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Stubborn Love

By Patriot_Heart

Adventure / Romance

Cub Sitting

A few days since we last left off...

Shreeky and Beastly were in No Heart's thunder pit room, with Beastly sleeping on the ground as Shreeky continued preparations for her spell. She grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it into the cauldron and said "Almost there, Beastly!"

Beastly jumped awake and said "Yes Shreeky?"

Shreeky sighed and said "Fetch me those wretched bags."

Beastly nodded and ran diff for a brief moment before returning with some of the bags he had gathered. Shreeky took one and said "Ah Tenderheart, the most responsible of all the Care Bears, I'll try this one first." And she threw his hair into the cauldron.

A bright flash filled the room followed by it dimming before returning to normal and in its wake was a small Care bear sitting on the floor. Shreeky uncovered her eyes and looked to find a small Care Bear with a tummy symbol she didn't recognize. Shreeky shook her head and said "What is this!?"

The little care bear looked at her with innocent eyes and Shreeky shrieked and said "That wasn't what this spell was supposed to do."

She picked up the book and began to read it over and said "Curses! I forgot the one ingredient I need!"

Beastly looked at Shreeky and said "What's that Shreeky?"

She gritted her teeth and said "I need a small root that causes duplication."

Beastly looked at her and said "Well, what about that?"

He said while pointing at the little cub as she played with her own feet.

Shreeky groaned and said "I swear if I have to deal with one more Care Bear cub I'm gonna..."

And she started to inhale causing Beastly to cower and say "No! Please!"

Shreeky chuckled and said "Shriek."

The little Care Bear looked at Shreeky and made some baby sounds at Shreeky. Shreeky looked at it and said "Errr, now what."

The cub started waving her arms. Shreeky sighed and said "Beastly!"

Beastly jumped up and said "Yyyyes Shreeky?"

Shreeky sighed and said "Take that Care Bear cub to Care-a-lot. So I can focus on the new spell."

Beastly nodded and picked up the cub and said "But why Care-a-lot Shreeky?"

Shreeky looked at him and said "Because, I don't feel like fighting the Care Bears before I'm ready now, go take that cub to Care-a-lot or I'll!" And she inhaled.

Beastly ran off and carried the cub with him. Shreeky turned back to the cauldron and said "Now we're did I place that root?"

She looked around the shelf until she found it and she blew some dust off and said "Ah perfect! Now all I need is just a small pinch"

And she cut up a small section of the root and dropped it into the cauldron, this time the mixture shot up in a purple color beam, before settling back into a purple mist...

Beastly was carrying the small cub as it tried to grab his nose. Beastly groaned and said "Yuck! you care bears and your caring."

He looked around before he said "Oh what am I gonna do."

Suddenly he saw his flying bike and said "Ah ha!" And he started running towards it while saying "I'll just drop you off in Care-a-lot. Then the Care Bears will deal with you." And he hopped on the bike and started pedaling.

It wasn't long before he was outside of Care-a-lot and landed. Beastly jumped off and picked up the cub, who still tried to grab his nose. He patted her hand away before placing her down and running back and onto the bike and pedaling to No Heart's castle. The young care bear looked around but didn't see anyone she started crawling around as the soft clouds kept her from hurting her legs. As she looked around all the colors fascinated her she watched them all with awed eyes until she bumped into one of the houses.

She rubbed her head and started crying, surprisingly she had bumped into Tenderheart's house. Tenderheart was in his bedroom reading a book on his bed when he heard the crying and he set it down and said "Huh?"

The wailing only got louder and he set down his book and looked outside to find the young cub the ground hand on head. "Oh gosh."

He said as grabbed a small blanket while he climbed out of his window and landed next to her. She looked at him with teary eyes as he hushed her and wrapped the blanket around her and picked her up and said "Hey, hey you're okay."

She looked at Tenderheart and she stopped crying before grabbing his nose and honking cause Tenderheart to giggle and say "Well, at least your cute."

And he tickled her belly, causing the little cub to start laughing before Tenderheart carried her inside and said "Now where are you from little one?"

The cub chuckled and waved its hands and Tenderheart said "Well, I'm sure I'll figure it out." And he carried her inside his house and set her down on his table.

Before searching around his house for something she could wear. As he looked he found a small dress Hugs had for gotten one time that he never could remember to returned and he put her in it and said "Perfect."

The bear looked at the dress and started giggling and waving her arms again. Tenderheart picked her up and said "Well, I should probably take you to True Heart and Noble Heart."

The cub completely ignored him and just huddled close to his chest. Tenderheart blushed a little and said "I suppose you are tired..." the cub yawned a little before falling asleep in Tenderheart's arms...

After the whole memory loss incident Swift Heart never left Grumpy's sight, and he never left her's, however they didn't let it get in the way of their love life. Grumpy decided to bake some brownies for Swift Heart seeming as how it was technically their six month anniversary.

Swift Heart was taking a nap while he placed them in his heart shaped stove and he grabbed the frosting from the fridge and opened it up, he had always loved the smell of frosting, he never really knew why.

After waiting for what felt like forever the timer dinged and he pulled out the brownies and placed it on the counter and said "Perfect."

He checked to make sure Swift Heart was still sleeping, she was. He waited for the brownies to cool then frosted them, sprinkled them and then set them next to her before tip toeing to his chair, only to trip over a table leg and somersaulting with a "Woooah!"

Straight into his chair, he landed and said "Why do these things always happen to me?"

Swift Heart opened her eyes and said "Hmm? Grumpy?"

Grumpy turned his whole body 360 degrees and said "Yes?"

Swift Heart yawned and said "Did I miss anything?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "Nothing important."

Swift Heart suddenly got the scent of the brownies and said "Brownies!"

And she dug in a little before saying "Mmm, you know brownies are my one weakness."

Grumpy chuckled and said "One?" She threw a small bit of brownie and it hit Grumpy on the nose causing them both to laugh.

Grumpy licked the brownie off and said "Nice, so how was your nap?"

Swift Heart shrugged and said "Relaxing, but these brownies are unbelievable!"

Grumpy chuckled and said "It's my specialty."

Swift Heart chuckled and said "So it is, so it is." He looked into her eyes with a smile.

When suddenly there was a knock on the door. Grumpy got up and said "I got it."

He opened the door to find Wish bear, who said "Hi Grumpy bear, are you busy?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "Not at all what's happening Wish?"

Wish bear rubbed the back of her head and said "Um, well Bedtime and I need to take a run to Earth, and Grams is gonna be gone for a few days. So I was wonder if you and Swift Heart wouldn't mind cub sitting for a few days?"

Swift Heart by this point was already up and at the door, so it was no surprise when Grumpy said "Umm, I don..."

And Swift Heart almost immediately cut him off and said "We would love to."

And she put a hand over Grumpy's mouth. Wish bear got a gleam in her eyes and said "Oh really?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "Of course, besides how bad could they be?"

Grumpy was about to say something when Swift Heart shushed him and said "What time should we be expecting them?"

Wish bear scratched her head and said "We gotta leave soon I'll drop off Dreams bear and his stuff soon I promise, I'll take care of everything you need don't worry."

Swift Heart nodded and Wish bear said "Alright, bye guys."

Swift Heart waved and Wish bear left...

A few minutes after she had left Wish bear was back at her home were Dreams bear was playing with some blocks while Bedtime was sleeping Wish bear rolled her eyes and said "Bedtime?"

Bedtime just kept snoring, Wish bear rolled her eyes and said "Bedtime."

Dreams bear looked at Bedtime as he kept sleeping. Wish bear was getting a little frustrated and yelled "Bedtime!"

Bedtime jumped awake and said "Huh? Wha..."

Wish bear chuckled and said "Grumpy and Swift Heart agreed to watch Dreams bear for us."

Bedtime yawned and said "Oh that's wonderful."

Before dozing off causing Dreams bear to giggle.

Wish bear rolled her eyes and said "Oh get up, we gotta get packed."

Bedtime woke up again and said "Right, I'll do it." And he got up left to pack his bags.

Wish bear turned to Dreams bear and picked him up and said "Now, let's get you into something a bit more classy."

Dreams bear looked at Wish bear and said "What do you mean by dat mommy?"

Wish bear smiled and said "Well, I mean that I want you to look nice when you go over to Grumpy and Swift Heart's for a few days."

Wish bear carried him into his bedroom. And set him down as she's looked throughout his dresser for something semi-formal.

Dreams bear stood up and said "But mama where are you gonna go?"

Wish bear stopped looking and turned to him and said "I'm just gonna be out of Care-a-lot for a few days buddy."

Dreams bear started to get a little teary and said "But I don't want you to go."

Wish bear smiled and gave him a hug and said "Oh come on no tears. I promise you'll have a fun time at Grumpy and Swift Heart's."

Dreams bear wiped his eyes and said "Okay, mommy. I'll do it."

Wish bear smiled and said "Now that's my big boy."

And she picked him up and reopened the dresser and found just what she wanted. She set Dreams bear on his bed and put on some small brown dress pants and a small red dress shirt. Dreams bear almost immediately tugged at the shirt and said "Are you sure about this mommy?"

Wish bear smiled and said "Come on you look adorable."

Dreams bear just crossed his arms and looked away. Wish bear smiled and picked him up and started tickling him and saying "No pouting!"

Dreams bear started laughing and begged Wish to stop and Wish did, eventually.

She carried him out of his room and helped him out on his shoes and jacket. She smiled and said "Bedtime you ready?"

Bedtime bear came walking out of the bedroom with two suitcases and said "Ready!"

Wish bear nodded and picked up Dreams bear and they all walked outside.

Wish conjured up a cloud car and set Dreams bear down in it and buckled him in before hopping in the driver's seat and Bedtime sat down in the passenger seat...

Grams had finished packing for her and Hugs and Tugs and said "Alright my darlings. Are we ready to go?"

Hugs and Tugs also had to dress up a little as well, and Hugs was much more excited for it than Tugs. "Ready Grams." Hugs said as she messed with the little bow she was wearing.

Tugs just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms and said "I suppose so."

Grams looked at him and said "But Tugs I thought you liked to spend time with Swift Heart and Grumpy?"

Tugs in crossed his arms and said "I do Grams, I just don't understand why we have to dress up."

Grams chuckled a little and said "Its common manners little one come on, or we're gonna be later."

Tugs groaned and followed Grams and Hugs out to a Cloud car Grams sat in the driver's seat while Hugs and Tugs buckled in and she started to drive towards Swift Heart's and Grumpy's. It didn't take her long to get there and land the cloud car. Grams hopped out and opened the door for Hugs and Tugs. Both said a polite "Thank you."

Before Tugs went back to pouting and Hugs adjusted the small pink dress she was wearing. Grams walked them to the front door and knocked on the door. Tugs stopped his pouting for Grams sake and just before Grumpy opened the door and said "Ah Grams you were here fast."

Grams smiled and said "Hi Grumpy, I'd love to chat but I got to get going. Here are the cubs bags everything they'll need is in them but if you have questions just call."

Grumpy nodded and said "Of course Grams."

Grams gave Grumpy a kiss on the cheek and said "Be good you two."

She said as she returned to the cloud car and drove off.

Grumpy looked at the dressed up cubs and said "You two look...fancy."

Hugs just blushed and giggled and Tugs rolled his eyes and said "Can we please change back into our normal clothes."

Grumpy nodded and the two cubs ran inside while Grumpy grabbed their bags and brought them inside.

After Grumpy set their bags in the guest room he set up into a triple bedroom he returned to find Hugs still in her dress and Tugs in a dinosaur tee shirt and small jeans.

Swift Heart had gone out to grab some food and other goods for the cubs leaving poor Grumpy with two of the most mischievous cubs.

Grumpy was gonna say something but Tugs beat him to the punch and said "Hugs you wanna go play outside?"

Hugs shook her head and said "No, I'll get my dress all dirty."

Tugs crossed his arms and said "Then switch into something else."

Hugs shook her head and said "No."

Tugs, baffled said "Why not?"

Hugs just looked at him and said "Because Dreams bear hasn't seen it yet."

Tugs shook his head and said "So?"

Hugs seeming kind of offended said "Because I want him to see how pretty I look."

Tugs the replied "But you don't look pretty."

Grumpy's eyes widened and he said "Oh no."

Hugs looked at Tugs and said "I do too!"

Grumpy decided to intervene and said "Okay, you two."

Tugs however didn't listen to him and, for some reason. Stood by his point and said "Do not." And they started to go back and forth with "Do too." And "Do not."

Grumpy sighed and said "If you two don't stop no ice cream for dessert."

That got the cubs attention and they stopped arguing and Grumpy mumbled to himself "Huh can't believe that worked."

And he said "Tell you two what, after Dreams bear showed up we'll all go outside and have a little picnic on the front lawn okay?"

Both the cubs cheered in agreement and sat down and waited for Dreams bear...

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