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What if, what if you fell for someone you shouldn't, what if you already fell for him. Min Yoongi. You knew too well about his family and the danger that entails falling for a man like him. You Park Jimin the most priced possession of your family, the youngest son, the gem of this country as most people see you as. Coming from a prominent political family, who leads the country. You should be far from being acquainted from him. But what if he comes to you first? And he captures you, and for you to survive. You need to--make him fall for you.

Romance / Action
Honey Bee
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

➵Genre: Gang/Mafia au

➵Pairing: Mafia boss and heir! Yoongi X Business and fashion design grad! Jimin

➵Contains: Organized crimes, white collar crimes, drugs, sex, slow burn, slight pining, heavy angst, dark past, childhood trauma, stockholm syndrome, light bdsm, one-side relationship, side Taegi, side Jikook, other fandoms not mentioned in tag, other additional tags to be added as story progresses.


[evɛj ]


1. (fait de se révéler) awakening

l'éveil de la sensibilité the awakening of one's sensibility

activités d'éveil early-learning activities

Heavy breathing,

and groans filled the air,

both of you trying to catch your breath,

you had bruises on both your knees.

You can feel your heart pounding harder

and faster every second that passes.

He squeezed your hand tighter as he bit his lip

nervous but at the same time thrilled

with what's about to unfold.

You looked at your watch, as you can see the lights flicker in this dark alleyway.

You lost them, a breath of relief came from the both of you.

He gave you that tantalizing smirk, and you knew he was up to no good.

He leads you to explore wildly and boldly and brought you to this chaotic but beautiful mess.

"C'mon baby, this is only just the beginning." He said as he pulled you by the hand and both of you continued running.

You were always like this with him, he loved breaking the rules and you loved watching him break them especially for you. There's always that satisfaction whenever you did something real bad and the thrill of it whenever you're almost caught but never have. You didn't really cater the idea at first but when he introduced this world to you there was no going back it's either all or nothing and you knew at the back of your mind that you'll always choose him, even if you didn't know where you stand.

"What if they catch us?"

You asked as you stared at his dark raven eyes in contrast to his bleached blonde hair.

" They never do ."

He answered and managed to give you a quick wink that only made you want to get passed this night and just do stuff with him more thrilling than what you're already doing.

Sirens echoed in the streets, and you were sure that it was you they were looking for, and then you suddenly encountered a police, immediately he then pins you to the wall, looks at you ravenously. Hungry for you and hungry to win, he then kisses you deeply holding your face tightly so that they'd look the other way and not notice you.

"You-taste so sweet baby" He breathed out inside you and you held back a moan as you pulled him by his hair and he gave you a subtle but filthy smile.

He's the master of disguise an innate criminal by blood: sly, quick, witty and a sucker for a good and entertaining act. This hide and seek that you always play was a game he would always win and would never want to lose from he uses you to beat his pawns as you are his queen and you on the other hand submits fully and indulge in the ecstasy of being used.

"We lost them. Atta babe! " He exclaimed as he pulled out from your lingering, deep kiss and smacked you straight in your ass and you just gave him a faint but reassuring smile. It didn't matter to you if there were a lot of people around, for you all you could see was him, and you knew for a fact it was poisonous, because one way or another this will eat you up inside making your world revolve around this evil, evil man.

Lately you've been in a roller coaster of emotions, trying to understand what's running through his mind, as you try to hold back your emotions, you know for a fact that there was no emotions involved on his end and you always convince yourself to believe that; to avoid getting hurt. You always tell yourself that all you know is you need him close for your plans to come through, and that you needed him to be only yours and yours alone. But you also had your own vendetta, which you wanted to make sure you're able to achieve despite all of these.

"Shall we head home, Yoongi?" You asked as you cling to his arm, looking at him intently hoping he'd agree and end this game for tonight."I think we've managed to get enough to buy a full meal for the 20 children in the orphanage I was talking to you about." You continued as he remained silent, his eyes darken and you saw him bit his lip then and there you knew there was something else running in his mind. No matter how bad he may seem and even if he's doing unimaginable you still somehow manage to convince him from time to time to be good, and to do the stuff you do for those people in need. And that's one of the reasons you still believe and hope he'd change... Somehow.

When Yoongi is in this state---thinking; he's always planning new ways to escape, new targets to accomplish, new possible things you could do or make his people do. There was not a time where he'd just completely submit to what's happening in the moment and indulge in it the same way you do. He always wants to be a few steps ahead of everybody.


You stopped yourself from walking and held him with both arms "Hey, what is it?" You said rubbing his arms trying to ease him and pull him back to his senses, because of this dilemma that he seemed to be devoured in, in his mind.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it baby."

He said gruffly, he then held your face and tried to force a subtle smile to make you believe, even though surely you know he's not convinced of it himself. You sighed as you knew it was more than nothing. But you let it pass as there are more things that you should be worried about, especially walking out in the open, if he's bothered and not in the right mind you know then that's the best time you needed to remain vigilant for the sake of both of you.

After walking a few blocks away from where you've been you then arrived at your destination where cars all lined up at this secluded, dark, parking lot and slowly the lights turned on and revealed these lavish cars, shining in their glory never been kissed, never been touched just like a fine young lady, slick, sexy, stylish and elegant and just enough to make Yoongi brush his hands through them slowly as he walks across all of them.

"Hmmm, Which one do you think we should pick to bring home today Jimin-ah?" He asked you but his eyes still locked in each car he passes by. His gaze so lustful as if looking at someone that he's ready to do unimaginable things with.

He sure loves playing with his cars like how he played with his lovers .

You thought to yourself. You remained quiet and walked behind him observing his every move and reaction. You let him enjoy his precious moments as you knew how he loves flaunting his cars.

"How about I'll take you on the ride of your life, baby?" He said touching the hood of this sleek black Bugatti with both his hands in front of him you flinched as he said that, thinking his words was meant for you but then it hit you real quick, and you scoffed a little and bit the inside of your cheeks holding back laughter you were about to make, seeing how Yoongi just literally called this car 'baby' almost as if you thought it was pathetic but you tried and erased that idea out of your head and just brushed it off, you were confident that there's only one baby he should consider and that is yourself.

You then slowly walked near him and ran your fingers slowly through his chest from behind as your body softly touched his back "C'mon baby, the night isn't going to last any longer. We need to get home. I'm tired. Don't you want to take me on the ride on my life as well? " You whispered into his ears in the most seductive way to catch his attention back to you.

He then grabbed your arm aggressively that was wrapped around his waist, and made you lay your back on the hood of the car and he locked you down for a good minute staring at you, studying your features, as his eyes darken, with a burning desire, you can feel it pierce right through you, you can see it. All the thoughts that could be running wildly, marking you evidently and you bite your lip, wrap your arms around his neck pulled him closer to you without blinking and whispered "You're the only one I want to ride, Jimin."

You breathed out and you can feel his breathing getting heavier. You then laughed and pushed him away just like that you somehow told him off and let him remember his place, at least this way you had him in the palm of your hands, but just this way .

It is clear that both of you are spellbinded by each other's presence one way or another. You both knew each other's weaknesses and strengths like the back of your hands and both of you knew how to use it against or with each other. You complement each other so much that it's scary how the two of you got together with such minds it would either be a match made in heaven or a diabolical duo risen from hell and it's clear which path the two of you chose, or to be more specific: Yoongi made you choose.

"If that is the case then I think we should go home." Yoongi said as he pulled you up from being laid down and immediately opened the car door and signaled you to go inside which you immediately obeyed, Yoongi revved up the engine and drove out of the parking lot, with a smirk on your face sat beside him in shotgun, you then held the back of his neck looked over to him and said "We'll see about that."

You arrived at this luxurious five-star hotel and Yoongi slowly pulled over and parked your car in the basement

"Are you ready?"

Yoongi asked as he knew you both needed to change your masks from those cheeky rascals who outran and outsmarted the police to someone a bit more refined and whom everybody knows you as.

"When was I ever not ready?"

You asked and gave him a subtle smile before opening the door as if preparing for an extravagant performance.

Two men in black suits assisted you and Yoongi in opening the door and handed you both a bag of shoes and clothing. Yoongi then threw his keys up in the air for the man to catch "You know what to do, I don't want her to be mistreated or else." Yoongi said in a stern voice as he bent his arm for you to hold on to as the other man was left with the responsibility of the car, one ushered you through a private elevator that goes through all the floors with no surveillance cameras inside, especially made and used only for the owner of the building and a few VIP members.

"Sir you will need to pass by the lobby to greet the people, they've been informed of your arrival."

The man told Yoongi "Of course, I knew that. I wouldn't want to be rude to my employees." He replied, with his lips stretched out in a straight line and an eyebrow raised. But then it was immediately replaced with a smile.

Right before the elevator closes he then pressed a button to make the elevator stop half way and then both of you immediately changed out of your dirty outfits to these tailored-fit suits, wiped your faces clean, you put on a chapstick, patted your cheeks and tossed your fringe back, sprayed a little of perfume and wore your Chanel, Yoongi on the other hand brushed his hair back, wore his Cartier watch and glasses, and then slipped on his pair of Bolvaint leather shoes, and pressed the button once again.

Yoongi stole a kiss from you and smiled, held your hand tightly and breathed out just in time as the elevator opened right before your eyes and you didn't even get a chance to react. "Mr. Min! Good evening. Good to see you and of course Mr.Park, enchanting as ever. Welcome back!" A middle aged man in a suit greeted you both warmly "Here let me take those for you." He then offered to take the bags that both of you are holding "We're happy to be back home Herman, thank you so much. Maybe we should go ahead and greet the rest?" You said to the man giving you a warm smile, Yoongi then squeezed your hand tighter "Hmm sweetie?" You asked and looked at Yoongi, which Herman noticed.

"It's okay Mr.Park, Mr.Min must be tired from--" Before he even finished his sentence Yoongi immediately spoke "I'm sorry Herman, it was indeed a very long night and things are just... running crazy on my mind with the business and all." He said while rubbing his temple showing that he has a headache "Of course Mr.Min you don't have to apologize, it is understandable." Herman said as he waved his hand pointing to the elevator which you've come from.

"Why won't you guys head on to your floor now, so that you can both rest?" Herman suggested "No, it's okay Herman we can go ahead and greet the others first before we go up." Yoongi replied with a warm smile on his face which undoubtedly made Herman smile as well "Of course, sir." He said as he slightly tilted his head down and pointed the way to the middle of the lobby where the employees are all already lined up.

"Welcome back Mr. Min and Mr. Park !" They all said in unison and then bowed to both of you, Yoongi then gave you a quick look, a look that you immediately understood, you then let go of his hand and he immediately smiled and went to shake their hands one by one and you smiled cheerfully as you bowed to whoever Yoongi was shaking hands with, as Yoongi finished with everyone, you then spoke.

"I believe we can't stay any longer to ask how you're all doing as we're dreadfully tired, but we do hope that you guys are doing great." You said with a warm smile "Thank you so much for your loyalty and service." You said and held one hand out to reach for Yoongi "We do really hope we can stay longer, but we're pretty sure all of you must be tired as well so I won't hold you guys any more." Yoongi waved his hand out to you and tilted his head down a little as a gesture for a bow "Thank you so much for your time and we'll head up now. Good night everyone!" Yoongi waved goodbye to all of them and you rode back on the elevator where you initially got out and went all the way to the top floor, the penthouse.

"Mr. Min, Mr.Park. Good evening." An old man greeted you upon arriving at the floor "Alfred." Yoongi said and just gave him a nod and went past him and laid down straight on the couch " Rough night? Jimin-ah?" He whispered to you, as he noticed Yoongi's aura.

"Tell me about it." You replied, knowing how different Yoongi was all night despite the slight exchange of smiles and banters you had with him, something was different and you yourself felt that something was off about him. You just gave Alfred a sigh and went straight to where Yoongi was.

"Let's go to bed baby, come on you'll be able to rest properly there." You reached your hand out gesturing to Yoongi to get up but instead he pulled you down to him "Where's that ride you were talking about earlier, huh?" He asked as he licked his lower lip and stared at your face and then to your shoulders which was exposed a bit in front of his face as he held onto you tightly with your body against his, hip to hip, chest to chest, you felt your body starting to heat up, but you tried to resist it as you knew that after tonight that would be the last thing you'd want to do.

You tried to wiggle your way out of his grip but he was too strong "Yoongi, can we at least go up first?" You demanded and just let out a teasing chuckle.

"And what do I get in return if I let you go?"

You just stared deeply into his eyes not knowing what to answer him or what he expects for you to say.

"You're crazy, Agust D. Maybe we should try and see for ourselves."

You said and pulled away, you then immediately stood up and brushed yourself, but before you walked further away from him he pulled you in and hugged you from behind and whispered.

"Do you want to know how crazy I can get?"

And he bit your earlobe and turned you to face him, "Do you want to find out?" He said while putting your hair behind your ear and gave you a smirk you knew you could never resist.

Your life wasn't always like this before: dangerous, outrageous and sinful those are three words you never thought you could describe your life before you met him, Min Yoongi, he had a lot of names you first knew him as Agust D the grandson of the infamous crime syndicate leader, the guy who has been running all his life from the crimes he and his family had committed and continues to do, but not once was he suspected as he was also Mr. Min the inheritor of his father's business: the largest luxury hotel brands with more than 393 upscale properties across 68 countries on six continents.

But to you he was Yoongi, the man who captured you-- your heart at that.

He's a rascal who always wants to get his hands dirty in every context you could think of, he always wants to personally do the dirty work even though he has lots of people for that, he said he would better know how things work if he does them himself. He loved playing Bonnie and Clyde with you and you on the other hand fully offers yourself to him in whatever he does, wherever he goes, you give in to his demands, you feel enraptured in his every command, weakened by his whispers.

It was dangerous, outrageous and sinful and yet you lived for every second of it. Although at the back of your mind you know it's wrong, as it should never have been this way.

You've woken up by the sun's beaming sunlight through your big high windows with blinds half open. You then reached for your side you heard a soft groan which made you smile. You then faced this man beside you who's still sleeping soundly. Your eyes carefully scanned his whole body only covered with a soft, warm duvet and you brushed his hair through and caressed his peaceful face. 'How can a man look so angelic but live the kind of life that you do.?' You thought to yourself.

"Do you even realize how lucky I am to have met you?" You said under your breath and you snuggled closer to him and hugged him tightly, he then slowly fluttered his eyes open and gave you a soft subtle gaze, it was foreign and it felt almost sinful "I guess that makes the two of us." He said in a raspy voice. You both continued whispering sweet nothings to each other, you loved this feeling, waking up beside Yoongi all vulnerable and genuine nothing to worry about, no one to hide from, nobody to escape from just you and him.

But you knew that this wasn't the case, this isn't some romantic film that you watch in the movies it's Min Yoongi we're talking about here Mr. Min, Agust D and because of that it makes it difficult for both of you to just be normal as it never really was normal right from the beginning. He's always busy day and night and sometimes he would leave you alone to go on business trips for days.

"Mr.Min, they're here."

Alfred knocked and said over the door which made Yoongi get out of bed immediately and wore his robe and you were left alone in bed, you held onto Yoongi's hand and gave him a look telling him to stay "I'll be back, stay here Jimin. Don't go out. Okay?" and just like that he pulled away.

And you stayed in bed sulking as he had matters to attend to but you had no choice but to follow what he said, you then got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. There was no point arguing with him when it comes to these, as it was like this right from the beginning. It has been a routine he does even way before you came into the picture.

Your day usually starts off like this, you both wake up, Alfred knocks at the door at some point, Yoongi gets out of bed and he tells you to stay inside the bedroom until he comes back to the room either in a bad mood, or in a rush to prepare for work, and when he comes back he would either catch you still in the shower and he'd join you for a steamy quick exchange or if not he'd just go ahead and take his shower and be all dressed up in his neat, slick suits, leather shoes, favorite watch and his glasses he then tells you he'll be back but that doesn't give you the certainty of how long he'll be gone, he kisses you on the forehead, on your cheeks and finally gives you a long lingering kiss on the lips that would make you last long, you don't know how long but it does seem to do the work for you, sometimes.

"I'll be back baby, okay? I promise, I'll make it up to you, we'll do the usual." He breathed out and held your face with one hand "Just promise me to stay at home if you want anything just tell Alfred and he'll get it immediately for you." His words always have a way with you, no matter how much you've been fighting your thoughts not to give in, not to believe him and be deceived. You know behind all the masks he wears, there's still something in him that makes you want to believe, believe that he might change somehow... and his promises to you will still be fulfilled.

As soon as he said that he hands you a phone "For urgent matters, call me through this phone. Okay, baby?" he gives you a quick peck and leaves.

You trail down the stairs with your silk robe drying your wet hair as Yoongi had just left. "Alfred what's on the television right now?" you asked and he scanned through the television for you "Mr. Park, I don't think there's anything good in the television right now."

Alfred said as he scans through the channels quickly "I suggest you watch movies or a series, Mr. Min updated our subscription on Netflix they're pretty great! A lot of new shows and movies." He said and immediately changed the screen to Netflix even before you got the chance to check the channels out yourself "Alfred, can I not just scan through the television myself?" You asked, it was always like this Alfred does everything for you and by everything it means even holding the remote and scanning through the television for you.

You've watched a couple of movies as you sip on your second cup of coffee early in the morning, this is your normal routine but honestly you get bored of it as there's nothing else you can do. "Alfred! Where's Mrs. Lopez? Isn't she going to come to clean the house?" You shouted to Alfred who's probably busy doing something around the house desperately looking for refuge from your boredom as Mrs. Lopez is the only person you talk to outside of this household that sometimes seemed more normal than Alfred and Yoongi. "She will come, Mr.Park but she's scheduled in the afternoon today." And you just let out a heavy sigh at the disappointment of what you've heard.

"Alfred, can I go out today? Please?" You begged, but you already know what his answer would be "Mr.Park, I'm sorry but as instructed by Mr. Min you need to stay inside the house until he comes back or until he says otherwise. But of course you can go to the gym, or the pool but I would have to accompany you and we'd have to bring Chanyeol and Hoseok for your own security Mr.Park." Alfred said.

At least I will get to see Hoseok.' you thought to yourself "Ah, Hoseok. How's your son by the way, Alfred?" You asked him and he just replied to you with a smile. He's another person other than the names mentioned earlier that's also your friend and someone who's keeping you sane while living here, you try and chat with Chanyeol at times but he seems to be more focused on his job and more obedient to Yoongi. You laid down on the couch and stared at the ceiling, almost fed up by your situation, sure you understand Yoongi and his protectiveness over you but sometimes it just gets to you. And it makes you realize your actual situation and set-up with him.

You even think that sometimes he doesn't trust you enough. Even though you're bound by your deal.

"Okay, I'll go for a swim then." You said and decided it was better than nothing and you got up and immediately went up to your room to go ahead and get changed.

The splashes of water echoed into the indoor pool as you dive deep down the clear blue water, the pool area was solemn there was no one else there but you. Thankfully Alfred, Chanyeol and Hoseok kind of gave you some privacy by staying outside the pool area and are just in front of the door entrance "I want to get out of this building, I hate being locked up here. I want to go shopping" You said to yourself loudly which echoed in the whole room.

"But actually no. I know what's better, to see the park, be around trees, breathe in the fresh air and not just this centralized air conditioning atmosphere." You said catching your breath, panting after doing 5 rounds back and forth in this 30 meters swimming pool.

The solemnity of the pool area was only temporary when it was immediately disturbed just moments after your argument with yourself. "Sir, you're not allowed to go in there as of the moment." You heard the commotion just outside of the pool area "Excuse sir, but we said you're not--" You stopped in the middle of the lap as the body guards were trying to stop this man from coming inside of the pool area "Mr.Park, we have to go." Alfred went near you on the edge of the pool handing you a towel, you then went near him and got out of the pool.

"What's this commotion all about?" You asked nonchalantly as you pat yourself dry using the towel "Am I not even allowed to use the pool in this hotel? Can you please explain to me why?" The man asked trying his best to keep his calm but you can hear it in his voice that he's kind of irritated because of how the body guards are still trying to stop him "Can you please let go of me? I won't do anything bad. "

With a smirk on his face he raised both his hands as if surrendering, and you just signaled them to let him go, "I'm sorry of course feel free to enjoy the pool. I'll be leaving anyway." You said in a low tone embarrassed by how they were acting and because the man was kind enough to not lash out on you or them, you then walked past the man and handed Alfred the towel you were using and reached for your robe.

"I hope you enjoy."

You said in a cold tone but before you fully got out of the pool area.

"Jimin, that's your name right?"

The man said with a smile on his face and it made you stop from your tracks but even before you could say a word and go back to that man Chanyeol and Hoseok already blocked your way.

"Thank you so much, but please do tell your bodyguards to not be in other people's faces just because they want to use a public utility that you are using." He said in the same tone he's been talking since earlier "I don't think anybody will be as kind as me to understand." His tone changed into a sarcastic one and dived into the pool.

Which you caught on, so clearly that it marked your thoughts.

The man you saw earlier still has your mind running.

"I don't think anybody will be as kind as me to understand."

There's something that's making you curious about him and you know there's more to him than his kind and calm personality, one thing's for sure you know he's a VIP member by the way he acted around your guards , when they stopped him from using the pool. You stared at the high ceilings and wondered if you'll ever get to know that man's name and how the hell he knew yours.

Not any moment longer you got up from lying down and went on to the kitchen to get some food. "Mrs. Lopez! You're here." You immediately went in and hugged her. "It's good to see you too, Mr.Park." She replied a bit cold, opposite to how she usually greets you, warm and happy and he calls you Jiminnie. She responded back to your hug but immediately got back to her work.

"I'm sorry if I had to reschedule today, and work only half a day, as I had urgent matters to attend to earlier this morning over at my dear boy's school." She explains and continues with cleaning up the kitchen as she was previously doing.

"Oh, is it today?"

You asked with a low tone as you then understood why she must be acting differently. "Yes, Jiminnie. I went to Jose's school to meet up with his adviser." Mrs. Lopez let out a deep sigh "---and we talked about Jose's situation. I don't want him to suffer like that, he doesn't deserve to be treated badly because of me." Before Mrs. Lopez continued you cut her words "Don't say that Mrs. Lopez..."

You said as you softly caressed her arm to comfort her as she stood still and fixated her eyes on the blank wall of the kitchen and said "It hurts seeing him this way. I wish I could give my hijo a better life." You bit your lip as your own life flashed before your eyes, despite the lavish lifestyle that you grew up in being born with a silver spoon, as some might say, you've still always wished to have a better life .

And this is also another reason why you empathize with Mrs. Lopez so much, as you know how much she really works her hardest to give the life her son deserves. And also because you know how much he loves his son, in contrast to your own mother. "You know what Mrs. Lopez, cheer up! Here's my proposal, why don't you bring your son over sometimes so that you won't feel as bad not seeing him and worrying so much about him." You gave Mrs.Lopez an expectant smile waiting for her reaction to brighten up and with the slightest delight you saw in her face you continued.

"I can help him with his assignments, we can play here together to also use up my free time and maybe even buy him toys if he wants." You feel Mrs. Lopez's mood lighten up with the proposal you've shared to her and she just responded to you with a smile and a tight hug, you felt yourself start to tear up but you held in your emotions with the thought of missing your own family, regardless of how messed up they were.

As Mrs. Lopez pulls away from the hug and she proceeds with her tasks around the house, you silently trail over her lost in your own train of thoughts. Before the silence grew bigger between the two of you Mrs. Lopez spoke to break the ice "Mr.Park, I always wanted to ask something..." She stops, hesitant to even proceed with what she was about to say.

"Hmm? What is it? I don't mind." You replied to her to reassure her you were fine with anything she asks "I wanted to ask about your family, because for the many months I have been working here, and ever since we have started talking. Not even once you've mentioned anything about them."

You flinched at her question and fell silent, you felt your heart tighten and you let out this deep sigh.

"Oh, Jiminnie you don't have to answer my question. Forget that I asked about it" Mrs. Lopez tries to let out a soft chuckle to scour the heavy atmosphere "Anyway, I'll go on ahead and clean the bathrooms. I suggest that you stay in the lounge for this one." She suggests and tries to get both of you out of the conversation, which might be for the better. With her question, you were left thinking about it yourself.

You never did talk about your family ever since you Yoongi agreed not to, as he won't be talking about his either.

You haven't heard anything from them either, it's been months since you were gone. Technically you were never home in the first place but this is the first time where you were just around town and they didn't actually know you're here. You don't even know if they're looking for you as you don't have your old phone with you ever since Yoongi had decided to throw it out.

But the thing is you also have no direct contact with them, for security purposes your family constantly changes their contact number being part of the government, so you had no way of actually getting a hold of them either, it's a valid reason which also gave you an excuse to not even try to ask help from them, ask for help to get you out of your situation the first time you were in it.

"Jimin...hey." Your thoughts are disturbed by the man's faint voice "I see that you're lost in your train of thoughts again." He then chuckled faintly upon seeing you looking up at the ceiling completely drowned in this void that you seem to be in, you recognized the man's playful tone and unconsciously showed a gentle smile and slowly your thoughts started to fade.

"Hey, Hoseok..." You sit up and brushed your hair to the side and looked at him as he was standing in front of you keeping a distance while holding a brown envelope on his side, your eyes are now seemingly locked at the envelope which you made obvious, but Hoseok just brushed off your curious stare and spoke up.

"Jimin, Mr. Min told me to inform you that he won't be home tonight and that you shouldn't wait for him--" Before he even finished what he was about to say you rolled your eyes on the announcement which was nothing new to you "He didn't give a specific time or date as to when he will come home, but he told me that he'd just update you. " And you noticed him kind of move the envelope away from your sight, which you caught on immediately.

"And what's that envelope for?" You asked him on the spot as it seems he wanted you to ask him, opposite of leading you to not have your attention on the envelope. "Oh this? You don't have to worry about this, just some work stuff." He waved the envelope hesitantly and gave you a flat smile that shows off his two dotted dimples.

"Anyway, I'll have to go ahead since Yoongi called for me just to fetch these for him." He said somehow in a rush brushing off your conversation immediately. "If you have anything in particular you need, just go on ahead and tell father. I'm sure he knows what to do, okay?" He said with a smile while walking away towards the door, which you found kind of annoying at how Hoseok always takes control of the course of your conversation just by his charms and deceiving happy vibe.

"Wait, Hoseok! Tell Yoongi, that I need to get out of the house even if it means he will send a group of guards to watch over me. Please? I need fresh air, and we certainly don't have that here." Hoseok just nodded, him being like that is the reason why even if you guys share a conversation or two at times, you still can't fully trust him as he's always still loyal to Yoongi. Much as all the other people in this building.

The night crept in slowly but you can surely feel the aloneness, being in your bed with a space so big it takes over you and the silence only grows louder. Ever since Mrs. Lopez said goodbye to you just moments ago and Alfred that doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight since after your visit from the pool. You feel your spine tingle at the eerie atmosphere that starts to linger, you hated this, even if you try your best to psych yourself out and make yourself find the good in everything that's happening to you, cooking up these plans and schemes in your head, it was not enough.

You still can't brush off the fact that you're stuck in this situation without free will, and freedom itself. The complete opposite of the life you had before arriving in this situation. And you didn't know who to blame, or how this all came to be. You wanted answers, and the longer you're stuck here the more you want them bad so that all of this facade will be over and maybe you and Yoongi will be able to live normally by then. Because as of this moment being imprisoned here doesn't seem like an ideal ending to a story you want your life to pan out to.

The moment you sealed the deal with Yoongi, you thought it would give at least a slight freedom and control over him, but the mere fact that he already took over you emotionally, whilst being held captive, already means defeat in itself, and you knew it .

You've been played in your own game, and maybe you're starting to grow tired of it. As your lying down in your room you then turned to your side facing this huge window that gleamed with light reflected by the city, you sit up to reach for the phone that Yoongi gave you which was on the bedside table and open the drawer, where hides your stash of cigarettes, you took one and placed it in your mouth and walked towards the balcony and lit it up, you then opened the phone and dialed the only contact number that was saved there.

"Hello, I think we'll have to talk." You paused and bite your lip trying to hold back yourself from saying this, you've always said it to him either jokingly, or somehow in a way he won't take seriously but this time you really just want to get over it, you can't live like this any longer you feel like time is fleeting before you and you have so much you want to do, you're running against your own deadline that is.

"It's about our deal."

You heard him sigh on the other side of the line and you can vividly imagine how his brows furrow, and his lips pursed as if he already knows what you would say, as if he already expected for it. But what else would he even expect if all you ever wanted in the first place was to be freed from being kidnapped .

And for him to fulfill his end of the deal.

Which was to help you find out the stench your family has been hiding away from you. Since they have raised you away from them, away from all the stuff they have been doing because you knew for a fact they weren't as noble and as benevolent like people had always depicted them, you knew how your mother manipulates your father into signing papers he did not approve of, you knew that your loving father only says yes to your mother because of him not wanting your mother to lash out and leave him or worse maybe spill some secrets of his own, and lastly your well sculpted sister you knew that her obedience to your mother is only a facade to her personal vendettas and that she just wants the power, money and fame as much as your mother does. So much for a family whose name is well respected knowing that your father is one of the leaders of the country.

You tick at the mere thought that they actually do such things and it makes you literally disgusted by the idea that your eyes were opened to the truth that such things do happen in the government and worse your family is a great contribution to how dirty and rough the field is.

Despite everything, when you come home at times to meet your family, you keep a straight face and obey them as much as you could, you disregard your own beliefs for a moment and you absorb their wisdom, and accept their actions while keeping your stand untouched. You do your best to keep this information safe for future reference and for the day when you'll be able to garner enough knowledge, power and help to correct the actions of your own family. You didn't want them to continue to live the way they do, you've always taught yourself how to stand by what's right especially being exposed to different kinds of people from around the world.

With this in mind you thought maybe you'll be able to do this by the help of someone as equally bad as your family, or maybe even worse.

Yoongi .

It would be an understatement to say that his actions are bad and they're not right. Because they are way worse than that. It's not just like stealing candy from a baby, it's stealing, deceiving, lying, manipulating, and probably even killing someone to take not only his candy but everything that flashes in front of his eyes; money, power, position, title.

"Ah, our deal. Yes." Yoongi finally said a word after a few seconds of silence.

"I guess this leaves me no choice then?" He scoffed, but you can feel him let out a smirk.

"Yes." You simply replied, you forced your eyes closed, grit your teeth and clenched your jaws, this overwhelming feeling of annoyance overpowers you.

You knew he was up to no good, he's always up to no good. His words always have a way with you and you knew for a fact it was poisonous because you're always on the verge of giving in to them, but this time. You shouldn't . You need to start to have your head on your plans and get your problems solved, have answers to your questions and stop being so...

"I'll talk to you about this in person. Let's meet up tomorrow. But for now, have a good night rest baby." He said in a tone more calm, and sweet almost

as if he... "Okay, baby?" cares for you.

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