Kefka's Legacy


Cyan and Relm wasted little time. They traveled to Mobliz bearing food and medical supplies on one of Celes’s confiscated vessels. They found Katarin tending to Duane and the burned little girl, both of whom were dazed, but without major injury.

Cyan wrote to Sabin and Edgar regularly. In Relm he found a reason to go on living, though he noted that fourteen was a trying age for an old man to suddenly gain a daughter.

Cyan told them that Relm had arranged a democracy in Mobliz. “She explains to me that instead of loyalty to a king, the people shall have loyalty to the state. I am skeptical.” He wrote.

Relm eventually returned to her art. To everyone’s relief she was unable to manifest physical forms from the representations. Her art went through a phase in which she painted only images of Terra. She organized the paintings for an exhibit in Jidoor. The exhibit was praised by critics who noted the transition from the hopeful and naïve depictions of Terra, to the violent and selfish, and finally to the human, real, embodied, natural, and once more hopeful.

Figaro continued to support Mobliz with the little it could spare until Mobliz was once more able to support itself. King Sabin also ensured that an ambassador was sent to Thamasa to reconnect with the bewildered residence who had gradually come out of hiding to find that all the horrible beasts had vanished without a trace. The people of Thamasa never did get a clear explanation of what had happened.

Locke had been serving as ruler of the two western continents in Celes’s absence. Much to Locke’s surprise, the people grew to love him and he gained some much needed self-confidence.

When Celes returned to the new imperial capital of Kohlingen, she went straight to the throne room to see Locke. She barged into the room in a foul mood. Locke stood up from the throne, stared straight into her eyes, and said, “My love, I will no longer take orders from you like a slave, I’d like a say in how the empire is run, and furthermore...” but before he could finish his prepared speech, she ascended the dais and slugged him across the face. Then she took him by the collar and led him straight to their bedchamber to make passionate love to him.

She confessed afterward that she found his new-found gall irresistibly attractive. Locke and Celes’s relationship was characterized by such passionate mood swings for some time, but Locke got better at dodging her punches. He also came to realize and accept that though Celes would never be his Rachel, they could have a different, equally beautiful relationship if they worked at it.

Nine months later they had a baby boy who they named Cid. Cid became the love of Celes’s life. Motherhood tempered the sharper edges of her personality. Cid grew into a mischievous, sneaky child who tried the patience of his parents and the palace guards at every turn.

Celes, the severely humbled empress, was slow to let go of her ambition, but eventually came to be satisfied ruling only one third of the world. She was even overheard to complain from time to time about the huge responsibility of her position and delegated some authority to her husband.

In his spare time, Locke turned his long fingers away from pockets to the ivories of the piano. Whenever possible he and Celes hosted the Figaro brothers. Edgar, predictably, hit on the serving girls.

Sabin moved the capital to South Figaro and reduced Figaro Keep to the status of a small research lab. Edgar outdid himself with the design and supervision of the irrigation system. It became world renowned as an amazing feat of engineering. Celes’s shell shocked army was rounded up. Their labor was instrumental in the construction of the canals that fed the irrigation system. Many of the soldiers were also recruited for an expedition to Narshe, which succeeded at reopening the mine and making the city inhabitable once more.

Sabin, never having had much interaction with women took well-intentioned, but poor advice from his brother. Despite Edgar’s misguided advice Sabin eventually married the bright, strong-willed granddaughter of the South Figaro innkeeper. Edgar remained a bachelor until the end.

Sabin made time to resume his meditation and a modicum of his former training. After many years he finally found time to open a small martial arts training center in South Figaro, but his focus remained on his position as king, servant to all the people of Figaro. They were, after all, his finest pupils.

The world slowly healed.

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