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Recreation - Taehyung Fanfiction


Jeon Y/N. The casual high-schooler. Best friends with BTS and BLACPINK. She was well known for her beauty, knowledge, and talents. Lately, she has been having weird nightmares that won't let her sleep.... Soon, one of her dreams come true... And Taehyung wasn't ready to hand her over to the heavens yet... Jeon Y/N was in a coma for about a year and came back to high school. With no memory of who she was, who she's related to, who she's close to, and who was she against... While having the brains of a human, a mind like technology, and a half body of both human and robotic. Will she uncover her past? Will Taehyung and the others help her get through this roller-coaster ride and get through her new life? Or will they abandon her?

Thriller / Drama
Age Rating:

Tập một

Author's Note:

Just know that I don't write smut or anything related to it.

And I'm not that good in English... Sorry if nothing makes sense or if there is any mistakes.


I jump over the fence and ran away as fast as I could. I can feel that he was already chasing me and getting closer.

Moments later, I finally found light. “Come on Y/N. You can do it. Just run for a little bit more” I said to myself.

??: “I have already warned you Y/N... You love to get on people’s nerves, do you? Well, this is what you get for disobeying!”
He threw a knife at my leg.

I scream in pain but still strive to run for my life. Thankfully, I was getting closer to the light-pole...

I finally reached it and soon realize it was only a lonely road with lights.


My mind was a mess and I really thought people would still be around here at this time of night.

I was in the middle of the road and somehow stumble and land on my bottom. I crawled to a tree and hid behind it. My breath quickens as I remember that psychopath was still after me. As the psychopath ran past the tree I was behind in, a hasty car crashed into him.
I sat there in horror. Relived that he wasn’t after me anymore, but there was blood splashed all over me. The car continue to drive as fast as it could and got away.

I wanted to see if he was fully dead and slowly walk up to him. The more closer I got, the more terrified I felt. I look down and saw his eyes were fully closed. He didn’t look like he was breathing anymore as well. My breath was still shaky but manage to breathe properly.

I looked at him once again and found him creepily staring at me.

“AHH! Fuck!!” I scream and fell on the ground.
I tripped and hit my head on a rock. The last thing I saw was darkness…


I shot my eyes open and sat up. I look around to find myself in my room. I took a deep breath and try to calm down. I rub my head to feel blood. Luckily, there wasn’t any. Why the hell am I keep getting the weird dreams? I shook my head and tried to forget the questions. I got out of bed and went along my morning routine.

After I finished, I put my nametag on, grab my stuff and out the house.

I got on my bus just in time before it went off. I look for a seat and found Taehyung. I sat next to him and put my earphones on.

“Hello~” He smiled.

Taehyung POV

I was currently waiting for Y/N and the bus to arrive. I wander how she pass middle school when she fall asleep in class, is always late, and never turns in work on time. Like, How???

The bus finally arrives and I hop in. The bus waits for the ones who were on their way to the bus. I took a seat and save a seat for Y/N. If she comes. If not, I’ll have the seats to myself.

Minutes later, I felt presence next to me. I turn and look at who it was. Jeon Y/N…

“Hello~” I smiled.

She looked at me. “Hi”

Oh, I know why she’s moody today.

“Did you have those nightmares again?” Those weird nightmares she had. It happens once a week and its concerning sometimes. They sound horrifying. Thank goodness I don’t have them.

She nods. I took out one of her earbuds and listen in. She looked at me as if I was crazy.

“You have your own earphones. Listen to your own music” She said.

“Left them at home. Plus, you have good taste in music so…” I replied.

She rolled her eyes and let it alone. The trip to the school was quiet. Glad I was listening to music with her. Or else I’d probably fall asleep to how quiet the bus was. Usually, it would be a little loud with some kids in here.

We soon arrive to school and enter the classroom.

- Time Skip - Y/N POV -

It was now break time (or Lunch). I was eating food with Taehyung, BTS, and BLACKPINK.

We were laughing and joking around until I felt presence behind me. I didn’t even get the chance to look behind and felt cold liquid on my head. I close my eyes and heard BLACKPINK gasp.

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