Love Works In Mysterious Ways

Surprises Every Where

After getting home True yelled "Noble you home?" She saw him lean out from the kitchen and say "Yeah where were you?"

She smiled "Oh no where. Just saw Swift and Grumpy and told them the news."

He nodded and gave her a hug and kiss.

She smiled and gazeed into his eyes and nodded putting a hand on her stomach.

He lead her into the kitchen where he had prepared a dinner for her.

She smiled as she sat down and began to eat. She hadn't realized how hungry she was and finished in thirty minutes.

Noble laughed as he got another batch of food for her.

She began to dig in again but slower.

As Grumpy came to, Swift Heart was waving her hand over his face "Grumpy? Can you hear me?"

He nodded and waved her hand off "Yes, yes!"

She smiled as she helped him up.

"Sorry about that, I was just caught off guard."

She laughed and said "Well if I ever become pregnant I'll be sure to catch you on guard."

He rolled his eyes and said "Yeah."

She raised an eyebrow and said "Say Grumpy I never got that dinner."

He rolled his eyes "Well then allow me."

She giggled as he took her hand.

Loyal Heart was at home when Proud Heart walked in "Hey honey."

She smiled "Hi.."

She sounded nervous which he caught onto "What's wrong?"

She looked at him and said ""

He raised an eyebrow and leaned closer "Whaaaaaat is it?"

She rolled her eyes and pushed him away playfully "Nothing really I'm just..."

She looked down and he was starting to become nervous "Well then I'm just gonna have to kiss it out of you."

With that he tackled her and began to kiss her face while she squealed with joy "No, no, no Loyal stop I'm ticklish no!"

But she was laughing and kissed him back and the two stared at each other for a minute before Loyal sighed. "So tell me what's bothering you?"

She looked at him and sighed "Loyal remember when I took that test..."

He got off her and helped her up. "Yeah I remember why?"

She began fidgeting with her engagement ring and said "Well Take Care said I should take another one just to be sure and..."

He looked at her and his eyes widened "No"

She nodded and said "Surprise!" With a desperate smile.

He hugged her and lifted her into the air and said "I couldn't be happier."

She was surprised by this reaction "Really?"

He nodded and set her down and gave her a kiss which she returned and sighed "Good, now for a bigger challenge."

He smiled and said "We can do it together if that helps"

She smiled and said "Of course it does. But I think we hould keep this a secret." And gave him a kiss.

Grumpy had an ice pack on his head because he had a bump on it. "Oh man what a day."

Swift Heart laughed and gave him a peck on the cheek and said "Thank for dinner."

He smiled and said "Your welcome Swifty so wh..."

He was cut off by her saying "Did you just call me Swifty?"

He blushed and said "Maybe?"

She gave him a look and said "I like it Grumps."

He smiled and gave her a kiss and she gave him one back. "So what do you wanna do?"

She whispered something into his ear and he nodded "That could be fun."

She made a devilish smile "Come on." He followed close behind her.

As the two walked they discussed their plan "Ok one more time."

He nodded "I'll draw Funshine and Playful outside and you hit them with these pies."

He nodded then something occurred to him "Or."

She raised an eyebrow "Or?"

He nodded a grin on his face "We could get Hugs and Tugs to draw them out then we hit them with pies."

She thought it over and said "Yeah that could work. Where are they?" He said

"Should still be at Grams unless they got into mischief again."

She laughed and said "With our luck they did."And the two set off to Grams house.

At Grams house Hugs and Tugs were playing in the front yard with Grams bear watching them. When she heard Swift heart run up "Hi Grams."

She smiled "Why hello Swift Heart what can I do for you?"

She look at Hugs and Tugs and smiled "I need Hugs and Tugs for a... mission."

She put on a fake smile and crossed her fingers, however lucky for her Hugs and Tugs had heard "Need for mission." and were right at her side begging Grams "Pleaseeeeeee Grams."

The two begged but Grams was still thinking and Swift Heart got an idea and made a puppy face like Hugs and Tugs and Grams cracked "Oh ok, just don't get In too much trouble."

Swift Heart nodded "Don't worry Grams they won't."

As they got out of ear shot she turned to them and said "Ok guy's here's the deal you get Funshine and Playful Heart out of their house and on my next caring mission I'll take you two deal?"

They nodded "Deal." They said in unison.

As Swift Heart returned with Hugs and Tugs she smiled. "They are on board."

He smiled and nodded "They know what to do?"

She nodded "Oh yeah."

With that they all got into position and Hug and Tugs knocked on the door when Playful Heart answered a sad look on his face but he smiled "What can I do for you two?"

They both said "We saw Loyal and Proud Heart all dressed up heading for the Hall of Hearts if you hurry you can hit them with pies."

He sighed and said "Yeah a small prank would be fun."

He turned around and called Funshine who came over and was caught up on the details.

As the two began to walk there was a sudden yell and Hugs and Tugs ran away as Grumpy and Swift Heart threw pies and Playful and Funshine who yelled "We've been had!"

As a pie hit her the two snuck behind a bush and pulled out pies of their own and the two sides exchanges fire for two hours till Hugs and Tugs sneak attacked both sides and a truce was called. "Ok, ok now we are even."

Swift Heart said laughing as she wiped pie off her face.

Nodding Funshine added "Next time we'll try harder."

Swift Heart laughed "Yeah, I bet you will."

Both laughing all six headed home.


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