Love Works In Mysterious Ways


Cheer caught up with Champ after words and gave him a hug "Why hello to you too Cheer."

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said "Thank you for breakfast this morning."

He blushed a little "Aw it was nothing." She slapped his shoulder lightly making him smile "Come on I'll take you on our special day."

Champ lead her to the rainbow river then stopped and turned "So do you wanna go for a dip?"

She raised an eyebrow "But I don't have my bathing suit." He motioned with his eyes toward a tree.

Cheer walked over and found a brand new pink suit turning her mouth open she said "Champ it's beautiful."

He smiled and pulled off his shirt and pants which had swim trunks underneath.

Cheer smiled ran behind the tree and changed quickly and came back around and asked him "Well?"

He nodded "Perfect." He stretched a hand out and said "Shall we?"

She giggled and said "We shall." Then the two ran and jumped into the river and swam a little bit before she leaned in and gave him a kiss. They held each other for a minute and sighed.

Then she frowned "What is it sports fan?"

She looked at him "Champ, I'm a little nervous that Playful and Funshine are planning a joke on us."

He shook his head "Nah I bribed them off just for you."

She laughed and hugged him "You are the best!" Then kissed him again. "

Come on Grumpy it's not that bad is it?"

Huffing and puffing he managed to get out "Don' heart." Smirking she handed him a water which he took gladly.

She sighed as she looked at the city below the hill they had hiked/ran up "It is pretty." He nodded and put an arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes Swift heart asked "What time does the movie start?"

Grumpy checked his watch "About an hour or two."

She nodded "We should probably head home." He too nodded "Yeah." He then conjured up a cloud car. Swift heart made a face "Aw we aren't running down the hill."

He gave her a look and mouthed "No." As he helped her into the car.

As they took off she asked "What movie are we gonna see?" He looked at her and said "Oh I thought of one you may like."

She looked at him and raised an eyebrow "Oh yeah what is it?" A small smile reeked across his face "How about Fast and Furious 6?"

Her eyes widened "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! How did you know I wanted to see that?"

He turned his head to her "Come on a movie about street gangs and heist I'd be stupid not to know." Nodding In agreement she said "Fair enough.

Bright heart was home staring at the phone "Come on dude you can call her." He picked up the phone and dialed Gentle heart's number there was a few rings then she picked up "Hello?"

He took a Deep breath and said "Hey Gentle heart um I was wondering would you like to um go to the dance Tomorrow?"

At first there was silence then she said "Sounds like fun, yeah, I'll go to the dance with you."

The raccoon couldn't be happier "Alright great I'll pick you up at seven?"

She sounded excited "Yeah that will work."

He smiled as he said "Ok, bye see you at seven then."

Back at the Hall of Hearts Funshine, Secret, Friend, Noble, True, and Harmony were planning the dance a bit more.

Noble heart was talking "Alright gang what is next on our list."

Harmony stood up and said "We still don't know what music to play."

Secret whispered something to friend who reiterated it to them "Secret says we still need snacks."

Nodding True heart said "Ok so for music do we keep it classic or rock and roll?"

Funshine spoke next "I say rap and classic no rock and roll this is a dance not a concert."

True heart nodded "Any objections?"Everyone shook their heads "Good Harmony I take it you already have a play list."

Harmony held up her iPod "I have it right here." She handed it over to true heart who checked the songs.

Nodding she said "Alright not bad, The dance Tomorrow night at eight I heard some girls were going cloths shopping for the dance so I won't keep this longer than it needs to be."

Nodding in agreement Friend bear asked "Can we define classic a bit more?"

Harmony had it covered "Not like Beethoven or Mozart but classic pop or later Blues."

Nodding Friend said "Oh ok that's fine."

Noble heart nodded "I take it we can just trust Treat heart with the snacks."

Everyone nodded "Alright then meeting dismissed."

The girls nearly ran out to get the others for clothes shopping.

Grumpy and Swift heart had just returned when they saw Harmony running toward them. Swift heart waved "Hey, Harmony what's up."

Harmony caught her breath for a second then said "Bunch of the girls are gonna go clothes shopping for the dance wanna come?"

Swift heart looked at Grumpy the said "Heck yeah! Let's go." Then two ran off.

Grumpy shrugged "Might as well see what the guy's are doing."

Then he took off to find Good Luck, Lotsa heart, Playful heart, and Birthday bear.

As Grumpy landed he caught Good Luck's words "So who are you guy's taking to the dance?"

He walked up to them as Birthday was talking "I'm taking Treat heart."

Nodding Good Luck said "I figured." Then just seeming to notice Grumpy said "Oh hi Grumpy when did you get here?"

He raised an eyebrow at him "Just a minute ago." He grumbled.

Rolling his eyes Lotsa heart spoke "I don't know who I'm taking and that's the truth."

Rolling his eyes Playful smirked "Hey are you bringing up Polite Good Luck?"

Good Luck shot him a glance then just sighed "Yeah she nagged me to take Perfect too so he will be there." Then he frowned and looked at Grumpy "Who are taking?"

He blushed a little "I will be taking Swift heart."

Good Luck nodded "Nice dude."

Lotsa heart spoke up "You know the girls are going clothes shopping shouldn't we get suits or something?"

Everyone looked at him he just shrugged "Just saying."

Grumpy nodded "He has a point." A series of groans and agreements was all they got.

Finally Good Luck said "Alright I'll go get the other guy's then we can all go get suits." They all nodded and Good Luck ran off.

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