Love Works In Mysterious Ways


Funshine was looking around for Playful heart but he couldn't be found. Beginning to worry she left the house to find him.

She looked high and low for him but couldn't seem to find him. After an hour or so she gave up and headed back inside were she bumped into him "Playful!" She shouted giving him a hug that he returned "I was so worried."Playful just stood there as if his entire soul was gone she noticed this and shook him "Playful?"

He seemed to snap back and said "Let's go to bed."

She nodded and followed him.

The next day was a miserable one as Grumpy, Swift Heart, Playful Heart, Tenderheart, and Loyal Heart had to tell everyone what had happened.

Most just mourned the loss of an innocent child. Swift Heart asked Grumpy "Do you know when the funeral is?"

His eyes were concentrating and he shook his head "No, let's go find out."

Tenderheart over heard them and stopped them before they left "Guy's?"

They stopped and turned to him "What?"

He looked at them with pleading eyes "There is not gonna be a funeral."

Swift Heart's mouth opened and her scream could be heard all the way down to Earth "WHAT!?"

He gave her a look of sorrow and she demanded an answer "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT TENDERHEART?" She said lifting the bear up by the neck.He coughed and said "Family... won't...bury...him."

She let him go and he inhaled a lot of air. "Of all the low level things..." She was very angry and went up to Grumpy and said "We need to bury that child."

Tenderheart spoke again "We can't."

Grumpy wrapped Swift Heart in a hug and said "Why?"

Tenderheart looked at them and said "The mother said that she wanted to have a private funeral."

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Didn't she get arrested too?"

Tenderheart shook his head "No she actually tried to protect him but his father and brother found ways around her."

Swift Heart was so mad she pushed Grumpy away and began to walk out.

Grumpy looked at Tenderheart who nodded and he went after her.

Swift Heart had conjured up a cloud car and hopped in.

Grumpy yelled to her "Swift wait!"

She looked at him and said "What?"

He slowed down and heaved out "Where are you going?"

She was quick to reply "I'm heading to his home to convince his mom to have a public funeral."

He looked at her and said "Well then I'm coming too."

She smiled as he got in and she took off. As they drove down a song came on the radio "...I hope it will kick start me and my broken heart." She turned off the song, too personal for her.Grumpy tried to talk to her "What are you gonna say to her?"

She looked at him and said "The truth."

He sighed and kept talking. "Well yeah be gentle Swift Heart."

She shot him a glance and said "GENTLE!? Ha I don't think that family knows the meaning of gentle."

He looked at her and said "Look her son killed himself and her husband and other son got arrested in the same day. She's gotta be a wreck."

She shook her head and looked angry "She knew he was being beaten and didn't call the police,she deserves this."

He sighed in defeat and the two landed the car.

Swift Heart knocked on the door and a woman with red eyes answered and asked "Yes?"

Swift Heart was steaming but for the moment held her temper. "Hello I'm Swift Heart Rabbit and this is Grumpy Bear."

Grumpy nodded to the lady "We knew your son."

She looked like she was about to cry when she asked "Which one?"

They looked at her and she nodded "Nathan."

She invited then inside. Once inside she sat down on the couch and asked "I take it you want a public funeral too."

They nodded and she sighed with tears forming "I can't handle all the stares I get on the street. I was his mother for God's sake and..." She chuckled "Listen to me the mother who watched her son die young and I try to think of excuses."

Swift heart looked at her and said "You need to make the funeral public. He would have wanted this. You know he would of."

She didn't seem to hear her as she held on to a picture of Nathan as a baby and cried as she said "Why couldn't I have protected you."

Grumpy and Swift Heart shared looks of confusion and said "Mrs. Franches?"

She snapped back to reality and said "I'll make it public." She looked back at the picture and said "But I won't be there baby."

Rubbing her finger up and down his photo "I'm sorry I failed you."

She lay down and curled into a ball and cried harder.

Nodding Swift Heart and Grumpy stood up and said "Thank you and sorry for your loss." And they walked out of the Franches home.

Back at Care-a-lot Swift Heart and Grumpy told everyone the date for the funeral.

Noble Heart was more worried for True Heart. This was a lot of stress and her secret wouldn't be a secret forever. He had to talk to her. However she was taking another nap so he would have to wait.

He began to think of what to say as he paced the room. Little did he know True Heart was up and looking at him. Shaking her head she said "Ya know, I'm gonna get more worried if you keep walking around like that."

He jumped and turned to her "True Heart! You scared me."

She smiled and laughed "What's on your mind?"

His face fell a little and he gave her a look "True Heart I think we need to tell everyone that you are pregnant."

She put a hand on her stomach and sighed "Well...I mean do we have to?"

He looked at her and said "The last thing you need is stress and right now that's all you seem to be getting."

Looking down she nodded and said "But how?"

He thought for a moment and said "We could always just be straight forward with it."

She shook her head no. " Some of them are already on edge. We drop this bomb shell on them they may go overboard."

He nodded and sigh "We could tell them individually."

She looked up at the ceiling and thought for a moment. Nodding she said "Yeah, that could work."

He smiled and took her hand and asked "Wanna tell them today or tomorrow?"

She smirked "Today, but you're driving."

He chuckled and opened the door for her "Of course milady."

She rolled her eyes as she sat in the passenger seat.

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