Love Works In Mysterious Ways

The Announcement

When Tender heart and Harmony had finished working it was around ten thirty. Both were standing by the door about to leave when Bedtime walked by. Harmony waved "Hi Bedtime."

He waved back "Hi Harmony and Tender heart how is it going?"

Tender heart spoke next "Pretty good for us, you?" He shrugged "I sleep all day and watch stars all night it gets kinda boring but could be worse." The two nodded "Well we best be getting home."Then the two walked out the door waving. Once out of Bedtime's view the two shared a kiss. Before going their separate ways waving goodbye.

Once the two left Bedtime went up to the Star-O-Scope and ran into Wish bear "Oh hi Bedtime you look nice today." Blushing a little Bedtime smiled "Thanks Wish you too." She shook her head "Oh come here and give me a kiss."

Which he did happily. He looked at her "Why do we have to keep this a secret?" She shook her head "We don't have to but at night everyone is asleep and during the day you can barely stay awake for more than ten minutes. Making a face he said "Good point." Then kissed her again.

When Grumpy and Swift heart got back to his place he helped her with her bags and began with the guest mattress "Do you want the bed, it's more comfy."She gave him a look "This coming from the guy who wakes up grumpy every morning."

He tilted his head as in thought "And another good point by Swift heart." She wrinkled her nose at him which made him smile. She shrugged "Maybe I will take your bed." Sitting on it she noticed how soft it really was and nearly fell asleep there "Oh my gosh Grumpy this bed is really soft."

He smiled and shook his head "I know, me waking up Grumpy has nothing to do with the bed." He set up a his guest bed and laid down on it . It was comfy but not as much as his bed but he didn't care he would rather have her comfy than him.

He closed his eyes after he heard Swift heart snore quietly. He then drifted off to sleep.

The next day came too quickly for Swift heart. The first night she actually slept was ruined by the sun light. Covering her head with the blanket she could smell something, something good she sat up and looked over at the guest bed where Grumpy no longer was there getting up and out of bed she threw on some every day clothes and walked into the kitchen to find Grumpy making breakfast.

He spotted her and said "Hey Swift heart, sleep well?" She raised an eyebrow "Yeah. Did you make breakfast for both of us?" He nodded "Of course, figured you could use a good breakfast." She smiled as she sat down and Grumpy served her some eggs, sausage, and French Toast.

She smiled and gave him a quick kiss he left and got his own food and sat down in front of her. As the two ate they shared glances and smiled. Finally Grumpy broke the silence "So how is it?" Swift heart responded with her mouth full "Its really good." Smiling he shook his head "I thought so." She swallowed and looked at him "Sorry that gross." He just laughed at her defense "Swift heart your talking to a guy, I've seen worse."

She just rolled her eyes "So what are we doing today?" He looked at her "How about a walk then a movie?" She smiled "Change walk to run and I'm in." He shook his head and rolled his eyes "Alright fair enough." She smiled and the two continued eating.

Cheer woke up and stretched looking to her left saw a note with

To:Cheer From:Champ written on it she walked over and picked it up and read

Dear Cheer, in honor of our six month anniversary I planned a special day I won't give you all the details but I guarantee you'll love it.

Love, Champ

She smiled as she read the note"Oh that Champ." She said out loud shaking her head. She got dressed and went down stairs to find breakfast and a rose on the table She sat down and ate fortunately it was still warm. As she ate a small bit of guilt came over her Champ had done all of this for her and she didn't even get him a gift not that she forgot about the anniversary just was her present was supposed to come in the mail three weeks ago and turned out got shipped to the wrong person. She shook her head "How does that even happen?"

She asked aloud to no one. After finishing up eating she threw on her jacket and walked out side looking around she didn't see anyone she then walked to the Hall of Hearts she had gotten a text there was gonna be a meeting today.

At the Hall of Hearts Noble and True heart were waiting for everyone to sir down. Once they all were seated Noble began "Good morning everyone today we welcome a new member of the care bear family Innocent heart Lioness." A loud applause was then heard a few cheers. When everything died down Innocent spoke "I'd get up and bow but my led is broken."

A few short laughs were heard but then stopped. True heart spoke next "Also Proud heart and Loyal have an announcement" everyone turned to the two who were sitting side by side. Loyal stood up and said "We would like to announce that we are now engaged."

Almost all of the girls shrieked "Oh my goodness no way!" Some guy's eyes widened other were whispering "Bachelor party." Loyal leaned over and whispered into Proud heart's ear "Their taking it better than I thought." Nodding in agreement she gave him a smile. Noble and True heart tried to Calm everyone down "Alright alright calm down." After a few minutes later the others calmed down.

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