Love Works In Mysterious Ways

Ice Cream

Later that day Cheer and Champ were out and Cheer was explaining the whole Bright heart incident to him As she finished up Champ looked a bit overwhelmed but recovered quickly "Why did you let them go sports fan?"He asked raising an eyebrow.

Shrugging she said "I don't know they just looked so sorry for what they did I felt bad for them."

Shaking his head he teased her "Man Cheer if that's how you act around kids yours are gonna get away with everything."

Laughing slightly Cheer sighed "Yeah they will just hope they aren't as mischievous as Hugs and Tugs."

They quickly finished eating their food and Champ walked Cheer home as they reached her front step she turned around and gave Champ a quick kiss goodbye and walked inside and closed her door, Champ stood there for a second then turned around and walked home a small grin on his face.

Swift heart was home watching a movie bored trying to think of something to do, she checked the time it was only 9:15 sighing she leaned back on her couch. Then there was a knock on her door and she almost tripped going to it.

Opening the door she said "Hello?"

She found Grumpy standing there sweating a little "H...hi Swift heart ummm I was wondering ummm wanna grab some ice cream?"

He said nervously. Shrugging a little she responded "Eh why not I'm not doing anything just give me a second."

Grumpy almost cheered but he knew better this was definitely not a date.

Returning Swift heart raised an eyebrow "A little late for ice cream isn't it?"

Shaking his head Grumpy responded "Not for me I prefer this late less people to wait in line for."

Just realizing how much that made sense Swift heart said "Good point."

Shrugging she asked "We taking my car or yours?"

Grumpy replied "Mine I have it up top."

After climbing out of her burrow Grumpy helped Swift heart up and into the car "Gee what a gentleman." She teased.

Blushing a little Grumpy said "Well I'm not always grumpy."

Smiling Swift heart said "I can tell."

Taking off to earth Grumpy turned to Swift heart for a moment then back to the way they were going a little bit happier.

After escaping Bright heart by Cheer Hugs and Tugs returned to Grams bear "Grams bear Grams bear!"

Them yelling caused Grams to turn and say "Why hello my little darlings."

Tugs was the first to speak "Grams we almost got in trouble with Bright Heart."

Half shocked half not surprised she asked "What ever for?"

Hugs spoke next "We played a little prank that they didn't find too funny."

Shaking her head a little Grams looked at the two "Now now what have I told you two about jokes?"

Both sighed and repeated, While they rolled their eyes, "Never ever do a joke that hurts someone else's feelings."

"And if you hadn't gotten caught would you have hurt his feelings?"

Thinking Tugs' face fell "Maybe a little."

Looking at the floor in defeat both started to feel bad again Grams just shook her head "Alright enough pouting who's hungry?"

Both of their faces rose rapidly "I am I am."

They both said jumping up and down. Picking both up she told them "Well let's go have dinner then it is off to bed."

At the ice cream shop on earth Grumpy and Swift heart were laughing at the face Grumpy just made when his ice cream fell on his face.

Wiping away a tear Swift handed him some napkins "Oh Grumpy you are just so accident prone."

Wiping himself off a bit more he just shook his head "Yeah why do these things always happen to me."

Chuckling Swift shook her head "Regardless it was nice of you to bring me along I was going stir crazy back home.

Grumpy checked the time and said "Oh crud we have better get home it's almost midnight."

Looking shocked Swift heart replied "Oh man have we been gone that long man time flies when you are having fun eh?"

Smiling Grumpy said "You said it."

Getting up he pushed in his chair paid for the ice cream and opened both the car and ice cream shop doors for Swift heart "Such a gentleman."

Smiling once again Grumpy drove Swift home and couldn't have been happier.

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