Love Works In Mysterious Ways


After the dance had ended Noble and True Heart had returned home to rest. They were just about to walk in when True Heart turned to Noble, "Noble do you think we should tell everyone?"

He smiled at her and put a hand on her face "I'll do what you want to do."

Her face softened as she hugged him and he hugged her back. True Heart put a hand on her stomach and smiled.

Grumpy had just gotten out of the shower after the pie attack and was thinking to himself "I'll think of a way to get back at them." Sitting on the end of his bed he rubbed his eyes and yawned. Checking the time and realizing it was 2:00 A.M. he lay down on his bed and slowly began to drift off to sleep.

Waking up to the sound of his phone, Grumpy groaned as he got up to answer it. In a sleepy voice he said "Hello?"

On the other end was Swift Heart "Why didn't you call me back!?"

Confused he said "What?"

She sounded angry at that remark "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT!?"

Holding the phone out so her yells didn't hurt his ears he said "Whoa whoa calm down."


He caught that name at the end and, confused, asked "Who's Comfort Heart?"


That's when Grumpy jumped awake, looked around, and saw Swift Heart was still sleeping soundly. Falling back hands on his face he just mumbled "Just a bad dream." Before attempting sleep again he got up to get a drink of water.

Cheer and Champ were at their place sleeping when Cheer woke up. Looking around and seeing no one she looked at the time and quietly muttered "Three A.M." She sighed and got out of bed and went downstairs.

Shortly after, Champ woke up and looked to see if Cheer was there. Obviously she wasn't and he got up. Walking downstairs to look for her he saw the light was on in the kitchen and walked over to it.Champ spotted her making a sandwich quietly singing "...We'll play hide and seek and turn this around." He smiled and went behind her and gave her a hug that made her jump"Geez Champ don't do that."

He smiled and said "Awww did I scare somebody?"

She scowled at him but then smirked "Well if that's how you feel you can sleep on couch for the rest of the night."

He gave her puppy eyes "Come on Cheer you know I'm only joking." He gave her a weak desperate smile

She cracked "Fine you can still sleep in the bed." She said rolling her eyes.

He gave her a hug and she patted his arm.

The next day Tenderheart was at the Hall of Hearts and was looking over some notes when he heard the Caring Meter go down. He ran off to find Wish Bear to see what was going on.

As he ran up to Wish Bear, she turned around to see him "Oh Tenderheart thank goodness."

He had a face of concern as he asked "What's going on?"

She gestured toward the Star-o-scope and Tenderheart looked through to see a boy walking down the sidewalk. Another older boy came up to him and shoved him "Sup loser?"

The boy sighed "Leave me alone Mark."

He snickered at that comment "Awww what? I can't spend time with my baby brother?" He went to wrap his arm around the boy who shoved him away."Leave me alone!"

His brother looked mad and shoved him to the ground "Who do you think you are?"

The boy tried to get up but the older kid shoved him again.

Tenderheart couldn't look anymore. Shaking his head he said "When will older brothers learn that their hits hurt their siblings?"

Wish shrugged quickly then said "I don't know but we had better hurry."

The two ran off to get some of the others.

Tenderheart had gotten Loyal Heart, Swift Heart, Playful Heart, and Grumpy. He looked at them and said "Ok guys there is a little kid who's brother seems to hit him a lot. Be very careful with your word choice for this one."

Swift Heart just laughed lightly "Don't worry Tenderheart we will."

Then they all took off to Earth.

Unknown to them the boy, whose name was Nathan was currently in a tree looking at the sun as it went down. He heard what sounded like a twig snapping and turned around to see five animals there.

He raised an eyebrow then said "Who are you?"

They backed up a little then Swift Heart said "Hi I'm Swift Heart Rabbit. This is Grumpy Bear, Tenderheart, Playful Heart Monkey, and Loyal Heart Dog."

He nodded and jumped down from the tree and said "Please to meet you all, I'm Nathan. How can I help you?" They all were a bit shocked at how polite and eager to help he was for a boy with his dilemma.

Tenderheart spoke up though "Well actually we came to help you."

Nathan raised an eyebrow "With what?"

Loyal Heart took a step forward "With your brother."

Tenderheart was about to scold him when Swift Heart gave him a jab in the side. He looked to see Nathan had turned around and was looking at the sun again.

"I take it you saw what he did on the sidewalk today." He sighed as he turned around.Tenderheart nodded "Why does he do that to you?"

Nathan shrugged "Heck if I know."

Tenderheart noticed something and asked "Do you have a black eye?"

Nathan's hand covered his eye and he said "No! Just.. tired that's all."

Loyal cocked his head to the side and said "Why are you here?"

Nathan sighed and sat down on a log, saying "It's were I like to think."Loyal Heart sat next to him and noticed his eyes were watering. He put a hand on Nathan's shoulder and said "Please tell us why you are here."

A lone tear ran down his cheek "It's the furthest place from my house."

Tenderheart sat on the other side of him and put a hand on his shoulder.

Nathan just shrugged them off and stood up "Sorry I shouldn't bore you with my problems."

He began to walk down the street and Swift Heart was about to go after him when Playful stuck out an arm and shook his head.

She looked at him and said "We can't just let him go back to another beating."

Grumpy nodded "She's right we can't just let him go."

Tenderheart walked up and said "We don't have a choice. We'll try to talk to him tomorrow. Let's hope he can survive the night."

Swift Heart looked as if she was about to argue but Grumpy took her hand and shook his head "Come on Swift let's head home."

She turned her head just in time to see Nathan turn the corner.

Later that day Swift Heart was talking to Grumpy about the boy, "Grumpy we can't let him stay in that house. His brother is probably gonna hit him again."

Grumpy looked at her and put his hand on hers and said "I know Swift I know. But we can't go and take him away."

She had tears forming "We just can..."

He put a finger on her lips and she noticed tears in his eyes too. He nodded "I know. Come on let's go to bed."

She nodded and the two went to sleep.

Loyal Heart came home and the first thing he did was punch the wall. Proud Heart heard the bang and came running out to find Loyal Heart sobbing. She ran beside him and asked "What happened?"

He shook his head "We let him go back, just go back."

She looked at him confused but didn't ask him anything else.After a few minutes of sobbing he looked at her and said "I'm sorry it's just that boy's brother beats him and all we did was send him back to that..." He couldn't finish his sentence out of pure rage.

She rubbed his back and said "It's ok. It's ok."

Lifting his head, he looked forward and said "He said sorry. Sorry! To us for telling us his problems." His head slid back into his hands.

Playful Heart went home and just sat down and stared blankly forward.

Funshine saw him and said "Hey Playful! Wanna go play a prank on Brave Heart?"

He shook his head and said "No I'm not in the mood for pranks."

She gasped and said "What happened on Earth?"

His lip shook a little as he said "This boy was the nicest person and he is growing up with a brother who seems to do nothing but hurt him."She hugged him and rocked with him.

Tenderheart was home and fell back against the wall, sliding down it.

Harmony was walking by when she saw him through the window and said "Oh my stars Tenderheart what happened?"

He just shook his head dazed "A kid needed our help and we couldn't… couldn't do anything." He said, tears seeming to come to his eyes.

She looked at him and asked "What did he need help with?"

Tenderheart opened his mouth as if to speak but no words came out so he just leaned back and his head hit the wall.

She nodded and sat next to him and they cradled each other.

The next day Swift Heart and the others couldn't have gotten together faster. Swift was becoming impatient and said "Come on guy's let's go!"

Tenderheart said to her "Sorry Swift Heart but we still need to find his school."

As if on cue Wish bear came running with a paper and said "Here's his school. Byron-Bergen."

They all nodded and took off.

Once arriving at the school they asked a few kids who looked about Nathan's age, "Have you seen Nathan?"

They nodded and saw Nathan talking to a girl who was crying.

One snickered "Being a therapist again."

The Care Bears all gave each other a look and seemed to think simultaneously "How can a child with that home life be able to handle other's problems?"

They all began to walk over just as the girl hugged Nathan and ran off smiling now.

He turned around and grabbed his books and was about to walk off when Loyal yelled at him "Wait Nathan!" He stopped and turned to see them and smiled.

They all noticed he was wearing sunglasses. Nathan asked "What are you guy's doing here?"

They gave him sad looks and said "We just wanted to check up on you."

He just shrugged and said "Thanks but I have to get to class." Turning to walk he grabbed his side in pain, but shrugged it off and began to walk with what looked like a limp.

Tenderheart said "Come on, let's go check out his profile at the office."Once at the office they asked to see Nathan's file. The lady gave them a look at first but handed the file over, which was pretty thick.

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