Love Finds All

No heart's Scheme

Noble Heart had been listening to the best of his ability while he tried to fix the controls when he looked up he saw Beastly holding the cub over the edge and he stopped trying to fix the control and watched as the cub cried and Beastly dropped him Noble Heart gasped and shot a small rainbow flying carpet up and caught the cub that stopped crying and was confused for a second. But as the rainbow carpet flew him around he began to cheer and it flew down toward Noble who jumped and grabbed the cub saying "Got ya."

The cub got a sad look at the flying ride being over, but looked at Noble and smiled and gave him a hug causing Noble to blush and say "Well, at least your safe." he looked up at Loyal and stuck a thumbs up.

Loyal sighed in relief and said "Well, I'd love to stay and chat but I gotta go."

Shreeky and Beastly were confused then Loyal conjured another cloud and hopped on and it went down with him waving goodbye to them. "BEASTLY! STOP THEM."

She yelled right in Beastly's ear and he quickly covered them and said "How Shreeky?"

She grunted and began shooting her magic mirror at Loyal who in turn stared her causing her to go inside the cart again. Loyal touched the ground and said "Come on, we'd better get back to Care-a-lot."

Noble nodded and he conjured up a cloud car and hopped in with Loyal. Noble handed Loyal the cub who was making O's with his mouth. Noble Heart chuckled and hit the gas and the two took off...

Shreeky shrieked as loud as she could and said "Beastly! How are we gonna get down from here!?"

Beastly shrugged and said "I don't know Shreeky maybe use your magic mirror to make the wheel turn and we can get off at the bottom."

Shreeky shook her head and said "Nah, I got a better idea."

Beastly moaned and said "I bet I know what it is."

She gave him a look and said "Quiet fur ball." And she shot her magic mirror which caused the wheel to turn.

She laughed and waited as it reached the bottom. They both stepped out and Beastly asked "What now Shreeky?"

She thought for a second and said "We still gotta cause trouble for those Care Bears..."

Beastly thought for a second and said "Maybe we should go back to No Heart's castle and think of something."

Shreeky sighed and said "Alright."

Beastly was surprised usually she'd steal credit for the idea but he just shrugged and got back on the bike, helicopter, and began to petal furiously, to get it "warmed up". Shreeky got into the tub and said "Let's go fur ball."

As they went up into the air Beastly asked "Shreeky, can't you use your magic mirror to figure something out?"

She shot him a look and said "It broke you idiot!"

Beastly flinched but kept driving he did say a word while they began to ride home...

Loyal sighed and said "Man, that was a close one for a second huh little guy?"

Loyal said to the giggling cub as it played with some toy keys Loyal had made. Noble Heart laughed and said "Yeah but we handled it."

Loyal sighed and said "It's my fault he fell I should have been more careful!"

Noble gave him a look and said "Don't beat yourself up Loyal it was a little mistake."

Loyal shook his head and said "I don't know Noble Heart what if you hadn't been there?"

Noble shook his head and said "Don't think like that. I mean look how happy he is."

The cub smiled and looked up at Loyal. Loyal smiled back and said "I guess. Hey Noble I gotta go to the bathroom think we can make a quick stop?"

Noble Heart nodded and said "Yeah."

And he pulled the cloud car down at a gas station Loyal handed him the cub and hopped out saying "Be back in a gif."

And then ran into the men's room. Noble looked at the cub who was staring at the nearby wood with wonder. "What is it little guy?"

Noble looked too and the cub pointed and said some baby talk and Noble chuckled. "You wanna go play?"

The cub nodded and Noble said "Alright. But only for a few minutes." And he opened the car door and let the cub run around in the nearby woods with Noble keeping a watchful eye.

As the cub ran around he found a caterpillar climbing up a tree and touched it causing him to laugh. Noble Heart smiled when he turned around to see if Loyal was out yet, he wasn't, and he looked back Just to see the cub run deeper into the woods causing him to go after him. As he turned the tree he spotted the cub throwing some mud. Noble sighed and picked him up causing the cub to get a sad look. Noble shook his head and said "Now look at you, covered in mud."

The cub kept trying to break free to keep playing but Noble wouldn't let him go. He began to pout and Noble Heart laughed and said "Look, I know you wanna play in the mud but it's too messy."

The cub shook its head in anger and Noble rolled his eyes and set him down in front of him. The cub immediately tried going back to the mud put but Noble blocked his way and the cub walked over to a tree and studied it for a minute before running over to another one. Noble looked back to the station to see Loyal walking out of the restroom and Noble picked up the cub and began walking back to the cloud car. Loyal smiled and asked "What happened to him?"

Noble Heart sighed and said "I was letting him play in the woods over there and he found a mud puddle, or pit."

Loyal chuckled and said "I guess I'm driving then."

Noble nodded and sat down in the passenger's seat and Loyal sat in the driver's and the two took off again...

True Heart had only given Hugs and Tugs a small glass of tea because she wasn't sure they'd like it. But to her surprise they asked for more so she got them bigger glasses and handed it to them and sat down across from Grams and asked "So, how have these two been behaving?"

Grams laughed and said "Adventurous as usual, never miss a chance to go on an adventure."

True Heart sighed and put a hand on her stomach and Grams asked "About a month now right?"

True Heart nodded and said "One month and a week."

Grams lifted her tea glass and said "You should be happy True Heart its your very own this time."

True Heart chuckled and said "Oh the others will be mine too. No matter what."

Grams smiled and said "That's so sweet. Let me tell you something True Heart."

True Heart looked at her and said "Yeah?"

Grams smiled and said "I go to Earth for a few weeks at a time to cheer up the elderly of Earth."

True Heart was shocked and said "What?"

Grams smiled and said "I know, but you all are so concerned with the younger humans that when the Great Wishing Star said you were to take care of Earth I went back to him and asked that I take care of the elderly by myself so you didn't have to worry about it."

True Heart raised and eyebrow and said "But why?"

Grams sighed and looked at Hugs and Tugs and looked back at True Heart with a tear in her eye saying "It gets lonely being older, I have Hugs and Tugs but some others aren't as luxurious as me. Most of their family forgets they even exist."

True Heart watched as the older bear began to cry a little and Grams said "I'm sorry to get so emotional but, the reason I never told you guys was because when I started you both had your hands full with quite a few cubs and Christy and Dark Heart. I figured you needed some sorta break."

True Heart began to get teary as well and said "Grams I never knew."

Grams smiled and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe a few tears saying "I didn't want you to, trust me True Heart it gets lonely being older. But as I've told these two with age comes experience and experience is a luxury I wouldn't give up for eternal youth."

True Heart smiled and said "Why did you tell us when they all grew up?"

Grams sighed and said "Because if I did then you'd worry too much, I can't do that to you."

True Heart felt a few tears escape her eyes and Grams dabbled them with her handkerchief. "Grams bear?"

Hugs asked holding a piece of paper. Grams looked at her and she handed it to her and she took it. It was a rather bad drawing but Hugs was only about two, it showed her, Grams and Tugs all holding hands and smiling. Grams smiled and said "Its wonderful dear."

And Hugs gave Grams one of her more powerful hug. Tugs looked at True Heart and handed her his picture that showed the same thing only with True Heart in it too and True Heart said "It's beautiful."

And Tugs gave her a hug and True Heart felt one last tear leave her eye...

Wish bear and Bedtime where in a Home Depot looking for some paint as they were looking Bedtime, (In the most wide away state Wish had ever seen) was asking a million question not even Wish bear had answer to. "What's his favorite toy?"

Wish bear shrugged and said "Relax Bedtime you'll get to know him soon but we need to pick out a color for his room first."

Bedtime nodded and said "Sorry, I'm so excited."

Wish bear chuckled and said "How about something red you know to match his fur?"

Bedtime nodded and said "But what type of red?"

Wish bear shrugged and said "How about we get a dark red? That way we also get some yellow to paint some hearts in?"

Bedtime nodded and said "Perfect!"

Wish bear smiled and put the two paint cans into their cart and they walked to the checkout lane catching a few glances here and there but no one said anything. As they got to their lane the cashier at first didn't notice their presence but she noticed them soon enough and said "Oh I'm so sorry, my mind was elsewhere."

Wish bear smiled and said "Its okay we'd like to buy this paint please."

Cashier nodded and scanned some of it and said "No problem, so sorry again I've just been preoccupied lately yeah know school, work, drama."

Bedtime smiled and said "It'll get better."

Suddenly the lady looked at them funny and she said "I swear I know you guys from somewhere."

Wish bear shrugged and said "We're part of the Care Bear family if that helps."

She snapped her fingers and said "I remember my name's Milly your friends helped me awhile ago with some bad luck."

Wish bear smiled and said "I'm Wish bear and this is Beadtime."

Milly smiled and Bedtime waved and said "Why are you so distracted?"

Milly sighed and said "Oh life's just been so boring I mean this isn't boring but I just haven't been doing anything exciting lately."

Wish bear smiled and said "You know what Milly sometimes adventures are just around the corner all you need to know is that life's not as boring as you think."

Milly smiled and said "Thanks Wish bear."

Wish bear smiled and asked "How much?"

Milly waved her hand and said "Its on me."

And handed Wish bear the paint and Wish bear smiled and said "Thanks Milly and remember adventures are just around the corner."

Milly nodded and said "I will."

And she waved as Bedtime and Wish bear walked out waving back...

Shreeky and Beastly where nearly back at No Heart's castle when Beastly asked Shreeky "Maybe we shouldn't go back to No Heart's castle after all."

Shreeky laughed and said "Why's that fur ball?"

Beastly groaned and said "Its just, I don't think No Heart will appreciate us coming back so early."

Shreeky laughed and said "Oh he won't care."

Beastly shrugged and brought the machine in for a landing. Shreeky yawned and said "I could use a nap however I wanna see uncle No Heart first."

She then walked into the thunder pit room and said "Uncle No Heart we're back!"

No Heart turned and said "Ah Shreeky just in time."

Shreeky walked in and said "Is the potion ready uncle No Heart?"

No Heart nodded and said "Indeed it is Shreeky."

And No Heart lifted up a bag and said "This bag will mark the end of the Care Bear family!"

Beastly walked in and asked "Oooooh, What's it do No Heart?"

No Heart chuckled and said "Why don't you find out?"

And he threw a little pinch of some dust at Beastly and Beastly suddenly began to shrink with him saying "Hey! What is going..."

Suddenly he couldn't talk and the dust cleared and revealed a small Beastly sucking his thumb speaking gibberish. "Ah! What did you do Uncle No Heart?"

No Heart laughed and said "I just took few years away, Shreeky now he's nothing more than a mere two year old."

And he laughed and the baby Beastly crawled across the floor and began chewing on Shreeky's shoe causing her to scream. "Can't you change him back?"

No Heart sighed and said "I can, however do not let anyone know it is reversible for of the Care Bears find out my plan will be ruined."

He grabbed a small vial and poured a drop into Beastly's mouth and then there was a Bright flash and the full grown Beastly sat the sucking his thumb saying "What..."

Shreeky and No Heart laughed and No Heart said "With the Care Bears nothing more than mere babies, no one can stop my uncaring shadows from robbing the world of its love and feelings!"

And he began to laugh loudly as did Shreeky and Beastly...

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