Love Works In Mysterious Ways


As the True and Noble Heart walked in they notice the place was still quiet. Suddenly a light appeared at the end of the hall and the two went up to the door and listened in. "Come on guy's get them throughthe portal now!"

Noble looked at True who shrugged in response. Then there was a bang! And the two listened again. "Boss can you help us a little? This one is kinda heavy."

They heard a sigh then the sound of boots move across the floor. "Dear goodness what does this guy eat?"

Noble took True Heart's hand and lead her behind him as he peeked through the keyhole, where he saw three men carrying an unconscious Grumpy. One was a tall muscular man with red hair and it seemed he had wings and what looked like a tail.

Then there were two smaller men still with some muscle but not nearly as much as the red head. As they threw Grumpy through the portal they took one look back and then left. True and Noble Heart backed up and left.

Once outside he turned to her and said "Go home now."

She was about to protest when he yelled "Now!" Pointing a finger toward their home and True Heart ran off.

Noble had gathered a few of the bears and cousin who were all curious what happened. "Why are we here Noble?" Gentle Heart asked holding onto Bright Heart.

Nodding Harmony added "Yeah is everything okay?"

He sighed and said "Me and True Heart were going to tell Grumpy and Swift Heart the news but they didn't answer the door. We went to investigate and saw some men carry them through a portal."

A few gasped but most were unaffected by the news, not that they didn't care but because after recent events this seemed normal.

Noble waved his hand and said "The portal may still be open so let's go check."

Nodding they followed him inside. Once inside they entered the room Noble Heart had seen and saw the portal still open but it was closing fast Noble Heart yelled "Get in to the portal now!"

He jumped through followed by Gentle Heart, Bright Heart, Innocent Heart, and Harmony. The others were too slow to get in on time.

As the group came crashing through the portal they immediately felt the drop in temperature.

Rubbing his head as he sat up Bright Heart looked around for the others and found Harmony beside him. "Oh my gosh Harmony are you okay? "

He tried to help her up but she waved him off "Yeah, yeah I'm fine thanks." She looked around too and sighed "We're are we?"

Bright Heart shrugged "Beats me let's go look for the others."

She nodded. Little did the two know Noble Heart and Gentle Heart weren't too far off. Shaking her head Gentle Heart got up "Oh boy what a ride."

Shaking too Noble Heart nodded "I'll say!"

They heard foot steps and turned to see Bright and Harmony walking up to them.

Gentle Heart ran into Bright Heart's arms and blushed a little as he hugged her back.

Harmony rolled her eyes and looked around a bit "Say? Where is Innocent Heart?"

The others looked around before hearing someone saying "Up here!" Looking up they saw Innocent up in a tree waving her arms. She shrugged "I don't know if it's important but could someone please get me down!?"

Laughing Noble stretched out his arms and said "Jump I'll catch you."

Closing her eyes Innocent jumped down right into Noble's arms. She opened her eyes to see she was on the ground and said "Thank you."

As Noble set her down. Shaking his head he said "Don't mention it."

Bright Heart faked a cough and asked "Well? Shall we begin looking for Grumpy and Swift Heart?"

They all nodded and the group set off.

Unknown to them, a strange man was watching from a distance shaking his head. "Well I'll be." Before taking off.

As Grumpy woke up he felt like someone had used his head for batting practice. He stood up and looked around and saw Swift Heart on the floor. He shook back to reality and ran beside her and shook her "Swift?"

She groaned as she too sat up "Who's been using my head for a soccer ball."

Grumpy rolled his eyes as he helped her up. She looked at him and the two shared a kiss.

The sound of boots could be heard and they turned to see a guard. "Well, well, well look who's up." He said while crossing his arms.

Grumpy was curious as he grabbed the bars to his cell and muttered "Who are you?"

The guard chuckled, "Oh you don't remember me?" As he slid off his hood to reveal his face...

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