Love Works In Mysterious Ways

Secret's Out

Warning! Slight gore involved also suicidal actions.

The teacher picked Nathan up and ran him to the nurse and said "Help him!"

The nurse nodded and began to look him over and found his wrist was bleeding. She shook her head "No, no, no."

The teacher asked "Wha..." Then she saw the wrist and ran to the Hall.

The Care Bears and Cousin heard a scream from the hall and they ran inside to see a teacher crying. Loyal ran up to her "What, what?"

She looked at him tears in her eyes "Nathan slit his wrists."Swift Heart ran into the room where a nurse desperately tried to stop the bleeding.

She saw Swift Heart and said "Help please!" She ran over and helped the best she could.

Back in the hall a small group had gathered when they head the scream and an ambulance was on the way.

Loyal heart had gone to the office.Unfortunately classes ended and the small group grew larger as more and more kids came to see what was going on. Grumpy and Playful Heart were keeping everyone back to the best of their ability with the help of a few students.

They were all screaming and yelling when suddenly the nurse came out, covered in blood. She had tears in her eyes and shook her head. First there was silence then the lone scream could be heard from a girl "No!" That set everyone off as they all began to cry.

Grumpy ran inside to check on Swift Heart. She was holding the deceased Nathan's hand crying. "Swift?"

She looked at him "Wanna know what his last words were?"

He felt tears form as he asked "What?"

She curled her lips in words "Sorry to bother you with my problems again." Her face fell onto his hand again and Grumpy hugged her as he cried too.

After the ambulance took Nathan away an assembly was held to try to give everyone the right information. The principal walked up to the microphone and said "Thank you all for coming."

He choked up a bit, not at all faking . "I'm sorry to inform you all that Nathan Franches has died by taking his own life." He was quiet a moment as the others who didn't know what happened said "What?"

He nodded and said "If anyone has a few words to say please come on up."

A girl stood up and went to the podium and said "Nathan was my boyfriend. He never hit me, touched me, or insulted me. He treated me like a princess..." She cried a little and continued "He was the best, a gentleman." She ran off stage crying.Loyal Heart ran after her to try to stop her from doing something stupid.

A boy stood up and went to the podium "Nathan was like a brother to me. He said that I was closer than his actual brother."Mark's yell could be heard from outside the school. "WHAT! How dare you he was my brother and I was his."

The boy spoke back harshly "YOU ALL WERE HIS ABUSERS!" The room fell silent as he said this. "Yesterday I came over to Nathan's house to see if he wanted to play outside and your dad invited me inside. I accidentally bumped a vase and it fell. Your dad went to hit me when Nathan pushed me out of the way and took the punch." He had tears come to his eyes. "I went to help him but he said 'go run! Don't come back', as your dad kicked him." He swallowed hard and continued "I saw you hit him mercilessly. Day, after day, after day."

Everyone turned to Mark who turned around and walked out the door as people began throwing things at him.

Swift Heart was still crying as she spoke "We failed?" Grumpy looked at her as she continued "We failed our caring mission?" He moved in closer "We don't fail." Her eyes began to travel. "We caused this."

Grumpy took her hand "No we didn't."

She looked at him anger in her eyes "Yes! We did."

She began to try to break his grip but he held on tight "Swift heart, Swift heart! We didn't cause this his family did."

She looked at him."We didn't cause this they did."

She started hitting his chest as she yelled "He wasn't supposed to go this way!" She cried as she fell on his chest "Not this way! Not this way."

He hummed to her as she cried.

The ceremony ended after a few hours and Loyal Heart was talking to Nathan's girlfriend and his best friend. "You both were very close to him." They nodded, he continued looking at Nathan's girlfriend "I know this hard but did you see any abuse?"

She cried and nodded "Yes, but I didn't tell anyone I could have stopped this, I could have stopped this all."

Loyal heart took her hand and said "No, it's not your fault but we need your help."

She looked at him and said "Anything."Nathan's best friend nodded "Same here."

Loyal nodded "You two have to testify in court against his family. You're the only witnesses to the abuse."

They nodded and fought back tears.

After the school day ended the care bears and cousins went home "Who should we tell first?" Asked Playful Heart.

"True and Noble Heart. Then go home. No need to tell the others." Tenderheart said.

Grumpy and Swift Heart were quiet in the back seat with Loyal heart.

As they pulled in to Care-a-lot a wave of guilt passed over them especially Swift Heart who felt she could have done something to save him. Loyal and Tenderheart went to True and Noble's house with the news.

After knocking on the door and waiting for a minute Noble heart answered "Oh hey guys." They had sad looks on their faces.

Now nervous Noble Heart stepped out of the doorway outside. True Heart was taking a nap.

Finally Loyal spoke "You know that Nathan boy we were helping?"

Noble Heart nodded. Tenderheart swallowed hard and said "He slit his wrist today." Tears forming In his eyes he took a deep breath and said "He didn't make it."

Noble heart took a step back he had heard about this child from other's yesterday but thought that he would be helped.

Loyal heart walked away almost in tears Tenderheart stood there and said "Sorry we failed but we thought you should know." And he walked away his hand on his face.

Grumpy and Swift Heart went straight home and the first thing Swift Heart did was take a shower to wash away the blood she had on her.

Grumpy sat on his bed "How am I gonna help her relax?"

She stepped out of the shower threw on some clothes and walked into the bedroom and curled into a ball on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

Grumpy watched her and too went to lie down but he didn't even go for the guest bed he laid down in his bed next to her and wrapped his arm around her and she crawled closer to him.

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