Love Finds All

Hide and Seek

Harmony and Tenderheart we're still at the park when she asked him "Say Tenderheart?"

He looked at her and said "Yeah?"

She sighed and said "When's the next Care Bear Conference?"

He looked at her funny and said "Why do you ask?"

She shrugged and said "I don't know just curious I guess."

He chuckled and said "I don't know I could talk to Noble Heart and True Heart if you wish."

She smiled and said "Just for me?"

He smiled back and said "Of course!"

She shoved him a little and he laughed and wrapped an arm around her saying "Yeah, but I will talk to them okay?"

She nodded and said "Thanks." She sighed and looked up at the clouds for a few minutes.

Tenderheart looked at her and gave her a kiss saying "Harmony I love you."

She smiled and said "I love you too."

They both looked at the sky again, though they both lived on clouds, literally, they still found it fascinating that they form different shapes. Harmony suddenly got an I deal and say "Hey Tenderheart wanna play a game?"

He looked at her and said "Depends on the game."

She smiled at him and said "Let's make a story with the clouds in the sky."

He looked up and said "Sounds fun, but how exactly does that work?"

She pointed at a cloud that semi looked like a car and said "Take that one for example it looks like a car but add on to it by saying where it's going, who's in it, and stuff like that."

Tenderheart nodded and said "Okay, ladies first."

She rolled her eyes and said "Ha ha."

She then began to scan the sky for a cloud she could use. After a little bit she spots one and says "Okay. So that cloud looks like a ship."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Go on."

She then continued "But that ship is very important. That ship is from a family far away place called Justiceland or something. And its job is to bring a very important message to another part of the world."

Tenderheart nodded and said "Interesting."

She looked at him and said "I never said I was good at this game."

He smiled and looked around a little and said "Okay, take that cloud that looked like a shirt. To the n*** eye that is just a normal shirt but if you look a little closer you'll find that it had quite the story."

Harmony rested her head on his shoulder and chuckled as he began to go into detail of the shirt's adventure...

Wish bear and Bedtime were back at their home unloading the things they had bought. Wish bear seemed a little uneasy to Bedtime so Bedtime grabbed a bag and he asked "You alright?"

Wish nodded and said "Yeah, fine why do you ask?"

He smiled and said "Just curious you seem a bit nervous and it bothers me."

She smiled and said "We really need to spend more time together because this is how I usually act." And she walked into the house.

Bedtime chuckled and followed her inside, once inside they set their bags down and Bedtime grabbed her arm and said "Hey, look I know we should spend more time together but, I'm also just so...tired."

Wish bear chuckled and said "You're always tired."

He smiled and put a hand on her cheek saying "You know I don't want to be."

Wish bear sighed and said "Heh it's alright I can get pretty..."

She put her hands up in an aggressive manner and Bedtime said "Possessive?"

She nodded and said "Yeah, I mean I'm not high maintenance or anything, just enjoy a little company every now and then."

Bedtime smiled and said "Hey, its all right."

She smiled and said "No, it's not I mean I love you. But that's no excuse to make you something you're not."

Bedtime raised an eyebrow and said "What?"

She sighed and said "Your Bedtime bear me trying to keep you awake is wrong and I'm sorry I didn't see that sooner."

And she took his hand and the two shared a kiss...

Hugs, Tugs, and the cub were outside continuing to play their game of hide and seek. As they got returned to the tree and Tugs said "Okay, we'll hide this time and you find us!"

The cub nodded and faced the tree and counted in his head while Hugs and Tugs ran off. After he finished he looked around and noticed they were gone he thought for a second then got an idea. He then ran off in the same direction they did and looked around a bit before putting a finger on his chin and processing his surroundings then shaping his fingers and jogging over to a small bridge and looking it over then he looked under it and found Hugs hanging onto the bottom and saying "Aw man! You're too good at this game!"

And she dropped down and brushed herself off and followed him as he looked for Tugs. As he looked around he kept thinking as to where Tugs could be and then he got another idea and jogged over to a small sandbox and looked under it to find Tugs who said "Man!"

And crawled out from under it and Hugs giggled and said "Goody goody gosh! You're a master at this game!"

Then she gave him a hug causing him to blush and making Tugs a little jealous saying "Well, I'm just as good a seeker as he is Hugs!"

Hugs crossed her arms and said "Oh yeah?"

Tugs crossed his arms too and said "Yeah! And I'll prove it! You two go hide and I'll try to find you!"

Hugs looked at the other cub who shrugged and the two ran off and left Tugs who said "I'll show them!"

And he began to count. Again after a few seconds he said One, two, three who do I see."

In a bit of a aggressive tone as he looked around he began to walk around a little and searched under a picnic table to no avail. He crawled out from under and said "hmmm."

He looked around quarter bit then could have sworn he spotted Hugs in True Heart's garden. He ran over and began to look for her but as he was looking for Hugs he wasn't watching where he was going and he stepped on a small thorn and grabbed his foot saying "Ow! Ow!"

Before he tripped over a rock and fell into True Heart's pond with a loud splash! Hugs heard the splash and his yells and she jumped out from the Bush she was hiding in and spotted Tugs saying "Tugs!"

And she ran toward him with the red cub climbing down from the tree he was in running toward him too. Tugs spat some water out of his mouth in an arch with a lil-pad on his head. Hugs ran up to him and said "Are you okay Tugs!?"

He got an angry look on his face but just snuffled and said "I'm okay Hugs."

The red cub joined them and offered Tugs a hand which he just looked at and got up himself and Hugs said "Tugs!"

He looked at her and said "What!?"

She put her arms on her hips and said "He was trying help you up and you just turned him down say you're sorry!"

He put his hands on his hips and said "Why should I!?"

She began to yell and said "Because it's the polite thing to do!"

Tugs, overcome with jealousy and anger said "Well, I didn't need his help so I won't apologize!"

Hugs clenched her hand and said "Your just being ig...ign...ignor..."

Tugs raised an eyebrow and said "Ignorant!"

She nodded and said "Yeah!"

Grams walked outside and said "What's all the shouting about my little darlings?"

Hugs pointed at Tugs and said "Tugs wouldn't accept the other cub's help!"

Tugs pointed at the other cub and said "I don't need his help!"

Grams lifted her hands and said "Calm down you two is everyone okay?"

They both nodded grudgingly while the red cub nodded happily. Grams smiled and said "You two know better than to fight, but Tugs did he offer you his help?"

Tugs nodded and said "Yeah Grams."

She looked at him with a smile and said "Then why did you turn it away my little darling?"

Tugs didn't speak for a second then pointed at the cub and said "Because I don't need other people to help me like Hugs!"

Hugs looked at him and said "What! I don't need other people's help!"

Tugs looked at her and said "Do too!"

She looked at him and said "Do not!"

And then went back and forth till Grams said "Stop it you two."

And they both fell silent and Grams said "Look, usually I'd tell you two a story but I'm gonna try something a little different."

She smiled and said "Come with me all of you." And all three of them followed her back inside...

Grumpy and Swift Heart were still in their living room eating some mac and cheese and talking. "Grumpy, I'm telling you that I feel fine you're always so paranoid."

He smiled and said "One of us has to be."

She gave him a look and he took another bite with a grin his face. She shook her head and said "Yeah I guess you're right."

He stood up and checked the time and sat back down saying "It's almost three."

She rolled her eyes and said "Oh joy!"

He chuckled and said "Well, what do wanna do for the rest of the day."

She gave him a look and said "Why you asking me? You're the one who can still walk"

He gave her a look and said "You make it sound like we aren't gonna be together for a while."

She shook her head and said "What would I do without you."

She smirked and said "Not be eating right now." She threw a pillow at him causing him to laugh.

She sighed and said "I don't know haven't played checkers in a while."

He smiled and said "Checkers it is!" And he got up and left the room.

Grumpy walking into their room and looked around but didn't find their checker game. He crossed his arms and said "Oh why do these things always happen to me?"

And he walked into his workshop and looked around a little bit. After a few minutes he found it and said "Ah ha!"

And he began to walk out when he spotted the box and stopped dead in his tracks and started at it for a moment before picking it up and sighing. He smiled and began to turn the handle and listened as the music played. He then felt a tear slide down his cheek and he brushed it away and hid his box again and walked out of the room back into the living room saying "Got it!"

Swift Heart smiled and said "Fantastic!"

And Grumpy set down on the table and said "Now all I gotta do is move the couch."

With some incoherent mumbling Swift Heart looked at him and said "Can you do it by yourself Grumpy?"

He flexed and said "Of course I can!"

And he walked over and lifted up their other couch and dragged it to the other side of the table across from Swift Heart and said "See, nothing to it." With a grin which caused Swift Heart to roll her eyes and said "Then let's begin."

And the two began to set up their game...

Proud Heart and Loyal were enjoying their own game of Scrabble. As they continued to play Loyal asked Proud Heart "So, how does it feel?"

She limited her eyebrow and said "What do you mean?"

He smirked and said "You know what I mean."

She sighed and said "It's different, like a whole new you."

He smiled and said "Well, let us hope so."

She gave him a look and said "What's that supposed to mean!?"

He smiled and said "It's a joke sweetie."

She shook her head and said "Well, I'm feeling a bit hungry."

He gave her a look and said "Again?"

She gave him a look and said "Yes, again now go make me a sandwich."

He tilted his head and she said "Please."

He smiled and got up to make her something while he was gone she peeked at his letters then relaxed a bit and put her hand on her stomach. She waited a few minutes before he walked back in and handed her a sandwich which she grabbed and said "Thanks honey."

And he sat down on his side again and they continued. After several more minutes she said "Loyal, I'm sorry."

He looked at her and said "What for?"

She sighed and said "Everything, running off,yelling,...kicking you."

He winches a little then said "Its fine."

She shook her head and said "No it's not I was out of control and I'm sorry I won't do anything...too extreme again."

He laughed and said "Please your too proud not too."

She smiled and said "And your too loyal to let me huh?"

He nodded and said "But that's how we work."

She looked at him and nodded saying "Yeah, I don't think we could function with out it."

He nodded as well and said "I fear what our cub is gonna be like."

She laughed and said "I don't, he's gonna be like both of us."

Loyal looked at Proud Heart and said "He?"

She blushed a little and said "I think it's gonna be a boy."

Loyal smiled and said "What makes you so sure?"

She shrugged and said "I really don't know just a feeling I guess."

He nodded and she gave him a look and said "You want want a girl."

He looked at her and said "What!? No, well...yes...and no. Look I don't care the gender!"

She laughed and said "Loyal it's okay, I don't care if you do or don't but of you insist."

He sighed and said "Okay, maybe I wouldn't mind a girl more than a boy."

She smiled and said "That's okay, if it's a girl, it's a girl. If it's a guy, it's a guy."

Loyal smiled and said "I know and we'll love him or her just the same."

Proud Heart nodded then put down the last of her letters and said "I win."

And leaned across the board and gave him a kiss saying "Loser cleans up."

And she left the room with Loyal shaking his head...

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