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Got a good riddle for you.

Chapter two- gym

Edd walked into his gym class and found that Matt had saved him a seat. He sighed, rolled his eyes and sat down, ignoring everything as usual.

The coach walked to the front of the class and took a look at everyone before opening his mouth to speak. "Tomorow we will be hosting an after school activity that you are required to attend to pass. You need to wear tank tops and shorts because the school is very anxious about kids getting heat stroke."

Edd groaned under his breath. He shot his hand up but before the coach could even call on him he spoke anyways. "Can I please be excused from this?" He asked in his most anoyed voice.

"No, Mr Sulivan, you may not be excused from this unless you have a doctors note from your parents. And I know for a fact thats not gonna happen..." The coach snickered the last part and Edd only grew more anoyed. "And besides, you could use the fresh air on your body. You refuse to show so much as your ankles at this school. It makes you look gay."

The class laughed and looked at Edd. Edds eye twitched in anger and he clenched his jaw shut for the rest of class. Matt looked worried about him.

"Are you alright, Edd?" Matt whispered while the coach talked about physicals and football.

"Piss off..." Edd mumbled before standing up.

The coach cut of his sentance and scoffed. "Where the hell do you think you're going, young lady?" He teased.

"The bathroom, asshole!" Edd barked back without hesitation. Everyone gasped but Matt. Matt knew that Edd was this way when he met him and forgot to get surprised. Edd stormed out of the room and slammed the door.

"Well, that young boy is getting some after school detention on Friday..." The coach mumbled, pulling out a detention sheet pad.

Matt sighed. He suddenly shot his hand up. "Can I go to the restroom?"

Edd sat on the floor on his phone, playing a game when the door opened. Edd ignored it at first but saw the gray and familiar looking shoes in the corner of his eye. He looked up to see Matt. Matt sighed in relief.

"Oh, thank God... I thought you were crying or something..." Matt said and sat down next to Edd on the floor.

"Why do you care?"

"Uh... I'm not sure. I just care about you I guess."


Matt shrugged and pulled his phone out as well. "You're just... Different from all my other friends. I like that about you." He said, smiling.

Edd sort of blushed. "Okay...?" He made it sound like a question. Matt pat his back for a second and they both turned their attentions to their phones.

During lunch, Edd would prefer to eat alone but Matt insisted on keeping him company. They both sat under a tree and Edd ate a tuna sandwich while Matt talked about baseball and his mom. Then it got a little quiet.

"Hey... Uhm... Are you...?" Matt trailed off.

"Am I what?"

"Are you gay?"

Edd dropped his sandwich on the plastic bag under him and scoffed. "Do you have any fucking filter?"

"I-I'm only asking cause I'm curious!"

"Yeah sure, and then if I told you I was you'd leave, but if I say I'm not you'd stay. I'm not a fucking idiot, Matt!"

"No, No I won't do any of that, I swear! I'd stay either way!"

"Not that I really care if you stay or not..."

"C'mon... Are you?"

Edd sighed, pressing his back on the tree. "Yeah, I am." He muttered.

"Me too."

Edd shot his head around a lot quicker than he had intended. "You are?" He asked in the most normal voice he could muster.

"Well, I kinda like both. Is that weird?"

"So you're Bisexual?"

"I guess."

Edd smiled and turned his body to face Matt. "Which do you like more?" He asked.


"Do you like girls more than you like boys?"

"I think I just like them equally... You know, 50/50."

"Oh. Thats pretty cool."

Matt nodded. "The only people who know are you and my mom."

"Does your mom care?"

"Well she supports me a lot. What about your parents?"

"My parents spoil me a lot because they think that they have to or I won't be happy, so, yeah. When I told them they seemed pretty excited and interested."

Matt chuckled. They both got up to put their food away and walked to their next classes. At the end of the day, Matt asked to walk Edd home and Edd said it was okay.

While they walked Edd was unusually talkative. But Matt honestly liked it when he wasn't the only one talking. While they talked they found out that they had quiet a lot in common. They liked the same foods and activities and were both pretty depressed at times.

Matt found out about Edds uncontrollable anger issues and Edd found out about Matts slight dyslexia. They were getting to know each other a lot and Edd was... Actually okay with that. When they got to Edds house Matt really wanted to go in but he thought it would be rude to just ask. He had already asked his mom before they left school and she said it was okay so he was itching with anticipation.

Edd closed the door then opened it again. "Do you want to come in?" He asked.

Matt sighed in relief. "Yeah."

They both walked in and ran up to Edds enormous room. For a while, they played video games and ate junk food until they were just sitting on the bed silently.

"Do you wanna stay the night?" Edd suddenly asked, leaning against the wall.

Matt thought for a moment. "Let me ask my mom then we can head over to my house to get a change of clothes." He finally said, pulling out his phone. He sent a text to his mom and almost automatically got a reply. "My mom says its okay."

"Well then lets go get your stuff."

Matt nodded, putting his shoes back on and walking down the stairs. Edd followed behind him and they went out the door. "So... How far is your house?" Edd asked, catching up with the tall ginger.

"Not that far. Just about, down the street. Maybe 5 minutes away." Matt replied, stuffing his hands into his pockets. It was only 4 o'clock and pretty warm outside but he really hated taking his hoodie off unless it was absolutely necessary.

Edd subconsciously did the same thing. They reached Matts house after a few minutes and Matt opened the door. He dodged a hug from his little sister and ran up to his room, pulling Edd along with him by his wrist.

"Nice room." Edd complimented as he looked around at the sports posters and figurines. The walls were a light purple color and his bed was covered in black and white sheets and weird stains, that Edd could only asume were cum stains from previous wet dreams. Not that big of a deal.

"Thank you." Matt pulled out a couple pairs of clothes and stuffed them in his back pack. "Lets go."

They walked down the stairs and Matt said goodbye to his mom before they left.

The walk back was silent. Then Matt spoke up. "Why did you want to be excused from that Gym thing?" He asked.

Edds arms tenced up as he thought up a good lie. "Look at me, Matthew. Does this look like the kind of body that would look good in a tank top and shorts?"

Matt looked Edd up and down. "Yeah." He said simply.

Edd rolled his eyes and opened the door to his house. "I just dont feel like listening to people make fun of my body." He said,running up the stairs. Matt folowed behind him and they both sat on Edds bed. It was quiet and they just went on their phones awkwardly.

Eventually Edd sighed and put his phone down. "Do you wanna get high?"

Matt jerked his head around and his mouth hung open for a second. "High? You mean, like, smoke marijuana?"

"Well, yeah. Duh."

"Marijuana is just... Um... Bad!"

"Its weed, and its not that bad."

Matt swallowed thickly then put on a smooth face. "If you want to... We can smoke... Weed..." He said, trying to sound cooler.

Edd nodded and pulled something out of the crack in his bed. He unrolled a plastic bag full of the green plant and poured it onto a pan next to his bed. Matt watched in awe at Edds fast and agiliant fingers as they rolled the green plant into a little white cigarette paper.

"Here." Edd said, handing one To Matt and then making another one.

Matt looked at it for a second. "You want me to smoke it?" He asked softly.

"Hang on a second, wait for me."


Edd pulled out a lighter and lit his joint, then Matts. "And now, we smoke." He said, positioning the joint to his lips. Matt nodded and nervously did the same.

When he puffed in his throat automatically rejected the foreign smoke and he coughed it out. Edd looked at him and handed the ginger a water bottle. "I never expected you to get it on the first try anyways." He said, puffing his own joint like it was nothing.

Matt tried again and it stayed in this time. He blew it out with ease.

"Oh, Matt, its not like a cigarette, you have to keep the smoke in for a while, then blow it out. Thats how you get the full effect." Edd said. Matt nodded and puffed it again. He held it in for a 30 seconds then blew it out. "Good job, dude!" Edd praised.

Matt smiled and from then on they smoked and smoked until they were laying on the floor and stairing up at the ceiling. "What do you want to be when you get older?" Matt asked.

"I want to be an artist."

"Nice... I want to be a professional baseball player."


Matt snickered. "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the ocean?"

"Yeah. We could be friends with blob fishes and stuff."

"Yeah, and build city's for swordfishes to ravage their glory."

"You're high."

"So are you."

"Duh..." Edd laughed and put a hand on his face. "Have you ever wondered what Sex is like?"

"All the time."

"I bet its pretty cool."

"Yeah. Warm... Sweaty..."

"Moist..." Edd burst out in a fit of laughter. "Thats such a weird word! Moist."

Matt started laughing too. "Being a virgin is weird..."

"Yeah. I bet if I lost my virginity and told just one Person at school, everyone would know and I would stop getting bullied."


"You get bullied?"


"Sucks, doesn't it?"

"Meh... I just pretend it never happened and go on with my life like a normal person. Stressing out over someone that called you a name is dumb."

Edd thought about that and felt pretty stupid. "I guess you're right..." He said quietly.

"Who's idea was it to make people freaks just because they can't get laid?"

"I don't know." Edd sat up, ignoring the spinning in his head. "How far have you ever gotten with a girl?"

"I've made out with one girl but she moved away. That's about how far I've ever gotten."

"Have you ever kissed a boy?"

Matt sat up and faced Edd. "You're the only person I know that's gay, so, no." He said, pulling the ash tray over so that he could clean it out later and not forget.

"Do you want to?" Edd asked. There was no shame lacing his voice, no nervousness, no fear.

Matt looked away from the ashtray and up at Edd. "Are you serious?" He asked, sweat running down his neck.


"Right now?"

"If you want."

Matt gulped, he looked at the carpet and his face got red in embarrassment. "Okay..."

Edd nodded and scooted closer to the ginger Brit. "Do you want to kiss me or should I kiss you?" He asked.

Matt hesitated. "I'll kiss you."


Edd shut his eyes and waited. Matt exhaled out of his nose and leaned in. He pecked Edds lips first then went for a better one. Edd kissed back. They stayed like that for a minute until Matt pulled back and whiped his lips quickly. "So-sorry!" He exclaimed.

Edd tilted his head in confusion. "For what?"

"I-Um, I don't know, I'm just sorry."

"It's okay."

Edd stood up and gestured for Matt to follow. They went into the kitchen and the short Britt pulled out a family sized bag of Doritos and a can of cola. He set them both on the table and sat down in a chair. Then they just sat, ate, and talked about totally random things.

"Whats today?" Matt asked.

"Wednesday. Why?"

"Man, we have school tomorrow."


Matt thought for a moment and bounced his leg quickly as if he had some sort of motor in it. "We should ditch." He said with a snap of his fingers.


Matt smiled and ate another Dorito. "I can't wait until I loose my virginity..." He whispered.

"Same." Edd thought for a moment. "We should... Take each other's virginity." He thought out loud.

Matt thought about that. "I'm not sure. We've only known each other for two days."

"Well its three now. Its 1:39 in the morning."

"Not a valid enough point."


Edd finished his cola and threw the empty can away. "Wanna go upstairs and watch a movie or something?"

Matt nodded and he walked up the stairs with the short brunette. They walked into the room and it smelled like weed and liquor. They sat on the floor and Edd flicked the TV on. "Netflix or Hulu?" He asked.


Edd put Netflix on and they just stared blankly at the TV while 'the end of the fucking world' played. They sat in silence for a whole 2 episodes until Matt felt an itch in his lips. He turned to Edd.

"Can I kiss you again?" He asked fearlessly.

Edd blinked, then nodded. He really didn't care what people did with his body.

Matt leaned in and placed a kiss on Edds lips. Their mouths seemed to twitch at the same time and suddenly they were making out gingerly. Matt pulled away then kissed Edd again. Edds lips moved in usion with Matts. He flinched when Matt licked his bottom lip, asking for entrance which he hesitantly accepted. Matt slipped his tongue in and groaned with a slight shudder. They fought for dominance for a while until they ran out of breath and pulled away to catch it.

Edd panted, pulling at his hoodie because he felt like it wasn't in place. "Shit, Matt..." He whispered.

Matt swallowed thickly and brushed some hair out of his face. "Sorry... Got a little carried away..." He whispered back.

Edd shook his head. "No, it's okay..." He said.

Matt nodded and looked at the time. It was 3:27. "We should go to sleep." He said.

Edd nodded in agreement and crawled into bed. Matt layed out a couple of blankets and pillows to sleep on then layed down.

"Night..." They both muttered at the same time.

End of chapter two- gym.

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