Love Works In Mysterious Ways


Swift heart and Grumpy stood there eyes locked they stood there for five minutes before Swift heart spoke"I like you too."

Then ran up and gave him a hug. It took Grumpy a minute to realize what she just said then hugged her back. She looked up and gave him a passionate kiss that he returned. After they broke for air they stood there embracing each other.

Then Grumpy spoke "So um wanna go out."

Swift heart smiled "I guess that kiss wasn't yes enough" she teased he returned her smile, then took her hand and walked her to her burrow.

Hugs and Tugs were messing around with one of Bright heart's inventions. Bright heart was watching them while working on something else. The sound of foot steps caused him to turn his head he saw Cozy heart with a box of gears "Hi yeah Bright Heart I got you thosssse gearsssss you wanted."

Bright heart's face rose "Why thank you Cozy heart I was looking for those."

Cozy heart grew curious "What are you building there?" Nodding toward his gadget.

Following her nod he rose the device "O this old thing? Nothing important just something I was building for the dance this weekend."

This made Cozy want to squeal "O are you taking anyone?"

Bright Heart smirked "I was thinking about asking Gentle heart." Cozy grinned she saw the way the raccoon and the lamb silently flirted even if they didn't see it.

Bright continued "So are you going with anyone?"

Cozy blushed a little "O no one sssssspecial but Brave heart asssssked me."

This made the raccoon all but drop the gadget "Get out, for real?" Cozy nodded

"Yeah it'sssss ssssssweet of him." Bright heart wanted to hear all about this "So did you say yes?" Cozy blushed again "Of course I did."

The sound of a crash got their attention and they ran into the room where Hugs and Tugs were playing and found a rather large mess with Hugs holding on to Tugs "Hugsssss and Tugsssss are you two ok?" Both nodded Bright Heart picked them up so that they wouldn't get hurt on any glass

"Cozy I'm gonna put them in the other room then ill be right back to help clean up." Cozy nodded and picked up a broom and began sweeping up.

Bright heart put the two cubs down and said "Now stay here and don't touch anything." Tugs spoke for both "Okay, Bright heart we won't." And the two sat down on some chairs.

As Bright heart returned he saw most of the room had already been cleared "Man cozy you work fast."He said really shocked.

Blushing cozy just smiled "Thank you Bright heart." Grabbing the dust pan and another broom the two finished up cleaning the mess.

Tender heart and Harmony were in the Hall of Hearts going through documents and organizing them. Harmony had Cheer's words In the back of her mind. Finally she couldn't hold it in any more and blurted out "So Tender heart you going to the dance this weekend?"

Tender heart raised an eyebrow "I don't know really I mean everyone is going with someone but i'm by myself be kinda awkward don't you think?" Harmony saw her chance and took it. Moving closer she said "Well you don't have to be alone."

Raising an eyebrow Tender heart replied "What do you mean?" Harmony thought about how to open his eyes a bit more then rushed in a gave him a kiss on the lips. Tender heart first shocked then relaxed embraced Harmony in the kiss.

Harmony then broke the kiss "That clear enough?" Tender heart was at a loss for words though all he had to say was yes. She backed up and looked at him. Shaking his head to realize the question "Huh yeah, yeah clear."Harmony couldn't help but smile.

Brave heart was on guard duty when the Caring Meter dropped a little "Someone must need help on Earth." He thought a loud. Jumping into his cloud car he drove down to Earth and spotted a river were the signal seemed to be coming from, landing he found what looked like a lioness trapped under a log but this was no ordinary lioness she was blue,at least the spots in her fur that weren't covered in mud were blue.

Shaking his head he remembered why he was here and ran over to her and lifted the log off her while she crawled out from under it. He then ran to her side "Are you ok?"

She nodded and said "Yeah yeah I'm fine. Who are you?" He smacked his head lightly "O I'm sorry I'm Brave heart lion."

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