Love Works In Mysterious Ways


Down on Earth the girls had gone to some random mall for clothes shopping. Gentle heart asked "What should we get dresses or just clothes that make us look good?"

Harmony told her "Dresses definitely dresses but don't let the guy's see them."

This cause Share heart to raise her eyebrow and said "Why?"

Harmony rolled her eyes like it was so obvious "Duh, you want to surprise them."

Slapping her head sarcastically she said "Oh of course how silly of me to forget."

Love-a-lot rolled her eyes Then noticed Cheer's absence "Say guy's were is Cheer?"

This made Funshine grin "Oh she and Champ are having a special day." She put air quotes around "special".

Love-a-lot head went back then forward as she said "Oh I get it."

Harmony shrugged "Besides she already went shopping."

Nodding they all split up Harmony, Love-a-lot, Gentle, and Funshine went one way Share, Swift, and Friend went another and finally True, Take Care, Cozy, and Wish went another.

Share was looking through dresses and humming to herself when she spotted a strapless blue dress that look just her size putting it on her chest she turned to Swift heart and asked "Does this look good?"

Swift heart shifted her weight on to one foot and looked at the dress "Oh yeah definitely on you."

This cause Share to smile "I'm gonna go try it on."

Swift heart barely heard her as she looked throughout to find a dress of her own. Friend bear too was looking and couldn't decide rather to wear the short strapless purple with a bit of pink dress or the strapless short while top black bottom dress"Oh I can't decide Swift heart?"

Swift heart turned her head and said "Definitely the purple one."

Friend took one last look at it and said "Yeah it is pretty." Then ran off to get changed.

Swift heart was still looking for a few minutes the found the dress she was looking for.

True heart was standing at a mirror looking at the light green strapless dress she had chosen "Hmmmm Take Care what do you think?"

Take Care raised an eyebrow and said "Hold on." She turned around and picked up a dark Green flower and put it in True heart's hair "Perfect."

Turning again True heart took one look and said "Yeah." Then went to go change.

Take Care was looking through some dresses and found one she thought was pretty. It was a short Orange strapless dress. Shrugging she said "Looks fine to me."Then went and got changed.

Wish wasn't so lucky and was struggling to decide what to wear. On one hand there was the strapless pink dress with a purple center and on the other there was the strapless violet dress she sighed a saleswoman leaned in and whispered "Take the violet."

Then walked away Wish shrugged and took her advice and went to try on the violet dress.

Cozy Heart had decided to go with the one strapped neon green dress.

Gentle heart was looking at a strapless turquoise dress then turned to Love-a-lot and asked "This one?"

Love-a-lot nodded "Looks cute."

Gentle heart ran off to put it on to make sure it fit. S

hare had found a grey silver strapless dress and tried it on and was satisfied and went to pay.

Funshine had gotten a short yellow strapless dress that went up to her thigh.

Love-a-lot spotted this and said "Dang Funshine you look good."

Blushing she said "Thank you." Love-a-lot was still look when she found the perfect dress. After everyone had paid and found their dresses they left and returned to Care-a-lot and went home to hide their dresses from the guy's.

As Harmony was walking she spotted Treat heart "Hey Treat sorry you missed the trip."

Treat seemed a little sad "I know now I have to go latter."

She sighed Harmony looked around and saw no one and said "Oh no you don't." Then she pulled out a teal dress.

Treat heart's hand went over her mouth as she gasped "Oh Harmony thank you, thank you."

She hugged the bear who hugged her back "No problem just don't let Birthday see it or any guy's speaking of which where are they?"

Treat heart looked at her and said "They went down to Earth to get suits for the dance."

Nodding her head Harmony said "Well that explains it quick get home and hide your dress." Nodding Treat heart ran off as did Harmony and they hid their dresses.

The guy's came back an hour later they all had gotten Generally the same suit just in different colors and flowers, some fake some real, as they landed they rushed home to put their suits in a safe place.

Champ and Cheer hadn't left their house in three hours Cheer came into the living room to find Champ sleeping on the couch she smacked him lightly and he instantly woke up "What what, oh sorry Cheer must have dozed off."

She smiled and sat on his lap and said "It's fine I'll let you live this time."

He smiled "Thank you all powerful over lord." She smiled and leaned in close and gave him a kiss. In return he kissed her back and rubbed his hand up her legs to her thighs.

She broke the kiss and said "Whoa hold it."

His eyes saddened "Aw come on Cheer don't be a tease."

Getting off his lap she said "You know better."

Rolling his eyes he went up behind her and put his arms around her. She leaned her head back and rocked from side to side with him "This was a good day."

She looked at him and asked "Did you get a suit or something for the dance?"

He nodded and said "Yeah I just have it hidden."

She smiled at him leave it to Champ to be so prepared. She let him kiss her neck then her cheek she turned So he could get to her lips.

She turned and he pulled her toward the bedroom and slowly closed he door.

At the Hall of Hearts Tenderheart was working on more Caring mission reports when Harmony walked in and saw him "Oh Tenderheart why must you always be working.

He raised his eyebrow and said "Well if I don't no one will."

She wrapped her arms around him and leaned in to whisper "You'll always have time for me though right?"

He smiled at her and put a hand on her cheek and said "Of course."

The sound of someone fake coughing made them jump. Brave heart was leaning against the wall his arms crossed.

Both blushed and looked away. "I take it your not too busy to not give Innocent heart her tummy symbol are you."

Tenderheart shook his head "Not at all. Where is she?"

He sighed "Still with Take Care come on."

Before Tenderheart left he turned to Harmony and gave her a quick kiss. Then ran off after Brave heart.

Back at the clinic Innocent was spending time with Hugs and Tugs who were "Ordered" to spend time with her by Grams bear.

The sound of the door got her attention she turned to see Brave heart and Tenderheart come in. "Hi Innocent Tenderheart here is gonna give you your tummy symbol."

She raised an eyebrow "Do I need to stand for this?"

Tenderheart smiled "No you can stay where you are."

With a quick flash Tenderheart's symbol flew off circled Innocent's stomach and left a heart with a halo above it.

She quickly rubbed it to see if it would stay and it did. "Sweet."

Tenderheart raised an eyebrow to Brave heart and asked "Is that all?"

He waved his hand him "Yeah yeah, thanks."

He gave a cocky grin and said "No problem." And walked out of the room followed by Brave heart.

Innocent looked at Hugs and Tugs then said "Grown ups huh?" Both nodded and went back to playing a game with Innocent.

Wish was on watching duty when she felt hands on her eyes "Guess who." She gasped and turned around to find Bedtime fully awake. "Bedtime your... awake."

Nodding he said Yeah I convinced Noble and True heart to let me off duty today so I have been sleeping and I'm fully awa..." He was cut off by Wish Kissing him

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