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Chapter one- Don't pick the red one

Edward Sulivan absolutely hated himself. He didn't fit in with all the other kids and that caused him to belive that he was defective. He was no mach for Tord Avons, head cheerleader and one of the most popular kids in school. Edd wondered why he couldnt be beautiful like Tord could.

He felt like nothing but a giant waist of space, taking up air for his own satisfaction.

The charms on his bracelets dangled cheerfully as a sharp peice of an old Cola can cut into his skin like scissors on paper. Ruby blood ran from the cut to the bathroom floor. Edd liked to race his blood drops, hoping the one he picks wins. It usually does.

His expression was totally lifeless and concentrated. His dull and dead eyes focused on every single move he made, his teeth clenched in his mouth and his left eyebrow was furred a bit.

He took the blade from his skin and watched as the blood dripped into a small glass bowl that he had set inside of his sink a while ago. The only sound in the room was the sound of his blood pooling into it. Drop by drop. Drip by drip.

Once the bowl was 2 and a half inches full, he picked it up, smiled, and pressed the round edge to his red lips. He swallowed the whole thing. Every single metallic drop.

When he finished he huffed and dropped the glass bowl on the floor by accident. It shattered and Edd slightly jumped. The shatter echoed beautifully throughout the bathroom and his bedroom that was right next to it.

Edd gandered at himself in the mirror, suddenly forgeting everything that happened just now. His lips curled into a sick grin and he chuckled at himself. "I hate you..." He laughed, stepping into the field of shattered glass with his bare feet. He could feel the glass but ignored it.

"I hate you..." He said again, his laughter getting louder and his eyes swelling with tears. He repeated those words out loud until he could hear it in his head, echoing and screaming at him.

While he walked through his school hallways, he admired the kids that walked by. They were such shitheads. He hated that fucked up school and all the people in it. He put his hood over his head as a group of judgy girls walked past him. His fists clenched as they said things about his body structure and made fun of his hair like he wasnt even there.

He couldn't see any color, just damp gray and maybe a pinch of white, but he could tell that the girls walking past him were fucking crackers.

It was a particularly long day for a wednesday.

Suddenly his stomach was pushed up against a locker and he groaned in pain. He heard a boy laughing at him and begining to walk away. Edd was pissed. He turned around quickly and used his foot to trip the boy, then he just walked away.

"My nose... You broke my nose, Faggot!" He heard the boy shout.

Edd ignored him and put his headphones on. He speed-walked out of the school, playing hooky. He listened to CITY OF ANGELS by 24kgold and climbed into a tree with a hole that was just the right size for him.

Matthew Bluewater, the Hottest boy in his grade, the ginger hair and the built body that he possessed. It was all perfect. And that perfect body was walking into the school, having just come back from a physical with his doctor. He played a lot of sports, but mostly baseball. He was very good at baseball too.

He took a shortcut through the grass because it was a lot quicker and paused in his steps when he heard some faint music playing around him. He looked around but saw nothing. The only thing that was within earshot was an old tree.

He shrugged and walked away. The bell rang and Edd could feel the ground vibrate, telling him it was time for fifth period. He ignored it and just watched as some kid he didn't even know walked into the school.

"Fore!" Matt shouted, hitting a baseball with his very own self carved baseball bat. Everyone's Eyes followed the ball as it flew over the diamond and past the fence. Matt dropped the bat and ran to 2nd base. Everyone in the bleachers Cheered his name loud and clear. "Matt! Matt! Matt!" All but one boy.

Matt slid onto the point and everyone cheered with a standing ovation. The cheerleaders all hugged Tord Avons and screamed in joy, knowing that Matt had just won the schools very last baseball game of the year. It was sweet victory.

The field was empty and so were the bleachers except two boys. Matt who was on the diamond practicing his hit, and Edd who was studying on the bleachers. Matt grunted as he hit a ball as hard as he could without hurting himself and flinched as it flew in the other boys direction. "H-Hey! Watch out! Hey!" He shouted but Edd was so good at ignoring people.

Edd looked up for a split second to see what the fuck the person in the diamond was babbling about and was hit in the nose hard by a baseball. He hunched over and growled loudly in anger and pain. "What the fuck is wrong with you?! Don't you know how to hit a fucking ball?!" He shouted in his hands.

Matt frantically ran over to Edd and put his hand on his back. "Oh fuck, I am so, so sorry! Are you okay?"

"F-Fucking, damn it, leave me alone! Go away!" Edd smacked Matts hand away. "Dont touch me!"

"I was just trying to apologize."

Edd shot his head up, growling. His nose was bruised and bleeding. "I don't Need your stupid apolog-" He was cut off by shimmering and worry filled eyes studying his face. "Apologies..." He finished quietly, grabbing his bag and sketch book.

"Are you- are you okay?" Matt asked again.

"Fan-fucking-tastic..." Edd muttered, standing up to leave. Matt grabbed his wrist awkwardly. Edd growled again. "What?!" He barked.

Matt licked his teeth inside his mouth subconsciously, hesitating. "Whats your name?" He asked after a minute of gathering the courage to ask.

"What's it any of your business? Leave me alone."

"Please, I'm just trying to be nice."

Edd sighed. He could tell that Matt was ten times stronger than him just by the grip he held on his wrists. "Its Edd. Happy? Now you know, let go of me. Now."

"Thats a really nice name. I don't know anyone named Edd."

Edd was taken aback by the compliment and suddenly felt calmer. His body slightly relaxed and Matt let go of his wrist.


"Matt. I know. I saw the game."

Matt smiled. Awkward silence. He started to admire Edd from their 2 foot distance. His gray eyes, his chocolate brown hair, and the freckles that looked like someone had sprinkled them on his face beautifully. Edds green hoodie had red stains on them that Matt could only presume was red paint. Edds creamy pink lips and his smooth looking skin was like candy to Matts eyes.

"So, erm... Wanna go out for coffee or something like that?" He asked with his best smile.

"Are you asking me out...?" Edd had a twisted look of confusion and fluster on his face, a thin line of blush across his cheeks.

"Oh- No, No of course not, uh, I was just asking because I want to make it up to you... That looks broken..."

Edd touched the bridge of his nose and pushed it with his finger. "It doesn't feel broken." He said. Matt winced.

"Well, if you don't want coffee can I at least walk you home so you can get an ice pack? I feel really bad."


Edd put his backpack on and began walking, Matt grabbed his bags as well, following behind the short brunette. While they walked Matt staired at the dried blood on Edds face until he couldnt handle it anymore.

"Fuck it." He grabbed Edds face and a wet wipe from his bag.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?!" Matt started to clean his face. Edd huffed in anger but let Matt do whatever.

"You done?" He muttered when Matt threw the wet wipe in a nearby trash can.

"Sorry, it was just really bothering me."

"Whatever, lets just go." Edd rolled his eyes and stomped away.

"So, um... Do you like to draw? I saw your sketch book." Matt asked.


"Are you good at it?"

"I mean, I guess..."

"I'm more of a painter... Do you paint?"


"You must really like the red paint."


"Well, I just figured because of the red paint all over your sleeves."

"O-Oh! Yeah, I uhh... Really like the red paint. Reds a nice color..." Edd was lying through his teeth. He hated Red. It reminded him of Tord, and Tord is kind of a bitch sometimes.

"Yeah, red is my moms favorite color."

Edd nodded. They finally arived at his house and Matt gawked at it in awe. "Wow... You live in a pretty fancy house... Big house... Jesus..."

Edd chuckled to himself and opened the door, inviting Matt inside even though he didn't really care much for visitors. Matt walked in and stood in the center of the large living room. It had peachy smooth walls and the carpet was white and clean, well, until he walked all over it with his cleats. Edd really didn't seem to care though. The TV was huge and the couch was a lime green color that didn't go with the rest of the room and stood out plain as daylight.

"You want anything to drink?" Edd asked from the kitchen.

"Sure, I could use a drink." Matt said, walking into the black and white kitchen.

"Alright, what'll it be? Vodka? Whiskey?"

"Whoa, what?"

Edd layed down multiple choices of adulterated drinks on the counter that was in the middle of the kitchen and smirked at Matt.

"Jesus.. Don't you have parents or something?" Matt asked, staring at the bottles.

"Well they're somewhere I guess. They work a lot so I'm just here. My grandma visits me every now and then but she's, like, 200 years old so I can still do whatever I want." Edd took one of the whiskey bottles and poped the cap open before taking a long drink.

Matt hesitantly took a vodka bottle and admired it while Edd got the ice pack that he needed badly because his nose was starting to swell.

"Am I supposed to just... Drink it? Or do I need to add something?" Matt asked, feeling hot and nervous.

"You're not supposed to do anything. Its up to you, bro."

Matt nodded, opening the bottle of vodka, pressing the bottle to his lips and taking a small sip. Disgusting. Absolutely horrid. But Matt wanted to seem cool in Edds eyes so he choked it down. Edd placed the ice pack in a couple paper towels and put it on his nose.

"That was... Ahem.. Okay...?" Matt strained his words as the burning feeling nipped at his throat. Edd laughed, walking into the living room and up the stairs. Matt followed, bringing the vodka with him by accident.

"This is my room." Edd said and sat on the black sheeted bed.

"Oh, jeez... You get your own TV?"


"And your own bathroom?"

"Uh huh."

"You even have a window that opens?"

"Yup, pretty neat, huh?"

"I love it here."

"Don't get used to it. I can't tolerate a person I just met being in my house for more than two days at a time."

Matt nodded. "Good point. Very smart. Keep it safe... Um... Now that you're home and have an ice pack, should I leave...?"

"If you wanna. I honestly don't give a shit."

"I really don't want to leave but my mom will get worried about me if I stay so... I should leave..."



Matt awkwardly shuffled out of the room and down the stairs to put the vodka back and get his stuff. He walked out the door and looked up at Edds window. Edd was looking down at Matt from his window. Matt waved goodbye and Edd replied with a blunt middle finger.

End of chapter one- Don't pick the red one.

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