Love Finds All

The Dust

Tenderheart had finished his story and the two were staring at the sky when they heard someone walking up to them and they sat up. They looked to see a little boy with a Frisbee and he said "Wanna play?"

Harmony looked at Tenderheart who shrugged and said "Why not?" And the two got up and the boy threw the Frisbee at Tenderheart who caught it and threw it over to Harmony, who threw it back to the boy.

This went on for a few minutes till the boy asked "What are your names?"

Harmony and Tenderheart laughed and said "I'm Harmony Bear and this is Tenderheart."

As she threw the Frisbee to him he caught it and said "What's your name?" As he threw it to him.

The boy caught it and said "Timmy but everyone calls me Tim."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Well met." And caught the Frisbee. "Do you live around here Tim?' He asked as he tossed him the Frisbee.

He shook his head and said "Nah, my family and I are camping and well..."

Harmony raised an eyebrow and said "Well?"

He sighed and said "I was playing catch with my sister but she ran off with some boy."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Don't worry you're only camping here for a few days then you go home to all your friends."

Tim smiled and said "Yeah I guess, it's just... we used to be closer but now we never seem to talk anymore."

Harmony looked at Tenderheart who nodded and said "Why don't we go talk to your sister for you?"

Tim's eyes brightened and he said "Really!"

Tenderheart nodded and said "Yeah, come on Harmony!" And the two ran off looking for Timmy's sister.

As they searched Harmony asked "Do you really think we can get Timmy's sister to spend more time with him again?"

Tenderheart smiled and said "We can do anything."

She smiled and they held hands as they walked through the park when suddenly Tenderheart said "There she is!"

And pointed at Timmy's sister who was at the moment holding hands with a boy while they took in the scenery Harmony asked Tenderheart "Do we still talk to her?"

Tenderheart looked at her and said "Absolutely." And the two began to follow them...

Beastly had finally made it back to No Heart's castle and was walking to No Heart thunder pit when Shreeky opened her door and Beastly ran into it with a thud! Shreeky yawned and said "Where is that Beastly?"

And she closed her door and Beastly fell down. Shreeky heard him fall and she said "Beastly! Stop lying around!"

Beastly groaned and stood up and said "Right away Shreeky."

And he began to walk but not in a straight line. Shreeky sighed and said "Come on fur ball!"

And she's grabbed him and dragged him toward No Heart's thunder pit room. As soon as she walked in she said "Uncle No Heart!"

No Heart turned and said "Ah Shreeky sleep well?"

She threw Beastly in front of her and said "Terrible."

He laughed and said "Perfect."

He then began to walk toward his thunder pit when Shreeky asked "Uncle how is this dust gonna help us?"

No Heart looked at her and said "Simple Shreeky were you not listening the first time? With the Care Bears unable to stop my shadow the feelings of the world will be ripe for the taking."

Shreeky nodded and said "Yeah obviously, but I mean so what if they're eck! babies?"

No Heart looked at her and said "If their little they can't stand against us Shreeky don't you understand that? Now you and Beastly must go and spread this dust."

Beastly stood up and said "No problem No Heart."

And Shreeky sighed and said "Fine..."

And No Heart grabbed the bag and tossed it to her and she caught it and said "Come on Beastly we got work to do."

Beastly nodded and the two ran out of the room and closed the door. Once they were gone No Heart sighed and went over to his cauldron and said "Show me Care-a-lot."

And the image revealed the happy cloud kingdom. No Heart shook his head and said "Uhh I'll show you Care Bears. Soon..."

And he turn to look at his potions and grabbed one before leaving the room...

Shreeky and Beastly were about to take off when Beastly asked "Shreeky, what do we do if some of the dust gets on us?"

She gave him a look and said "Who know fur ball just take us to Care-a-lot!" And Beastly began to petal and they were off.

As they traveled Shreeky kept looking into the bag but keeping her head back a bit for the fear of it spilling on her. She sighed and said "Hurry up! I want to surprise Uncle No Heart with how quick we can get there and back."

Beastly groaned and said "I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying!" And he began to pedaled faster.

It took them a few minutes but they finally arrived at Care-a-lot and landed. Shreeky got out first and looked around and said "Okay Beastly we go and find out first target okay?"

Beastly nodded and the two looked around luckily for them Good Luck bear was walking by with a trash can humming a tune when Shreeky moved in front of him and said "Stop right there Care Bear!"

Good Luck dropped the trash can and said "What the?" And Shreeky laughed and threw a little dust on him.

Good Luck coughed a little then suddenly began to shrink Shreeky laughed and said "Come on Beastly!" And the two ran off as a small green bear crawled out from behind the trash can.

Shreeky and Beastly ducked behind a Bush and tried to control their laughter and Shreeky look at Beastly and said "What are you laughing about fur ball."

Beastly gulped and said "Nothing Shreeky."

She smirked and peeked through the cloud and said "Look here comes another one!"

Beastly looked through too and saw Lotsa Heart out on a stroll she handed the bag to Beastly and said "Go get him Beastly!"

Beastly nodded and said "Yes Shreeky."

And he put on a glove and jumped out of the bush and said "Hey Lotsa!"

Lotsa Heart turned and said "Huh."

Beastly chuckled and threw some of the dust at him which he covered his eyes from then he too began to shrink. Shreeky came out of the Bush and said "Nice one fur ball."

And the two began to laugh when Beastly felt something grab his leg and he looked down to see Lotsa Heart holding on to him and he said "Hey let me go!"

And he began shaking his leg and he said "Let go, let go!"

And he began hopping and shaking his leg causing Shreeky to laugh and said "Oh relax fur ball."

And she made Lotsa Heart let go and she said "Come on Beastly!" And the two ran off again...

Grams brought the three into one of True Heart and Noble Heart's rooms and said "Now you all settle this and I'm gonna go talk to True Heart for a while." And she closed the door leaving the three confused and angry.

Hugs turned her back to Tugs who did the same while the red cub tilted his head and tapped Hugs shoulder she looked at him and said "I'm not talking to Tugs until he apologizes to you."

Tugs turned around to her and said "Well, I'm not gonna apologize to him!"

Hugs annoyed turned and said "Stop being a big baby about this!"

Tugs who had always seen himself as more mature than her said "Me! I'm not gonna apologize to him for offering help that I don't need!"

Hugs gritted her teeth and said "Oh like I need to!"

Tugs nodded and said "Yeah! Usually I'm the one you need to help you or you think is good at games now he is!"

Hugs was taken back a bit and said "Why because I said he's good at Hide and Seek?"

Tugs crossed his arms and said "Yeah!"

The red cub stepped in between them with his hands up and Hugs said "Dont listen to Tugs he doesn't know what he's talking about!"

Tugs yelled "I do too!"

And hugs yelled back "Do not!"

And they began to go back and forth when the red cub put his hands over their mouths and shook his head and then pointed to opposite corners and Tugs said "What now your gonna boss us around!"

The cub crossed his arms and nodded Tugs walked away grumbling and Hugs went to her corner with the cub still standing in the middle his arms crossed. Hugs and Tugs sat in their corners for a few minutes and seemed to cool down Hugs got up and walked over to Tugs and said "I'm sorry Tugs."

Tugs sighed and stood up and said "Me too Hugs."

She smiled and said "Goody goody gosh." And gave him a hug causing him to blush the red cub stood back and smiled and Hugs ran over to him and gave him a hug too.

And the three were ready to walk out when they realized that the door handle was too high. Tugs said "Hugs get on my shoulders!"

Hugs did so but they were still too short then the red cub lifted up Tugs with incredible strength and Hugs opened the handle and then hopped down as did Tugs and the three shook hands with some giggles and walked down stairs where they saw Grams in the living room reading and sipping some tea. She looked up and saw them saying "Well, did you all settle your differences?"

They all nodded and she said "Then you can go play again."

And the three ran outside...

Noble Heart had finished cleaning up a while ago and had snuck out of the house without True Heart, Grams or any of the other knowing. He went for a Stoll when he bumped into someone and said "Oof!" And fell down.

He rubbed his head and looked to see Shreeky and Beastly and said "What are you two doing here?"

Shreeky stood up and laughed saying "Ending your love and catering days. Throw the dust on him Beastly!"

She waited but it didn't happen she turned to see Beastly on the ground sleeping and she said "Beastly wake up!"

Beastly shot awake and said "Huh?"

But before Shreeky could repeat herself Noble Heart had already run and Shreeky yelled "BEASTLY GO GET HIM!"

Beastly shook his head and said "Right away Shreeky." And he ran after Noble Heart but he was too slow and Noble Heart managed to get away.

As soon as he was sure he was gone he said to himself "I gotta tell the others."

And he ran over to the caring alarm and began to ring it but he was stopped by a sudden zap and he turned to see Shreeky with her magic mirror and she said "Hold it right there Care Bear."

Beastly chuckled and said "Should I dust him Shreeky?"

Shreeky thought on it then said "No I recognize him. He one of the two Care Bears that rescued that red cub we kidnapped."

Noble Heart crossed his arms and said "I am Shreeky."

She smiled and said "Tie him up Beastly!"

Beastly looked at her confused and said "What?"

She smirked and said "If this is who think it is then we can use him to lure the others straight into a trap!"

Beastly chuckled and said "Oh good idea Shreeky...I mean a bad idea...I mean a..."

Shreeky gave him a look and said "Just tie him up."

And she threw him some rope that seemed to come from nowhere and Beastly walked over and tied Noble Heart up and said "I did it Shreeky!"

Noble Heart struggled again his restraints and said "You'll never get away with this Shreeky!"

She chuckled and said "I already have."

And she snapped her fingers and said "Come on Beastly!"

And Beastly began to drag Noble Heart back to their flying machine...

Innocent Heart and Brave Heart had been walking around and chatting with everyone and were about to continue when she said "Okay Brave Heart you've made your point can we go back to your house."

Brave Heart nodded and the two began to jog back to Brave Heart's house and walked inside before sitting down with a happy sigh. Brave Heart looked at her and asked "Want some water?"

Innocent smiled and said "Sure." And Brave Heart left.

Innocent sat up and picked up the piece of paper she was reading earlier then sighed and put it back down before relaxing again.

Brave Heart walked back in and handed her a glass with ice in it and she said "Thanks, the water is nice of you too."

He smiled and said "Say, I'm Innocent...would you a..."

He stopped for a moment and seemed to sweat again and Innocent said "What?"

He wiped his brow and said "Would you a... go to dinner tonight?"

She smiled and said "Sounds great."

Brave Heart smiled and said "Fantastic, say around seven?"

She nodded and stood up to stretch and said "So tell me, what's it like being second in command?"

Brave Heart raised an eyebrow and said "Its an adventure yeah know it has its ups and downs."

She smiled and suddenly did a hand stand on one hand saying "I'm just curious never really had a job quite like that."

Brave Heart stared at her in utter shock and said "Um a yeah. A..."

She looked at him and said "Oh this? I used in a circus."

He nodded and said "I see, I've never had a job like that."

She stood up and said "You wouldn't like it." And she sat back down.

They both sat in silence for a few moment until she asked "So, where do I have the honor of attending dinner with you?"

Brave Heart blushed and said "I hope here will do."

She made a face and said "Oh then never mind."

Brave Heart suddenly felt really down and looked at the floor and Innocent said "I'm kidding, here is great."

Brave Heart perked right up and said "Well, aren't you so funny?"

She smiled and took a sip of her water and said "I know I am."

Brave Heart rolled his eyes and said "What do you eat?"

She smiled and said "How about lasagna?"

Brave Heart choked a little then said "I that."

She smiled and said "Lasagna my favorite this one time someone made it with this one cheese."

She smiled and said "Greatest thing I've ever tasted."

Brave Heart smiled and said "I'll do my best."

She smiled and said "Thanks Brave Heart."

Brave Heart smiled and said "It's my pleasure Innocent Heart."

Innocent chuckled then began to tell him about another lasagna she'd had...

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