Love Works In Mysterious Ways


Swift Heart looked out the window and sighed. She hated this day but wouldn't miss it. Grumpy looked at her and asked "Wanna go for dinner?"

She looked at him and smiled. For the first time all day it wasn't sarcastic. "I could go for a bite."

He stretched out his elbow and said "Shall we?"

She laughed as they walked toward the door when there was a knock.

Swift heart raised an eyebrow and Grumpy opened the door to find a face they recognized almost immediately.

Cheer and Champ had taken the news rather well. They were sad but had been able to recover. There was a knock on their door and they answered it. Standing before them was Noble and True Heart, looks of agitation on their faces.

"Hey sports fans what can I do for you?"

They smiled and True Heart spoke up "Well we have some news."

Cheer and Champ raised their eyebrows "And what news would that be?"

True heart took a deep breath and said "Well we were keeping it a secret, but I'm pregnant."

Cheer gasped but Champ seemed unfazed. Noble and True Heart looked at them and Cheer hugged True Heart "Oh, congratulations!"

True Heart nodded and patted her back "Thanks, Cheer."

Champ shook his head and said "Yeah yeah congrats."

Noble Heart nodded in return "Well we should probably go tell the others."

Cheer nodded and waved goodbye to them as they walked away. Turning to Champ she crossed her arms and looked at him.

Confused he asked her "What?" She frowned at him.

Still confused he asked her again "What!? What is it?" She shook her head and turned away from him.

She sighed and said "Champ..."

He was getting worried slightly "Yeah?"

She turned to him and said "I...wanna...have...a baby."

His eyes widened and he backed up a bit "Woah Cheer are you serious?"

She nodded and sighed "But if you don't want to I... can wait."

He was still astonished he thought it over he had always envisioned kids with Cheer but he wanted to get married first.

Then he thought of something "Tell you what Cheer give me a month to decide."

She nodded and gave him a kiss.

Bright Heart was home and he had invited Gentle Heart over to watch a movie together. She was curled up next to him when there was a knock at the door both sighed in anger before Bright Heart said "I'll get it."

She smiled at him as he got up. Opening the door he saw Innocent Heart standing there "Oh hi Innocent what can I do for you?"

She smiled and said "Hi Bright Heart ummm I was wondering could I..."

She trailed off a bit and he raised an eyebrow "What do you need?"

She sighed and said "I need someone to train me for caring missions and I was wondering if you and Gentle Heart could help me?"

He smirked then he said "Yeah no problem. Come on in and we'll talk about it with Gentle Heart."

She smiled as she walked in. Gentle Heart hadn't heard a thing and asked "Who is it Bright Heart?"

He called back "It's Innocent heart."

She got up and smiled "Hi Innocent how's it going?"

Innocent smiled back and said "Pretty good. Sucks what happened to that boy." Shaking her head in disbelief.

Gentle Heart nodded and said "Yeah no one like that, deserves...that."

Playful and Funshine were at home trying to relax and couldn't wait to plan a prank on someone but couldn't decide who. "I don't know Funshine True and Noble would kill us if we hit them with a prank."

Funshine nodded and said "Well we could always just get Cheer and Champ but I wanna go for a bigger target.

Nodding in agreement Playful snapped his fingers and said "I got it!"

Funshine eyes glowed with glee as he said "Birthday and Treat Heart."

She smiled and said "We could always just replace their baking powder with baking soda."

Playful shook his head and said "Child's play."

He thought for a moment and said "How about we replace their Frosting with glue then we can get more people while we are at it."

Funshine grew curious and said "But how will we know they are baking."

Then she smiled evilly. "I know. How about Proud and Loyal's wedding?"

Playful nodded and said "Well that could work but we would need an escape plan. Also, we can't do it to Proud and Loyal we may be evil but not THAT evil."

Funshine nodded in agreement and said "So we have to bake an identical cake for the two hmmm."

Playful smiled and began to work on the plan.

A few hours later...

True Heart and Noble Heart had almost told everyone. The only ones left were Grumpy and Swift Heart.

Just before knocking on the door True turned to Noble "Do we tell them like we have the others?"

Noble looked at her confused " What do you mean?"

She sighed and took a step toward him "Swift has been on the edge since the whole Nathan thing."

Noble tilted his head to the side and said "Well how should we tell them?"

She shrugged "Beats me but let's just be careful ok?"

He nodded and knocked on Grumpy's door, they waited. No answer. Growing a bit worried they knocked again and still no answer. Noble Heart turned the knob and pushed in it opened...

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