Love Finds All

And Two Become Three

A/N: Sorry for not updating I've been preoccupied lately.

Loyal Heart and Noble Heart had finally arrived in Care-a-lot and Loyal said "Finally."

Noble nodded down at the cub who'd fallen asleep in his arms and he smiled. Loyal landed the cloud car and hopped out saying "Want me to carry him now?"

Noble shook his head and said "Nah I got him." And he got out of the car.

After he closed his door he said "Wanna come with me?"

Loyal shook his head and said "Sadly I have to go home to Proud Heart before she bites my head off."

Noble Heart chuckled and said "Well, thanks for your help Loyal."

Loyal smiled and said "No problem." And he began to walk his way home.

Noble too began to walk home but the cub woke up in his arms and wanted to be put down. Noble Heart sighed and set him down saying "Okay, I'll let you down but behave."

The cub nodded and began walking beside Noble Heart while looking over his surroundings in awe. Noble Heart laughed a little and watched as a star buddy flew over and whispered in the cubs ear causing him to laugh and reach for it. Noble Heart smiled and thought back to when the others were that small and did the same thing. As they kept walking Noble felt the cub take his hand and Noble felt different. No, not different, more like happy. However they finally arrived at the front door and Noble Heart picked up the cub and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door he saw True Heart at first worried then relieved when she saw the muddy cub. "You got him!"

Noble smiled and said "Yup, he got a little dirty on the way back but I think over all things went smoothly."

True Heart smiled and said "Grams, Hugs, and Tugs are over there in the kitchen right now baking some happy apple pies."

Noble Heart nodded and said "So, I take it we should wash up."

True Heart smiled and said "Wouldn't kill you." Noble rolled his eyes and began to walk up stairs.

Once upstairs Noble Heart walked into their bathroom and started to run a warm bath and said "Make this easy on me buddy okay?"

The cub nodded and Noble Heart gently set him in the warm water and the cub smiled and began splashing around a little. Noble Heart shook his head and grabbed a sponge to clean the mud out of his fur a little when the cub began to make bigger splashes. Noble gave him a look and the cub smiled and kept splashing causing Noble to roll his eyes and think back to when the others did the exact same thing. Then he got conditioner and shampoo and started to clean off the cub. "Guess you can't really help it."

And he started getting behind his ear and said "You want a toy?"

The cub nodded and Noble Heart grabbed a rubber duck and said "How about this one?"

The cub grabbed it and began to play with it. After a few minutes the cub was clean and Noble took him out of the tub and dried him off. After words he brought the cub into their room and put him on the bed while he tried to find some baby clothes for him. After a minute he found something and put the cub in it and said "Perfect."

The cub smiled and Noble Heart carried him down stairs. As soon as he got down stair True Heart walked in saying "That's better."

And she took the cub from Noble Heart and said "Now you can go clean up."

Noble Heart crossed his arms and said sarcastically "I guess."

She rolled her eyes and said "Noble, come on look at you your covered in mud!"

Noble smiled and said "I know, don't worry I'll vacuum the carpet later."

She punched his arm and Noble went back to their bathroom...

Loyal Heart arrived home and opened the door to see Proud Heart standing there her arms crossed and tapping her foot. Loyal jumped and said "Ah, Proud Heart what's up?"

She raised an eyebrow and said "Where were you?"

Loyal laughed nervously and said "Just helping Noble Heart with a problem. Why do you ask?"

Proud Heart shrugged and said "Oh I don't know maybe the fact I woke up with no note, no call, and no clue where my favorite fiancè went."

Loyal smiled and said "So I'm not your only fiancè?"

She gave him a look and said "Keep that up and I won't have one at all."

Loyal shook his head and said "Sorry, bad timing look Noble and True Heart had a problem and Noble asked for my help it was urgent or else I would have left a note."

Proud Heart sighed and said "I know, I'm sorry I've just been so..." She thought for a second then said "Aggressive lately."

Loyal chuckled and said "Its fine, it's not like you can help it."

Proud Heart sighed again and said "Look, I just I don't know. One minute I'm happy the next I'm angry, then I'm frustrated!"

Loyal smiled and took her hand saying "Probably just your hormones it'll be fine trust me."

She smiled and gave him a kiss. Loyal then said "So, did I miss anything while I was gone."

Proud Heart shook her head and said "Well, other than me slightly freaking out and calling True Heart, no."

Loyal nodded and said "I see, and again I'm sorry but it was very urgent."

Proud Heart sighed and said "I know, I know."

Loyal smiled and said "You know I love you."

Proud Heart laughed and said "You'd better." And she gave him a kiss.

Loyal laughed and asked "Did you make lunch?"

Proud Heart nodded and said "I made some sandwiches."

Loyal made his eyebrows go up and down and said "Ohhh, what's the occasion?"

Proud Heart got a weird smile and said "I was hungry but you can make your own." And she walked away from a Loyal has his mouth fell open in shock and said "Well, aren't we a bit snippy."

She smiled and walked out of the room...

Grumpy and Swift Heart were watching a movie when Swift Heart asked "What do you think?"

Grumpy looked at her and said "Huh?"

She looked at him and said "About us. What do you think?"

Grumpy sat up and said "Um...Well, I love you with all my heart. I think we are perfect for one another. Why?"

Swift Heart sighed and said "I don't know...Well, to be honest, I love you with all my heart too. And I think we're perfect, but something's been bothering me."

Grumpy raised an eyebrow and said "What's that?"

She sighed and said "Well, you don't seem bothered by how fast we're going."

Grumpy shrugged and said "Should I be?"

She shrugged and said "I don't know I mean. I get that you're not exactly the whole 'Let's take things slow kind' of guy, but I mean we're married, I'm... well you know. And you went right along with all of it."

Grumpy gave her a look and said "But didn't you want those things?"

Swift Heart nodded and said "Yes, I did and I'm not trying to complain or anything."

Grumpy nodded and said "Honey, when you love someone you do anything to make them happy."

Swift Heart nodded and said "That's true."

He smiled and said "Well, everything that makes you happy makes me happy too."

Swift Heart smiled and said "I know, and that's true but..."

Grumpy gave her a look and said "Swift Heart, what's really worrying you."

She sighed and said "Grumpy why does it feel like my life going by so fast."

Grumpy smiled and said "What do you mean?"

She sighed and said "I mean, I feel like I'm not fully embracing my life first I'm single no kids. Now I'm married, moved in, and preggers and I feel like I'm not living my life to its full potential and..."

Grumpy leaned forward and gave her a kiss and said "Listen, life is one of those things you can't decide whether or not it goes slow or fast."

She smiled and said "I know, but why do I feel like it is?"

Grumpy shrugged and said "Maybe you're crazy."

She kicked him with her good foot and said "Not helping." And they both laughed.

Grumpy sighed and said "Look, your used to being on your feet a lot right?"

She nodded and said "Of course."

Grumpy stood up and said "Well, trust me life slows down when you can't run around like a maniac."

She rolled her eyes and Grumpy walked out and Swift Heart asked "Where you going?"

Grumpy laughed and said "Someone's gotta make lunch."

And Swift Heart sighed and began watching the movie again...

Innocent Heart was at Brave Heart's door and knocked on it. She waited for a minute then the door opened and Brave Heart said "Innocent Heart! What are you doing here?"

Innocent smiled and said "I figured I stop by and say hi."

Brave Heart nodded and said "Come on in." And he moved out of the way so she could go inside.

Once inside Brave Heart closed the door and said "Excuse the mess, I don't usually have guests over."

And he moved some papers around and Innocent said "So, rumor has it that you're the Care Bear Cousins second in command."

Brave Heart looked at her and said "That's no secret. Tenderheart is second in command for the Care Bears."

She nodded and sat down on his couch and Brave Heart said "You want a snack?"

She nodded and said "Sure, what do you have?"

Brave Heart thought for a second and said "I got some peanut butter balls in the fridge."

She nodded and said "Sounds good." And Brave Heart walked out and as soon as he was gone Innocent Heart picked up one of the papers and read it.

After a minute Brave Heart was back and he said "I got you some water too if that's okay."

She smiled and said "Thanks, so um how's life been treating you?"

He sighed and said "Thrown me a few curve balls but I got most of it handled with."

She nodded and said "I see, Brave Heart what's everyone's opinion about me?"

Brave Heart looked at her and said "I believe the general mood is happy. Why?"

Innocent shrugged and said "I feel like I'm sort of invading their territory I mean this is your guy's home and I just but in and say this is my home now too!"

Brave Heart chuckled and said "Don't worry Innocent you fit right in."

She smiled again and said "Really?"

Brave Heart nodded and said "Look tell you what why don't we go around and ask everyone."

Innocent blushed and said "Oh no I couldn't bother them."

Brave Heart smiled and said "Come on, it'll be fine."

She sighed and said "I guess I could give it a shot."

Brave Heart smiled and said "That's the spirit."

And he jumped up and said "Let's go now."

Innocent nodded and said "Okay." And she stood up and the two walked out the door...

Just before she would go into the kitchen True Heart sighed and looked at the cub and said "Ready to meet Gram, Hugs, and Tugs."

He looked at her confused and she walked into the kitchen and Grams looked at her and said "Oh True Heart your just..."

She stopped when she noticed the red cub and True Heart said "Grams meet this guy."

She made the cub wave and Grams said "Who's he?"

Hugs and Tugs looked and Hugs said "Is that another cub Grams bear?"

Grams looked at True Heart who said "Um...yes Hugs this is another cub."

Hugs smiled and said "Oh goody goody gosh!"

Tugs was confused and said "What's his name?"

True Heart shrugged and said "Well, he doesn't have one yet."

True Heart then set the cub down and he looked at Hugs and Tugs perplexed. Hugs and Tugs walked over and Hugs said "Hi, I'm Hugs!"

Tugs smiled and said "And I'm Tugs!"

The cub waved and Hugs and Tugs looked at True Heart saying "Doesn't he know how to talk?"

True Heart shook her head and said "No."

Grams looked at Hugs and said "Hugs, why don't the three of you go out to play?"

Hugs nodded and said "Come on Tugs!" And the two grabbed the cubs arms and the three left the room...

As soon as they were out of the room Hugs asked Tugs "What are we gonna play Tugs?"

Tugs thought for a second and said "How about hide and seek?"

Hugs nodded and said "Yeah!"

Then she noticed the look on the cubs face and she said "Do you know how to play hide and seek?"

The cub shook its head and Tugs said "It's easy! All you have to do is hide and one of us tries to find you."

Hugs nodded and said "Come on we'll hide and Tugs will try to find us."

She took his hand and the two ran off and Tugs began counting. Hugs and taken the cub outside and she pointed to a tree and said "Let's hide up there."

The cub nodded and automatically started climbing like it was second nature he reached the top before Hugs who was struggling a little and she said "Wow your a real good climber."

And she reached for a branch but as soon as she grabbed it it snapped and she lost her footing and she yelled "Ah! Help!"

The cub climb down a little and stretched an arm out to her and she grabbed it and he pulled her up. As soon as she got her footing again she said "Thanks." And gave him a hug.

The two then climbed to the top and waited for Tugs who ran out a few seconds later he looked around for a second before walking over to the picnic table. Hugs giggled a little and said "Now we wait."

Tugs thought for a second then looked at the tree and began to look around. After a second he saw them and said "One, two, three on you guys!"

Hugs sighed and said "Now that we've been caught we gotta decide who the new seeker is."

And she climbed out of the tree as did the cub once at the bottom Tugs said "Okay Hugs, this time we'll hide and you have to find us!" And he ran off with the cub as Hugs began to count...

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