean exclaims sitting up abruptly. "Like that would actually happen! You can't be serious. That is not your favourite! I will not allow it!" Dean huffs sitting back on the pillows with his arms crossed and pouted lips. Sam rolls his eyes with a smile tugging gently at his lips at his brother's antics.

"Well, there is some other stories I like since that's 'not allowed' to be my favourite." She put finger quotation marks as she said 'not allowed'. Dean looked at her more relaxed, waiting for her answer.

"I like the Vampire Academy series." She smiled innocently as Dean groaned with an eye roll. He flung his fists on the bed. "Alright, alright!" Hope raised her hands. Dean calmed down, but not for long. "I also like the Morganville Vampires series." She giggled when she heard Sam laugh and saw Dean glare at her. "How about the Twilight saga?" the glare got worse. Sam and Hope got more amusement. "The Demon trapper's?" she questioned brightly. Sam was clutching at his stomach hand over his mouth.

He had a feeling that she was doing this on purpose to annoy Dean. "I think you should stop now, Hope." Sam smiled at her.

"But I have more!" she cried innocently. "Like Valiant, Ironside, and ... and Shiver and The Darkside!"

"What are those about?" Dean asked. He was hoping against hope they were normal stories. No such luck.

"The first two are about Faeries." She smiled at Dean's annoyed frown. "And the last two have werewolves." Hope was pretty sure she could hear Dean growling. "Does it make you feel better if I told you I like Stephan King too?"

"Only a tiny bit" Dean hissed through clenched teeth and a tight scowl.

"What about, Maximum Ride. That's about a group of kids who were experimented on, and have different bird wings as a result and strange powers. They have to stop global warming and save the world. Itex, that's the company, is hunting them down with lupine hybrids." She raised an eyebrow at Dean.

"That just sounds like a scientific twist to the supernatural because the son of bitch who wrote the damn book, doesn't believe." Dean huffed.

Hope sighed. Sam was ignoring them now. "The Loner by Josephine Cox. It's about a boy whose mum was basically a slut who died, so the boy went off on his own, leaving behind his grandfather and lifelong crush. He goes around the country learning new skills, meeting new people until he finally goes back home, reunites with his lifelong crush. They get married and live happily ever after. The end." Hope said with a tired sigh.

Dean finally grinned, satisfied. "That," he started. "Is your favourite."

Hope and Sam sighed in exasperation.

Hope and Dean were feeling very bored. Sam was still researching.

Hope started clucking her tongue. Then Dean looked at her, shrugged and joined in.

Cluck. Cluck.

Hope decided to add a click. She glanced at Dean as he looked at her, then they both looked at Sam. They smirked to each other.

Cluck. Cluck.

Click. Cluck.

Cluck. Sam's eye twitched. Dean and Hope smirked. Click.

Cluck. Click. Click. Click. Cluck. Sam's teeth began to grind as his arms tensed and his eye twitching increased.

Cluck. Click.

Click. Cluck. Hope and Dean continued. Smirks covered both of their faces.

Cluck. Sam was starting to turn red.

Click. Cluck. Hope decided to extend her 'click' out and Dean did the same with his 'cluck'. They carried on and on until...

"Would you both shout the fuck up!" and Sam exploded.

"Ooooh. Sammy swore." Hope dragged out the 'or' in 'swore'. Dean nodded, and then he put on a childish voice;

"Naughty, naughty Sammy." He sang.

Sam's eye began twitching once more. "Shut. Up!" Sam glared fiercely.

"But Sam!" they whined in unison. Sam growled.

The two trouble makers shared a look, and then turned puppy-eyes on Sam.

"Sam, we're bored!" they whined dragging the words out.

Sam could practically feel as several of his blood vessels burst at the pressure of his annoyance and anger.

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