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ꜱᴜɴ & ᴍᴏᴏɴ |𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐇𝐘𝐔𝐂𝐊|


It's Freshman year, Mark Lee is new to Seoul, and he knows no one except his cousins Judith, Minho, and Amiee. Oh, and a little secret to him, he is gay, but no one knows that. But what will happen when he meets openly gay, Lee Donghyuck, also known as Haechan, will he face his fears and come out or will he stay closed off forever?

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Mark’s P.O.V


What the hell, am I supposed to do in this school? I mean, I don’t know anybody here - and by no one, I mean no one! I want to go back to Canada. At least I had friends there. But here I have no one. Mom told me that I might find Judith here, in this school. But, that might be a little hard, because I haven’t seen her since we were like 8! I don’t even know what she looks like now! Judith is my cousin - sometimes I call her Jude or Judy - she hates it when I call her Judy, she says it makes her sound old. I don’t think it does. I just wished I could find someone who spoke English, because I can only speak English and my Korean is not really good. I understand Korean pretty well, it’s just I can’t speak it very well - I contradict myself a lot do I? I can speak Korean very well, I just say I don’t speak it very well, because I’m so awkward. I stood in front of the school, just looking at the big building, until someone pushed past me, making me stumble “Watch it!” A person yelled and I was just standing here, looking like an idiot. ‘Great.’ I thought. I started to walk up to the building, slowly because I was too scared to actually go in. I pulled the door open, and I was met with a lot of people just walking, talking, and laughing with each other. I don’t fit in at all. I exhaled a deep breath out, as I watched everyone just having a good time with each other.

“Alright, Judith, I need to go to dance class early.” I heard a guy say, and I was confused . . . wait Judith goes to this school

“Why?” Judith asked the guy

“Because it takes me like the whole seven minutes just to get there.” The guy told Judith and she nodded at the guy’s remark. Who the hell is this guy?

“Alright, Jungkook, well I guess I’ll see you later.” She says and placed a kiss on his cheek and he smiled

“Same here.” The guy, now known as Jungkook, says and he then walks off leaving Judith, with this other guy, with this tragic long hair

“Alright, Kihyun, now we need to get to class.” Judith says to the other guy and I sighed, I can’t let her just walk away

“Alright, but Jude, there is this guy staring at you.” The guy told her and I widened my eyes, shit, he totally just caught me staring! Judith was confused, and she looked over at my way, and she widened her eyes . . . does she recognize me?

“Mark?” She asked and I was shocked - she does recognize me! She then started walking towards me and I was just standing there frozen.

“H-hey, Judith.“I say and she was shocked and then she just hugged me, and I hugged back. I was surprised. I thought she was just gonna slap me, because the last time we saw each other, we didn’t end well.

“What are you doing here? And why are you wearing a uniform - Oh my god, Mark you’re going to school here?“Judith rambled and I chuckled and I nodded, not really knowing how to speak and I think she knew by my awkwardness. Judith, can read me very well, one of the many few reasons why I love her so much. “Oh sorry Mark, I know Korean is kinda hard for you, so you’re going to school here?“Judith asked in English and I chuckled

“Still teasing me about my awkwardness huh?“I ask her and she smiled

“You know it.” She replied and the guy looked really confused, and he had to clear his throat to get Judith’s attention “Oh, Mark, this is my best friend Kihyun, and Kihyun, this is my cousin Mark.” Judith introduced and he just raised his hand as a type of wave, and I just stood there awkwardly, and Judith took notice of that “Glad to see that you guys are getting along.“Judith teased and Kihyun rolled his eyes

“Yeah, whatever, I need a smoke break.” Kihyun says and he walked off, having Judith roll her eyes

“I swear, I tell him to stop smoking and he never listens to me, ugh!” Judith grumbled and I laughed and she then looked over at me “Alright, let’s see your schedule.” Judith told me and I gave her my schedule, and she looked at it and smiled “You have some of the same classes as me, let’s go.” Judith says and she grabbed a hold of my hand and she started dragging me with her, oh jeez.


“Alrighty! We’re here.” Judith exclaimed and I looked at her, oh god, kill me. She walked in the classroom, and then she sat down in her seat, and I sighed as I looked over at all the students who were just talking and laughing with each other, and I sighed. I walked over to the seat Judith was at, and I sat down in the seat in front of her

“Umm, you’re sitting in my seat.” I heard a voice say and I felt my heart stop, and I looked up to see . . . oh my god. This boy is beautiful, with his tan skin, brown hair, and his beautiful face. Oh and did I forget to mention that I’m gay? But, no one knows it. Not even my family members.

“Haechan, this is my cousin, Mark.” Judith told the guy and he widened his eyes

“O-oh, well sorry, you can sit there.“The guy said to me and he then sat in the seat right next to me

“Excuse me, you’re in my seat.” Another guy says and Haechan looked at him and scoffed

“Find another seat asshole.” Haechan snapped and the guy rolled his eyes and walked off

“Well, you met Haechan, haha, don’t worry I know he may seem scary but he wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Judith told me and I smiled awkwardly

“Yeah, don’t ya worry, I won’t hurt anyone.” Haechan says and puts a smile on his face, and I just felt my heart jump for a minute. Oh god, I can’t fall for him, I literally just met him!


“So, how’s your first day going?” Judith asked me as we were walking in the hallway to the cafeteria. How was my day going to be honest? Well, it’s going like crap! I mean, these two boys were making fun of me, because of how awkward I am, girls were trying to flirt with me, and I had to tell them I’m not interested, and then they called me an asshole, I was tripped during P.E. and poor Judith didn’t see it, a teacher made fun of me in Math because I didn’t know the answer . . . so yeah my day is going great!

“Uh . . . great!” I told her . . . well lied to her and she smiled, and I frowned slightly, poor poor innocent Judith.

“Alright, I want you to meet my friends.” Judith announced and I looked at her with this look ‘Friends?’ I thought

“Kihyun’s friends?“I ask her and she shook her head

“No, some other friends.” She told me and I nodded, and we walked inside the cafeteria, and holy mother of god, it was packed to the max! She then linked our arms together, so she won’t lose me probably, and we started to walk over to the lunch line. We grabbed some food, and she started walking over to a table, and I started following her. I feel like I’m a lost puppy, following it’s owner. Judith, sat down on the bench, and I looked at her, and the guys who were sitting at the table, and I did some counting, and there were 9 people sitting at the table - 9 boys. Oh my god, I feel intimidated! “Don’t be shy, Mark, sit down.” Judith says and I then sat down next to her, and I looked down at my food, shyly. “Introduce yourself.” Judith whispers to me, and I nodded and I looked up to see the guys looking at me

“Umm, hi, I’m Mark.” I say softly and I smiled

“Oh, he’s sooo cute!” A guy exclaimed and another one rolled his eyes

“Taeyong, you think everyone is cute, and this is why you have so many kids.“The guy said to the other guy

“Well, jeez Doyoung, at least I’m a nice person.” Taeyong told the other guy and Judith rolled her eyes

“As you can see, those two Tom and Jerry lovers, are Taeyong and Doyoung, they have been friends for 10 years now.” Judith explained

“Is anyone gonna drink their milk?” One of the guys asked

“Still haven’t gotten your milk, Jaehyun?” Another guy asked as he laughed

“Don’t look down on me Johnny!” Jaehyun exclaimed

“Didn’t you cry because of bread one time?“A guy with a soft voice asked Jaehyun and he groaned

“Don’t look down on me!” Jaehyun demanded and Judith sighed

“Those two idiots, are Johnny and Jaehyun, and the guy who just spoke about bread is Jungwoo -” Judith says but Doyoung cut her off

“And he’s mine!” Doyoung exclaimed and I was shocked and Judith sighed and rolled her eyes

“Yes, emotional teddy bear.” Judith says and she looked back at me “Jungwoo and Doyoung are in a relationship.” Judith told me and I nodded

“Where’s the other 5 idiots?” A guy asked and the guy leaning on him, looked around and shrugged

“Who knows, Yangyang is probably making out with a random guy, Ten is probably checking himself out in the boys bathroom mirror, Xiaojun probably said fuck this and left school, Kun is probably stuck in line, Lucas is probably having a conversation with a teacher, because he was being a dumbass in class, and Hendery - hmmm who knows what he’s doing.” The guy says and I look at Judith and she was drinking out of her juice box and she stared at me confused, and she then got what my stare was about

“Ohhh, those two cuddle buddies are Winwin and Yuta.“Judith says and they both looked at me

“Sup.” Winwin greeted and I waved awkwardly

“Hey, dude, you seem pretty cool, just don’t mess with my Winwin though.” Yuta demanded and I nodded and he smiled and I look over to my left to see Haechan just sitting with his head on the table and picking at his food, I then looked over to my right, to see someone just sitting at the corner of the table on his phone

“Who’s that?“I ask Judith in a small voice and she looked over to where I was pointing

“Oh - uh - that’s Taeil.” She told me

“And the reason why Haechan and Taeil look so bummed out, is because they went through a bad bad nasty breakup.” Jungwoo told me and I nodded slightly, those two used to date?

“I would love it if you guys didn’t talk about it.” Taeil snapped

“Taeil, Jungwoo, was telling the new kid the reason why we’re so depressed.” Haechan says and Taeil looked up from his phone

“I don’t give a shit, what Jungwoo was telling the new kid, the new kid can go away for all I care.” Taeil snapped at Haechan and Taeil stood up from the table and stomped off, and I was just staring at my uneaten food and Taeyong laughed awkwardly

“Heh, don’t take it to heart, Mark, he’s uh, he’s not usually like this. By next week, he’ll be as fit as a fiddle!” Taeyong exclaimed and I nodded and I then see 5 more people walk by

“I just saw the grandpa walk off, and it looks like more wrinkles were growing on his face.” A guy says

“He’s just mad, because we were telling the new kid about why we looked bummed.” Haechan told him

“New kid? Oh, hiiii my name is Yangyang, but you could call me yours.” The guy says and another one just hit him on the back of the head

“Quit, trying to flirt with everybody, he’s not even gay.” The other guy told Yangyang

“Sorry, Kun.“Yangyang apologized

“This is my cousin, Mark. Mark, meet Yangyang, Kun, Ten, Lucas, Xiaojun, and Hendery.“Judith introduced and the boys - beside Haechan widened their eyes

“You never told us that you guys were related!” Jungwoo exclaimed

“I forgot.” Judith says and I looked at her and I laughed, and I began to eat my food, since I don’t want to be wasteful, or wait to go home to eat. I then felt some eyes on me, and I looked up to meet Haechan’s gaze, and we both looked down at our food, and continued to eat . . . oh god, I can’t be falling in love with him right?


Here’s chapter 1 of Sun & Moon

Here’s my second attempt at bxb!!

Alrighty, so this is a prequel to Broken Arrows and Timeless, and you don’t have to read Broken Arrows and Timeless first, but it’s kinda recommended you do!!

So since bxb is something that I’m not very good at, I really don’t know if this is going to be good, because I never had the main story be bxb or gxg, it’s always bxg. I mean there is bxb in my stories, but those are side ships, and I really don’t know how I’m gonna do with this being the main relationship - because I’m a dumbfuck!!

But I hope you guys enjoy it !!



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