Love Finds All


Grams and True Heart were in the kitchen talking. "True Heart! Why didn't you tell me about him?"

True Heart sighed and said "Grams I'm sorry but we had a problem that had to be dealt with first."

Grams sighed and said "What was it?"

True Heart rubbed the back of her head and said "He kinda got kidnapped."

Grams looked at her and said "What? By who!?"

True Heart sighed and said "Shreeky and Beastly. Look Grams I'm sorry but Noble brought him back!"

Grams rolled her eyes and said "Well, who's taking care of him?"

True Heart smiled and said "Wish bear and Bedtime agreed to adopt him. Since Wish bear found him we thought it was only fair they were asked first."

Grams sighed and said "What about his birth parents?"

True Heart made a face and said "Kinda decided to hold off on that for a few days."

Gram looked at her and said "Why?"

True Heart walked over to the oven to check on the pies and said "Well, we found him only yesterday. Today he disappeared and tomorrow he's probably going to move in with Wish bear and Bedtime."

Grams nodded and said "So, in a way, your a bit short handed?"

True Heart nodded and said "Other than you, Bedtime, and Wish. Only Loyal Heart and Proud Heart know so to say the least we're short handed."

Grams sighed again and said "Alright, I'm sorry dear it's just a big surprise I was not expecting."

True Heart laughed and said "Sorry Grams, the pies are almost ready wanna go get them?"

Grams chuckled and said "Trust me Hugs and Tugs know when happy apple pies are done just by the smell."

True Heart laughed again and said "You've taught them well."

Grams sat down and said "Yeah, those two keep me young."

True Heart laughed and said "I can tell, say Grams by any chance do you know what Hugs and Tugs think of the whole... New cubs thing?"

Grams shrugged and said "Well, they don't necessarily know you and Proud Heart are pregnant, but they have been getting bored more often lately. It's like the kids on Earth they get bored hanging out with one friend so much they hang out with others Hugs and Tugs don't...rather didn't have that option."

True Heart nodded and said "I see, it just bugs me a little."

Grams raised an eyebrow and said "Why's that dear?"

True Heart sighed and said "Well, it's just they've been by themselves, in a way, for a long time."

Grams caught on and said "I see what you mean however True Heart Hugs and Tugs aren't like children on Earth, they wouldn't tease or pick on them in a mean way."

True Heart shrugged and said "I know it's just... heh I don't even know."

Grams smiled at her and said "Its okay True Heart. It's only you being protective."

True Heart smiled and said "I know I know, silly me huh?"

Grams laughed and said "Come on the pies have gotta be done by now."

And she got up and walked over to the oven...

Shreeky had asked her uncle how his magic dust was gonna help him take away everyone's feelings and he had told her he'd explain it later. Usually she'd press for more information but he had "banished" her from the room so she had to leave. As she and Beastly left the room she said "Beastly!"

Beastly jumped and said "What is it Shreeky?"

She gave him a look and said "I'm going to take a nap so don't bother me!"

Beastly nodded and Shreeky walked away and down toward her room leaving a confused Beastly. As soon as she was in her room she closed the door and sat down in front of her mirror and took her hair band out allowing her hair to fall down and she sighed. She grabbed a brush and brushed her hair a little and thought to herself "I wonder what uncle No Heart's magic dust...or sand or whatever! Is gonna do to help us."

As she finished she set the brush down and stood up and looked out her window to the dark and gloomy clouds and said "Sometimes I wonder if being bad is worth it."

She sighed and kept looking suddenly she heard thunder and jumped and sighed. She pulled out her mirror it hadn't really broken but she was way too exhausted to even use it she looked into it and said "Magic mirror I'm feeling blue show me something I used to do."

The mirror shifted and revealed Shreeky when she used to go to school and had friends. Shreeky smiled and thought back to it all, she had friends, people she used to go to the movies, dancing, the park. As the image continued to play she began to feel more depressed and she said

"Come on Shreeky you know better than to think of your past where you actually cared about someone eck!"

And the image broke and Shreeky stood up and put the mirror on her dresser before she climbed into her bed and closed her eyes...

Beastly didn't know what to do, No Heart and Shreeky didn't want to be disturbed and he was bored. He went into his room and looked through somethings before saying "Oh what am I gonna do?"

He thought for a second and got an idea. "I know I'll go spy on those Care Bears and bring back important information for No Heart!"

He said laughing before he said "I'm so bad."

He then left his room and went to their little air lift and got on his bike helicopter contraption and took off. After a few exhausting minutes of flying he rearrived at Care-a-lot and landed, or crashed, then got up and dusted himself off before jumping into a cloud Bush when he heard someone talking. "Come on Treat Heart let's go!"

He peeked through and saw Birthday bear dragging Treat Heart who was giggling saying "What's the rush Birthday bear?"

Birthday bear smiled and said "I have a small surprise for you."

She giggled more and said "What is it?"

He smiled at her and said "Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you now would it?"

She laughed and snorted before sawing "I guess it wouldn't."

And the two ran off while Beastly popped out of the Bush and began sneaking around. As he was walking he heard another sound and jumped behind a few trash cans. This time when he peeked he saw Love-a-lot and Share bear walking and talking "Come on Love-a-lot talk to me!"

Love-a-lot sighed and said "I'm fine Share bear really just not feeling so great today."

Share bear appeared to be confused by this not that Beastly cared. "I don't know Share it's just why is everyone so secretive lately?"

Share bear gave her a look and said "What do you mean?"

Love-a-lot sighed and said "Have you talked to Brave Heart or Proud Heart lately?"

Share shook her head "No I have not."

Love-a-lot then said "That's what I mean. Usually we all like talking and hanging out but nobody wants to get together anymore."

Share gave her a look and said "Come on Love-a-lot that's not true!"

Love-a-lot raised an eyebrow and said "Oh really? Is that why when I tried calling Cheer she didn't answer after I called like six times? Or rather how when I asked Bright Heart if he could look at my water heater because it was making noises and he said no?"

Share looked at her and said "When did that happen?"

Love-a-lot sighed and said "Last month. But I will still hold it against him!"

Share rolled her eyes and said "Oh come on everyone been busy. Come on let's see what Lotsa Heart up to."

Love-a-lot grudgingly agreed and crossed her arms as Share dragged her along. Beastly snickered and began rubbing his hands saying "So, the Care Bears aren't talking to each other I wonder what that's about."

And he began walking saying "Oooh I'm so bad."

Harmony and Tenderheart had decided on Central park and they were setting up when Harmony asked "Say Tenderheart?"

Tenderheart looked at her and said "Yeah?"

She smiled and said "Thanks."

He looked at her and said "For?"

She smiled and said "Taking me out."

He smiled back and said "No problem, I figured you'd liked a day out at the park."

She put her hands on her hips and said "Didn't you have paper work to do today?"

He smiled and said "Maybe, maybe not. Guess we'll never know."

She rolled her eyes and said "I suppose so."

And she brought out a blanket and set it down for the two to sit on. He brought out some sandwiches and handed her one saying "Well, it is a beautiful day huh?"

She nodded and said "I agree."

And she took a bite of her sandwich as she sat down with him and the two looked around a bit. Before long though Tenderheart felt something hit the back of his head and he said "Ow!"

He turned to see a girl running at him saying "Oh sorry about that! my little brother and I where playing catch and well, he's got a better arm than I thought."

Tenderheart looked to see a frisbee on the ground so he picked it up and threw it back to her and she caught it saying "Thanks, sorry again."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Its alright." She nodded and ran off.

Tenderheart sat back down next to Harmony and she said "Are you okay?"

He nodded and rubbed the back or his head saying "Eh, accidents happen."

Harmony smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek saying "I know usually you kiss where it hurts but I don't feel like touching the back of your head."

He gave her a look and she smiled and they both laughed. They both began watching again and eating their sandwiches when Harmony asked "Hey Tenderheart?"

He looked at her "Yeah?"

She smiled and said "I love you."

He smiled back and said "I love you too." And the two shared a kiss...

Champ had felt pretty bad about what had happened to Swift Heart. He knew he was partially responsible because she had been trying to talk to him and he had just run faster. So he decided to find a way to make it up to her and he went over to Cheer's house he knew he couldn't avoid this forever so he knocked on the door. He heared Cheer saying "Just a second!"

So he waited a little then the door opened and she said "Who...Oh hey Champ!"

He smiled and said "How yeah doing sports fan?"

She smiled and said "I'm great how about you?"

Champ shrugged and said "So so, can I come in."

Cheer nodded and said "Yeah."

And Champ walked inside and Cheer closed her door and he said "Listen Cheer..."

He rubbed the back of his head and he said "Have you talked to Swift Heart yet?"

Cheer shook her head and said "No, why?"

Champ laughed nervously and said "Well, I was going out for my jog and she joined me and we were running and talking and..."

Cheer raised an eyebrow and said "And?"

He made a face and said "She may have broken her ankle..."

Cheers eyes widened and she said "What! How!?"

Champ blushed and said "Well, we were running she wasn't looking and..."

Cheer shook her head and said "I gotta call her."

Champ grabbed her arm and said "Wait! Look I know why she was talking to me."

Cheer blushed now and said "You do huh?"

He nodded and said "Look, Cheeer I know you really want an answer but I'm just not sure right now okay?"

She sighed and said "I know, but...Champ I just..."

He smiled and said "Look sports fan I'm just not sure but I swear you'll have your answer." She smiled and he gave her a kiss...

The three cubs were still playing when Hugs said "Tugs you smell that?"

He sniffed the air and said "Yeah Hugs! The pies are done!"

They both got excited and began to run leaving the little red cub confused so Hugs ran back and grabbed him and then dragged him along with her. As soon as they returned Tugs yelled "Grams! Grams!"

Grams walked out of the kitchen and said "Yes my little darling?"

Tugs had a smile on his face and said "Are the pies done?"

Grams chuckled and said "They are. Where is Hugs and..."

She didn't know what to say but Tugs answered the question anyways. "They're coming."

Grams nodded and Tugs went into the kitchen while Grams waited for Hugs and the cub to return. She only had to wait a few seconds though because as soon as Tugs left the room Hugs and the red cub walked in. "Ah there you two are!"

Hugs smiled and said "Hi Grams! Are the pies done?"

Grams nodded and Hugs went into the kitchen to eat leaving the cub standing puzzled. Grams smiled and said "You ever had a pie before?"

He shook his head and Grams said "Come on you'll like it." And she stretched out her hand and the cub took it.

As the two entered the kitchen True Heart had already Ut two plates down for them and she said "I already set the plates."

Grams smiled and said "Thanks True Heart."

And she picked up the cub and set him in front of his plate which he looked at in total and utter confusion. Hugs and Tugs had already began to eat their some what of a civilized way... Grams took a bite of hers and picked up another fork and cut a piece off for the cub and said "Open up."

The cub opened his mouth and Grams put the fork in and saw his eye light up. He suddenly began to eat his pies with both of his hand and Grams began to laugh saying "Slow down dear."

The cub smiled at her with some pie on his face and he began to eat again except at a slower pace. True Heart smiled and was eating her own price of pie and said "So, is it good?"

Hugs and Tugs nodded Grams smiled and said "Thanks for letting us bake True Heart."

True Heart smiled and took another bite...

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