Love Works In Mysterious Ways


Proud heart nearly fell over but grabbed the car for support. She looked at the ring and all but squealed "Of course, of course I will Loyal yes, yes, yes a million times yes." As she leaped into his arms. He smiled and hugged her back, then turned his head and gave her a long kiss which she returned. He slid the engagement ring on her finger as they kissed and they broke and gawked at it.

Proud looked at him and gave him another, longer, kiss. After they broke for air she said "We should get back home it's almost ten." He smiled and nodded helped her into the car then into the driver seat. As they drove back he looked at his new fiancée and smiled.

After Brave heart had given Anne to Take Care he was in the waiting room for about one or two hours he couldn't tell. Then Take Care came out into the waiting room who Brave almost pounced on."How is she Take Care?"

Hands up and backing away a little she said "Whoa whoa Brave heart give me some air." Backing up he apologized "Sorry, sorry just worried." Take Care just shrugged it off

"Its fine Brave heart, she has a broken bone but it will heal fast if she avoids trouble, how did that log fall on her anyways?" He just shrugged "I don't know really I figured get her medical care first then interrogate her." He tried to joke at the end but it fell flat. Take Care just rolled her eyes "You can see her now if you want just don't stress her out."

Brave heart just nodded "I won't, promise." Take Care side stepped to let him pass. After Take Care was gone Brave heart went in "Hey, how are you?" Anne just smiled "Better now that I'm cleaned up." she said lifting her arms to show the mud that was gone. He nodded "Well now I can see your blue fur better." She blushed a little. He sat next to her and asked "So um how are ya feeling." She looked at him and smiled "Didn't you already ask me that?"

Shaking his head he said "Oh ya silly me." She chuckled Brave heart then asked her "So um what where you doing under that log anyway?" Her face grew saddened a little "I was walking to get a drink when two lions ambushed me I fought them off as long as I could but eventually one knocked me into the log and thought they had killed me ran off shortly after you came along." She smiled at that last part.

Brave heart nodded and asked another question "So I was wondering would you like to stay here?" She raised an eyebrow and attempted a joke "Where in the hospital?" This made him chuckle "You know what I mean." She thought about it then nodded "Of course." Brave heart nearly jumped out of his seat, nearly, "That's great I'll have to tell Noble and True heart but they won't mind." This made her curious "Just out of curiosity will I have to change my name to one of the one like you guy's?"

He nodded "Yeah you got an idea?" She thought for a moment then said "How about Innocent heart?" This made him smile "I think that suits you perfectly." He then left to go tell Noble and True heart about the new member.

Grumpy had dropped Swift heart off a couple of hours ago he had walked her back to her burrow but didn't want to push it too much she had said she liked him too! Though "like" was weak, love was more like it. He laid back on his bed hands over his eyes when he heard his phone ring he picked it up "Hello?" A cheerful Swift heart was on the other end "Grumpy! There is a new care cousin in Care-a-lot."

He was shock of course "Where?" She was still happy "At the hospital." Then she sighed "However we can't see her till tomorrow." This made his curiosity grow a little. "Is that it or is there something else you want to talk about?"

There was a small pause then she said "I don't know if its too early or not but can I stay the night at your house tonight?" He was yelling on the inside Yes, yes come and stay forever! But kept it cool after realizing how crazy he sounded "Yeah yeah if that what you want I'll come pick you up or do you want to drive yourself?" She replied "Oh you can drag your self down here." She was obviously joking and Grumpy just chuckled

"Be there in ten minutes." "Ok see you soon." Then she hung up." Grumpy threw on some cloths then looked around the place was as clean as it was gonna get it, wasn't like it was dirty but it wasn't psychopath clean either he just shrugged and headed down to the Forest Of Feelings he would get the guest mattress ready when he came back. Down at Swift heart's burrow she had grabbed a few days clothes, a tooth brush, a comb, and a few other thing that she may need. Grumpy arrived a little early but she was ready anyway so it didn't matter.

She smiled as he helped her, and her bags into the car. He sat in the driver seat and asked "Ready?" Nodding she said "Yeah this isn't too soon is it?" Shaking his head he tried to reassure her "It's no problem Swift heart." She smiled but grew curious why he wasn't so curious she wanted to spend the night. "C'mon Grumpy aren't you the least bit curious why I want to spend the night." He took her question quite well and shook his head yes "I'll be honest I am but I figured it be rude to just come out and ask you."

She smirked "Well I'm glad you didn't ask then." She looked out the window after a minute or two of silence she said "I haven't been able to sleep for weeks at my burrow, yesterday was the worst I was able to hide it with make up but Cheer caught me without any." This caught Grumpy off guard and he showed it but put a hand over her shoulder and gave her a little hug knowing it might not help a lot but she may feel safer. Fortunately for him that's what she wanted him to do.

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