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The Start Of It All; Powers Corps


This is fan fiction of a few Animes. Kimestu No Yaiba, One Punch Man, and Hero Academia. Enjoy my book! This is part of a series. Not telling what this is about though, so go ahead and read it! :)

Action / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Interesting. So you want to join the Powers Corps?” The man said. I shook my head violently. He scoffed, as he looked at me with gentle yet tense eyes.

“No! Why would I? I have such a weak power.” I murmured, desperate to get this over with. It’s overwhelming enough that my power is so weak. I’m a weakling. If I joined that Corps I’ll be dead and crushed by a demon or monster immediately. He scoffed, but after that we went silent for a few minutes. Just staring into each other’s eyes, possibly trying to read each other’s minds. He smiled a very sweet smile, but I could see the dangerous gleam in his red bloody eyes. His smile was a sad one too, like he’s lost too many innocent lives. After a while, he called out to his assistant,

“Nicho-Chan!” Nicho-Chan? Why does that sound so familiar... Nicho-Chan...Hmm...

“Hai sensei!” A cheery girl appeared behind me, as quick as lighting and as quiet as a mouse. How was that possible? I looked around to see who this Nicho-Chan was. After a glance, I know I’ve seen her before. A sudden jab of a weak, sad and angry feeling poked me in the stomach. She had peachy blond hair and big blue eyes, almost like mini oceans that live in them. She has a small nose and mouth, with her lips being a shade of pale pink. I widened my eyes. But I quickly shut them because as I finished examining her, a painful feeling of someone stabbing my eyes quickly rised the tension in my body and I couldn’t deal with pain this painful right now.

“Please bring this girl to her parents, Nicho-Chan.” He bowed his head as I turned to face him again. I slowly opened my eyes again. The feeling disappeared. Gee I wonder why. I couldn’t see his eyes so I didn’t know what he was feeling. But he was beaming and I could see that his eyebrows were looking a bit angry, mischievous and evil. I gasped. What is this tension I’m feeling? What are these feelings I’m painfully experiencing? Nicho-Chan gasped in fear.

“Hai!” Niche-Chan yelled broadly, like a general in battle. I looked at her eyes, this time a quick glance, and shut mine again. She was feeling scared and worried about the man. She doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, but there’s a simple feeling of hatred towards somebody in her past. Someone nearby. No, it can’t be me, she doesn’t seem to be angry and scared out of her life about that. I shrieked. I open my eyes and before my eyes was a red man, with dangerous shiny spikes on his back, and his teeth were all sharp and pointy and his clothes started to rip. Me and Nicho-Chan screamed for our lives as we quickly ran to get out of his grasp. We scurried out the door, barely balancing on our feet and shut the door with a tremendously loud slam as we rushed through the hallways, passing all the staring people wondering with curiosity and fear, “What was going on?”. They will wait and see as the demon I just saw in the Enrollment Room of the Powers Corps.

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