Middle Ground

By Kingstriker19

Action / Drama

New Friend

Family...usually close to you and care for you very much. Friends...usually always by your side and care for you as well. But those words could not always connect in a positive way. For some people, those two words and create a rift between your emotions and actions. Having the option to choose between family and friends can be one of the most terrifying things you could do.

Striker City, a city unfortunately divided between three groups. One group consisted of higher class and extremely wealthier people who got along great with each other and lived in mansions, each human and anthropomorphic animals wearing something fancy like a top-hat, bowties or even nice clothes. They had whatever they wanted and got it whenever they wanted. This group was more peaceful and seemingly harmless, but there were times where even they had their dark side, especially when it came to dealing with the other side of town.

The second group contained majority of everyone else in town who were considered normal, poor or criminals. They all wore dirty or crazy clothes, they terrorized the town or just caused trouble between each other. All of this gave their side a bad reputation, they often started fights with the higher people and massive brawls have broken out almost everyday around town between these 2 groups.

However, the third group was considered the "Middle Ground", it consisted of the center of the city and taking up most of downtown. It was home to average living people who wore normal clothes, did usual everyday stuff and were pretty nice people. Neither of the other sides associated much with them or when they did it was never with negativity.

Despite the feuds...there was one higher-class bear who managed to defy the struggling city and live life the way he wanted to. He often stayed close to his side but made contact with the other side every once in awhile when he was alone. His name was Freddy Fazbear, a 10 year old brown bear who always had a smile on his face when people would see him. He was very nice, well-mannered and very active. He lived in one of the large mansions on a tall hill with several garages behind it and a large pool. The mansion itself had 4 master bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large living room, kitchen, den, closets and dining room, but the basement and attic were pretty small. He lived with his twin brother Golden who considered himself the dominant twin and was very overprotective of Freddy who was annoyed by that. Golden was a grumpy but sometimes clumsy bear who was often annoyed by Freddy's cheerfulness, but that didn't stop Freddy one morning from waking him up so they wouldn't miss breakfast.

"GOLDEN WAKE UP! WAKE UP! BREAKFAST IS READY!" Freddy patted his brother on his back.

"Ugh...just 5 more minutes." Golden groaned.


"ALRIGHT ALREADY!" Golden snapped.

Freddy jumped back in fear and Golden instantly regretted yelling. He sat up and patted Freddy on the shoulder.

"I'm sorry Freddy, but you can be so annoying sometimes." Golden smirked.

"But you still love me." Freddy smiled big.

"Yeah you know it." Golden nodded.

The two went downstairs where their parents were getting ready to leave. While they were at work, they knew Freddy and Golden could handle themselves at the house alone. Their breakfast consisted of large pizzas since pizza was a massive favorite around the whole city. Freddy was a fan of cheese while Golden preferred pepperoni. They eagerly began to dig in and talk for a bit.

"So Golden what plans do you have today?" Freddy asked.

"Well, I might sleep in for most of the day. Didn't get much sleep last night." Golden shrugged.

"Aw you're no fun! Well, I'm going to the park to play." Freddy said.

"You better make sure none of those crazy idiots from the other side of town will be there."

"Relax, I've never seen any over at the park, plus it's part of the Middle Ground. I'll be fine."

"You better hope so."

"You always say that."

Once they were both finished with their pizza, Golden and Freddy threw the boxes away and went upstairs. Freddy grew a devilish grin and proceeded to tackle Golden to the ground.

"OW! Why you little!" Golden growled.

Golden chased Freddy throughout the house until Freddy finally reached his room and tried to close his door, but Golden prevented him from doing that.

"Oh no you don't, you're gonna get it Freddy." Golden said pushing against the door.

"NO! Stay away!" Freddy laughed.

But Golden managed to squeeze inside and tackled Freddy. The two rolled around wrestling for a few minutes before Golden pinned him and raised a fist.

"Do you yield?"





Golden got off him dusting his hands off before leaving with a laugh. Freddy groaned and got up deciding to get started with his plan. He raced to the bathroom, took a quick shower, brushed his sharp teeth, groomed his fur and made sure his black bowtie and black tophat were perfectly on. Golden wore a blue bowtie and blue tophat instead. Being part of the higher-class, he had to look nice. But as he looked himself over, he couldn't help but wonder...if he was truly happy with how he felt. Sure who wouldn't be happy if you had anything and everything you wanted, but...higher class people often stayed to themselves, didn't make many friends and always bragged about whatever they had. His brother was just the same...but Freddy wanted to make a friend...a best friend. He was awoken from his thoughts by the sound of Golden's snoring.

"Ugh...him and his snores." Freddy muttered.

Upon leaving the mansion, he observed others chatting and bragging with each other, some were busy cleaning their nice cars and others were relaxing on their large porches. Freddy sighed...no matter how many times wanted to see a difference around here, it would never happen. He eventually left the hills and found what everyone called "Middle Ground." The Park was uncomfortably close to the hills so Freddy didn't have to walk far. He was looking forward to playing on the newly upgraded swing set, the old one broke many times and injured kids. But this one was much stronger and made of steel.

"I hope no one is on them when I get there. I definitely need to get a turn." Freddy rubbed his hands.

When he got there, he saw many children playing around and only one person on the new swing set. The person was a light brown chubby bear with rosy red cheeks and an innocent smile. The bear swung up and down ignoring a strong wind coming by. As Freddy walked towards the swing set, the wind began to pick up and the other bear started to get nervous.

"Ooh, I don't want to go too high." He said.

But as the wind raced passed, he found himself going up too high for him.

"AAHHH! NO!" He yelled.

Freddy gasped when the bear began to slip out of the seat, and when he did. He slammed hard onto the ground with a loud thud. Many kids turned to the scene and saw the bear starting to cry. Freddy raced over first to comfort him. When the bear looked up he saw Freddy's tophat and recognized what side he was on.

"Are you okay?" Freddy asked.

"No, my arm hurts bad." The bear cried.

Freddy looked over the left arm and saw a large bruise.

"That's a big bruise...but I think you'll be okay. Where are your parents, surely they saw this." Freddy looked around.

"I live down that hill over there, so I can go back whenever I want. Hey are you a high-class?"

"Why yes I am, I'm Freddy." Freddy held out a hand.

"Hey that's close to my name, I'm Fredrick, but most people call me Fred, I'm part of the Middle Ground." Fred shook his hand.

And so the two got to know each other more and found out they had a lot in common. And after spending an hour playing around the playground, Freddy got an idea.

"Hey Fred, wanna come over to the mansion for awhile?" Freddy asked.

"Are you sure? No one of them will mistake me for the bad side?" Fred asked nervously.

"No way, come on. My brother wouldn't mind the extra company."

"What's he like?"

"Oh just a big show-off and pretty clumsy. Though he can get pretty rowdy." Freddy chuckled.

The two made their way back over the hills and Fred suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" Freddy asked.

"I've never stepped foot around here...I'm just a little nervous."

Freddy grabbed his hand and smiled at him.

"It's okay, I would never let anyone of my friends get hurt."

This made Fred smile and the two walked towards the mansion. Fred could not believe what he was seeing, all the large houses, cars and well dressed people. He did get a few strange looks but ignored them. When they arrived, Freddy noticed Fred's excited look and smirked.

"You ready?"


Fred's breath had been taken away and he observed the inside of the mansion. He had to resist the urge to go running around knowing that would be rude. He wanted to make a good impression with the higher-class people.

"It's so big, I've never been in such a large place." Fred said.

"Eh, you get used to it. Though it does it get a bit boring after awhile." Freddy sighed.

"Huh? How? You guys are rich, you can do whatever you want and get whatever you want." Fred gasped.

Freddy's fists clenched as his sides and he muttered to himself.

"Not everything..."

Fred walked closer to him.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah I'm fine. Come on let's-"

"Freddy who is that?" Came his brother's voice.

Both brown bears look up at the stairs to see Golden coming down curious.

"Oh hey Golden, this is my new friend Fredrick, but he likes Fred for short." Freddy explained.

"Hi." Fred stook out a hand.

Golden raised an eye-brow looking at him all over making Fred feel awkward. Nothing about him screamed criminal or anything else from the rundown side, so he gladly shook Fred's hand.

"Sorry, I assume you're a Middle Grounder?"


"Okay you're fine. You two have fun, I got some things to do." Golden walked off.

"He's a little scary." Fred said.

"He's okay, come on I'll give you a tour."

And so Freddy showed Fred all around the mansion until they finally ended up in his room. They sat on the king-sized beds and decided to chat.

"Hey Freddy, thanks for inviting me. I don't have many friends that would do this for me." Fred said.

"No problem, just want to find people I have things in common with. So, what's it like being in Middle Ground." Freddy asked grabbing a pillow to rest his head on.

"It's pretty peaceful and quiet. We have friendly people and live in normal sized houses, nothing as big as this. And lucky for us we're not bothered by the dark side. I'd hate to be attacked by one of those guys."

"True. You know...there are times that I wish I could experience how you people live. Being in a smaller house wouldn't be that bad, it's pretty creepy here at night, and sometimes I even get lost and forget where a room is. I would like to open my eyes one morning and not hear people bragging about their own stuff right outside my window. I've never been truly happy being around here." Freddy sighed.

Fred was very surprised by this info. A rich person who didn't want to live that way? It was never heard of before, but nobody said it was wrong. Fred placed a hand on Freddy's shoulder.

"You know, someday you may get that chance to experience it." Fred smiled.

Freddy smiled back.

"So, what do you plan to do in the future?" Freddy asked.

"I thought about becoming a spy...they're so cool! I've recently been going to some boxing classes to learn how to defend myself better." Fred said throwing a few punches to the air.

"Nice, me and Golden spar a few times just to keep our strength up. Though I have no idea what I want to do when I'm older. A lot of people around here stopped dreaming once they got rich and moved here. I'd rather work than sit on my brown butt all day."

"Tell ya what? Maybe if I ask my parents, you can come over to my house tomorrow. Then I can show you around!" Fred offered.

"I'd like that." Freddy nodded.

Fred looked towards Freddy's 8 pillows and took one.

"Hey Freddy?"


Fred smacks Freddy with the pillow.



Freddy pounced on Fred with his pillow and the two starting whacking each other with the pillows and laughing the whole time. They eventually fell off the bed but that didn't stop them. They raced towards each other and knocked each other in the head with their pillows stunning them.

"Oh man...that wasn't a good idea." Fred said.

"Yeah, not to hard then." Freddy decided.

The tried again and were now fighting all over the room, but after a few minutes the pillows were forgotten and the two wrestled on the floor. Their friendly scuffle was halted by Golden coming in.

"So let me get this straight...you two have a pillow fight, then a wrestling match...WITHOUT ME?" Golden snarled.

"Uh-oh." Freddy gulped.

"Uh...wanna join in?" Fred asked.

"BEAR RUMBLE!" Golden yelled.

He leaped on both of them and now all three of them were rough-housing, Freddy and Golden losing their tophats in the process. Much later, Fred saw it was time for him to head home worried his parents would start looking for him. He talked to Freddy and Golden.

"Thank you guys for having me over. It was so much fun!" Fred jumped up and down with joy.

"Anytime, I was just glad to make a friend." Freddy smiled.

"A best friend." Fred nodded.

"Oh I almost forgot...here."

To Fred's surprise, Freddy gave him one of his extra hats and bowties. The hat was black with a red stripe around it but the bowtie was the same as Freddy's. Fred eagerly took them and put them on.

"Wow...I look like you!" Fred said.

"Yep, it's like you're one of us now." Golden said.

"Thank you so much, and now I should be going."

"We'll walk with you to your house." Freddy offered.

From the day onwards, Fred started to hang out with Freddy and Golden almost every day. Eventually Freddy did get that chance to tour the Middle Ground and he loved it even more than the higher-class neighborhoods, Golden liked it to a certain extent and preferred his current lifestyle. As the weeks past both the brother's parents and Fred's parents had grown to like the other friend their children had met.

As the years passed, the bears grew more closer...at least until 10 years after Freddy and Fred first met that Freddy fell into a depression. Two years prior, Fred had managed to get a job as a secret agent and had to leave town. Golden had left to travel during the summers leaving Freddy alone. Their parents had long since moved away and even Golden decided to split his and his brother's money so he could afford his own mansion. Nothing bad happened between Freddy and Golden, but they felt that they needed more space, but promised to always be there for each other. Fred's departure took a huge toll on Freddy and Golden failed constantly to cheer him up.

But...Freddy had also left to clear his mind by traveling alone and had started to feel better, especially when he started to receive a few calls or texts from Fred occasionally. Secretly, Freddy had been planning to move into Middle Ground for awhile, just to truly experience it...and unknown to him...it would come quicker than he thought.

And it all started one night...when he met 3 new friends...

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