Love Works In Mysterious Ways

A King?

As the group traveled they stopped when they heard a noise "Who's there?" Bright Heart asked trying to be brave

The leaves ruffled then a small girl walked out. They all relaxed a bit when seeing it was a child "Hello little girl what can I do for you?"

She looked at Noble Heart and said "Leave this place and never come back."

They all took a step back at this remark "Ummm, ok, no can do. Some of our friends are here and we came to get them."

She laughed at this. "If your friends came here then the king wants them." Sighing she waved her hand and said "Follow me."

They looked at each other and shrugged and followed.

Grumpy and Swift couldn't believe who they saw "Nathan!?" He smiled and nodded.

They shook their heads in disbelief ""

He chuckled "My first words too."

Grumpy shook his head and said "What's up with the robes?"

Nathan look down and said "Oh yeah these." He shook his head "I'm the king."

Grumpy's eyes widened "The...the king?"

Nathan nodded "Yeah. Led a revolution once I got here and they put me on the throne."

Swift Heart shook her head in disbelief "But you've been dead for a day how could you have..."

He raised his hand and she fell silent "Relax Swift Heart. I just wanted you guy's to know I'm ok thanks for helping though."

She still had questions as he opened the door she blurted out "What happened to the man in power before you?"

He raised an eyebrow "He was a tyrant who was much like my father. Beat, taxed and killed his people into the ground. Then there was the revolution leader before me. Once he took power be went mad and tried to kill me but I escaped and overthrew him."

Grumpy was still shocked but just said "Sounds like an exciting time but we have to get back to Care-a-lot."

Nathan nodded and said "I'll give you an escort." and he waved his hand and two guards stood beside Grumpy and Swift Heart.

As the group continued through the woods the girl stopped and turned to them "Well it was nice knowing you." then ran off

Bright Heart turned to the others "What?"

Innocent shrugged"Beats me."

There was a sudden click! The group turned to see a man with a gun 'Whoa wh..."

Noble tried to say something when three more men came out from the woods with guns and said "Why have you come here?"

Gentle answered "Our friends were brought here and we are here to bring them home."

One man nodded to the others and they all were blindfolded.

Nathan heard a voice and turned "Your Highness your highness!"


Breathing the man said "Sir there are people at the gates demanding you."

Nathan nodded and walked with the man with Grumpy and Swift Heart with their guard following. Nathan came out to see people shouting his name lifting a hand they silence and he said "What is it?"

A woman stepped forward "Your Highness we have found strange creatures in the woods." as she said it a handful of care bears and cousins were thrown forward.

"What do you wish we do with them?"

Nathan looked to Grumpy and Swift Heart, who were shocked to see their friends this way.

Nathan nodded toward them. His guards picked them up and brought them to Grumpy and Swift Heart.

Nathan turned and asked the woman "Who brought them to you?"

She looked at him and said " daughter."

Nathan looked at her said "Bring her here."

Two men pushed forward a little girl who looked extremely scared as Nathan approached her she went to kneel but before she could he raised a hand and she didn't "Why did you bring them here young lady?"

She looked down and Nathan knelt down to her eye level and asked again "Why?"

She looked at him and said "I was worried that they were spies."

Her mother nodded and wrapped her daughter in her arms.

Nathan turned to the bears and cousins and said "Have a safe journey back." and with the wave of his hand they went through another portal back to Care-a-lot.

Hitting the ground with a thud Grumpy rubbed his head "Ow, oh why do these things always happen to me?"

Laughing as she got up Swift Heart gave him a hug and he smiled.

Looking around they noticed none of the others where there and they got up and stepped outside where they saw True Heart walking by "Hi True Heart!"

She jumped and said "Oh thank goodness what happened to you two?"

Swift Heart and Grumpy shared a look and both said "Its a very long story."

She nodded and sat down to listen.

As they finished up True Heart nodded "That was indeed a long story well I had better get home or Noble is gonna freak out."

Swift heart raised an eyebrow "How do you know he is home."

True heart gave her a wink and said "I know."

But before she left she turned around and said "Oh by the way I'm pregnant."

Then she smiled and walked away Swift heart's eyes widened and Grumpy passed out.

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