Love Finds All


True Heart had joined Grams in the living room and said "Everything work out?" She nodded and said "I tell you that little red guy has got a gift."

True Heart smiled and said "I know, man Noble Heart's been cleaning up for a while now."

Grams shook her head and said "Oh no. He slipped out when we weren't looking."

True Heart looked at Grams and said "Huh?"

Grams chuckled and said "Oh I know it. Hugs and Tugs do it all the time."

True Heart growled a little and said "Oh he's a clever one isn't he?"

Grams smiled and said "Calm down dearie he probably just went for a walk."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and True Heart stood up and opened the door and saw Secret bear pointing at the sky. She tilted her head and said "What is it Secret bear?"

Secret bear pointed at the sky and tugged on her arm and True Heart said "You want me come with you?"

He nodded and Grams said "Then we'll all go."

True Heart nodded and yelled "Hugs, Tugs, a..."

But the three were already right next to her and she said "Oh well, were going with Secret bear okay?"

They nodded and Secret bear began to run and they followed him. After running for a few minutes they encountered a trash can and a small Green Care Bear sucking his thumb. True Heart raised an eyebrow and said "What the?"

And picked him up and he cheered she looked at his stomach and said "Oh my goodness Good Luck what happened?"

Secret bear was pulling on her arm again and they all began to run again. They finally arrived at Brave Heart's house and knocked on the door and Innocent answered and said "Who... oh it's you Secret bear."

Secret bear signed to her "I need you to translate quickly!"

She signed back "Okay."

Secret told her about what had happened to everyone and Innocent told it to the others. True Heart got a look on her face and the she fainted but Grams caught her and the baby Good Luck. Secret Bear signed "We need to tell the others now!"

Innocent nodded and said "Is True Heart okay?"

Grams fanned her and said "She'll be fine just get everyone to the Hall of Hearts quickly!"

They both nodded and Innocent yelled to Brave Heart "Brave Heart we got a problem!"

Brave Heart ran out there faster than even Swift Heart could go. Once he joined the others he said "What the?"

Innocent grabbed his arm and said "No time to explain we need to get to the Hall of Hearts now!"

Secret bear nodded and they all ran including Hugs, Tugs, the red cub and even Good Luck who Innocent Heart had grabbed...

Once they all reached the Hall of Hearts they contacted everyone they could and soon everyone was making their way to the Hall of Hearts but soon Brave Heart noticed a few problems. "Tenderheart and Harmony aren't here!"

Secret looked around and signed to Innocent who said "Neither are Lotsa Heart, Treat Heart, Birthday bear, Share bear, and Love-a-lot."

Bright Heart stood up and said "What's going on Brave Heart?"

Brave Heart looked at Innocent whos face turned red from everyone looking at her but she managed to tell them all what Secret bear had signed to her. Grumpy, who had managed to get Swift Heart there by some magic miracle, said "Well, this is gonna be adventurous."

Swift Heart punched him lightly and he said "Ow!"

Gentle Heart blushed a little and said "Well, what are we gonna do?"

Brave Heart thought for a moment then said "I don't know, usually Tenderheart thinks of the plans."

Tugs leaned over to Hugs and said "Hugs maybe we can think of something."

She smiled and said "Goody goody gosh." And the two began to rack their brains.

But the red cub thought of something and walked behind Innocent Heart and tugged on her shirt and she turned to him and leaned down he pointed at a piece of paper and crayon and she handed it to him. He began to draw a picture and she waited till he finished and handed it to her and she looked it over and said "Good idea!" And he smiled and blushed a little.

She stood back up and handed the paper to Brave Heart who looked it over a said "Of course!"

Everyone looked at him and he said "Listen everyone, here's what we are gonna do."

He began to go into detail of what the red cub had drawn. Grumpy groaned and said "That'll never work!"

The red cub slouched a little and Hugs whispered to him "That's Grumpy. He never likes anyone's ideas, well besides his own."

Bright Heart thought it over and said "It just might work." That sold it and everyone agreed.

Brave Heart smiled at the red cub who smiled a little and Brave Heart said "Okay, just to be sure let's go over it one more time."

Everyone nodded and Brave Heart said "Okay, so here's the plan. We break up into three teams one lead by Innocent, one by me, the final one led by Bright Heart."

Bright Heart looked up and said "Me!"

Brave Heart nodded and continued "One team goes to rescue Noble Heart the other goes and rounds up all the others who have been turned."

He lifted his fingers up and put "Turned" in air quotes. "And the final one will seek into No Heart's castle."

Grumpy groaned and said "Oh come on we can go into more detail than that!"

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Grumpy!" And Grumpy, to everyone's surprise, didn't complain.

Cheer winked at Swift Heart who smiled back. Brave Heart nodded and said "Grumpy's right we should go into more detail but I'm leaving the up to the group captains to do."

Everyone then shook hands and Brave Heart said "Bright Heart your team will be Cheer bear, and Cozy Heart. And you guys are gonna have to break into No Heart's castle and see if there is a reverse to this spell."

Bright Heart nodded and Brave Heart continued and said "Innocent, Hugs and Tugs, and Swift Heart will round up everyone."

Grumpy stood up and said "What! You can't let the cubs get involved!"

Brave Heart looked at Grumpy and said "I'm sorry Grumpy but we are a bit short handed. Everyone else is with me."

And he stood up and motioned for his group to follow as did Innocent and Bright Heart...

Shreeky and Beastly had decided to go back to the carnival with Noble Heart but they decided to his in the big tent. Noble Heart had been put in a cage and he pulled on the bars and said "Shreeky let me out of here."

Shreeky sighed and said "Fine!"

Noble Heart looked at her and said "Really?"

She chuckled and said "No, why do you good guys always say that like we had guys are gonna be like oh okay as long as you asked nicely."

Noble Heart shrugged and sat down saying "It's just the thing people do. Anyways you're not gonna let me go then the Care Bear family will save me."

Shreeky laughed and said "We already though of that."

She snapped her fingers and Beastly ran beside her and handed her the bag and she said "That's why Beastly here is gonna wait by the door and throw this dust on them when they walk in."

Noble Heart chuckled and said "Ha what's dust gonna do?"

Shreeky smirked and said "Would you like to see?"

Noble Heart nodded and Shreeky took a pinch and sprinkled it on an adult ant that suddenly drank to nothing more than an ant larvae. Noble Heart gasped and sarcastically said "Oh my goodness you're gonna turn them into babies! You monster!"

Shreeky pulled out her mirror and shot his foot which caused him to jump and hit his head. "OW!"

She sighed and said "And I thought you were supposed to be smart seeming as how you one of the Care Bears leaders."

Noble Heart rolled his eyes and said "Face it Shreeky you aren't gonna win."

She zapped him again and he bumped his head with a loud thud and he said "OW!"

She crossed her arms and said "Got anything more to say?"

Noble Heart walked to the edge of his cage and said "Shreeky I can see past your selfish, evil ways and I see a girl who deep down really cares about what she does."

Shreeky suddenly lost her mellow relaxed state and said "You don't know what you're talking about so shhhh."

And she began to walk away and Noble Heart said "What about Freedom high school?"

Shreeky stopped dead in her tracks and Beastly looked and her and said "Shreeky what's he talking about?"

She looked and Beastly and said "Shut it!"

Beastly took a few steps back and Shreeky walked right to the side of the cage Noble Heart was on and said "How do you know about that?"

Noble Heart tilted his head back and said "You forget who I am since you were little Shreeky. Me and True Heart were watching you we knew who your family was but we don't judge people by their family."

Shreeky nodded and said "Then you know what happened."

Noble Heart nodded and said "And we tried to help you. Or do you not remember."

She looked at him and said "I remember you, and your...what wife? Friend? I really don't care. I remember everything but I try to forget."

Noble Heart looked at her and said "Shreeky that wasn't your fault or ours."

Shreeky looked at him and said "No? Then who's is it then?"

Noble Heart looked at Beastly and Shreeky did too and she said "Him? I didn't even know who he was back then!"

Noble Heart sighed and said "Shreeky, Beastly had a cousin whose job it was to make you miserable so you'd run to your uncle."

Shreeky shook her head and said "No, it's not true."

She looked at Beastly and said "Is it?"

Beastly shrugged and Noble Heart said "He doesn't know, but believe me Shreeky it was not your fault."

Shreeky shook her head and said "Beastly!"

Beastly looked at her and said "Yes Shreeky?"

She looked at him and said "Lift up the cage." He nodded and he lifted the cage into the air...

Tenderheart and Harmony hadn't even noticed their caring keepers go off because they had been too busy chasing Tim's sister through Central Park. Even though they were pretty sure that she wasn't running from them she was making their pursuit pretty hectic. Finally they caught up with her and she said "Oh it's you two listen sorry again about the Frisbee thing."

Tenderheart was struggling to cat h his breath but because Harmony usually sang she could have doubled the length of the run and still talk normally "Listen, your Timmy's sister right?"

She nodded and said "Yeah, Elizabeth how do you know Tim?"

Tenderheart wheezed out ""

And he almost fell over but Harmony caught him and said "Timmy really wants to spend time with you Elizabeth."

Elizabeth sighed and said "I know, and I feel terrible but it's not fair that I can't enjoy myself."

Harmony gave her a look and said "Sweetheart he's your brother you need to spend some time with him or next thing you know wham! You're moved out and you two are estranged to one another."

Elizabeth sighed and said "Okay, I'll go hang out with him. Thanks, um..."

Harmony smiled and said "I'm Harmony and this is Tenderheart."

Elizabeth smiled and said "Let me guess you're care bears?"

They both nodded and Elizabeth said "Well, nice to meet you both."

And she ran off and Tenderheart waved and looked at Harmony who gave him a kiss and he seemed to get the air back into his lungs. "Well, I don't need to go for my jog today."

She chuckled and held his hand and said "Come on we should probably head back about now."

Tenderheart nodded but stopped and spun Harmony around so she was looking him in the eye and he said "Harmony, I'm glad we went on this little trip."

She smiled and said "Me too." And the two shared another kiss.

Then they both ran back to their picnic sight and began to pack everything up when Tenderheart looked at his Caring beeper and noticed it had gone off and he said "Oh shoot we missed something in Care-a-lot!"

Harmony looked at her own Caring beeper and said "Oh we didn't don't we?"

And she threw the last thing they had and hopped in the car and the two drove off...

True Heart was coming too and saw Grams setting a tray of tea on the table and she said "Oh what happened?"

Grams smiled and said "You fainted." True Heart made a face and said "Fainted? why?"

Grams smile faded and she said "Noble Heart got kidnapped."

True Heart stood up and said "What! Where is he! We gotta go find him!"

Grams stepped in front of her and said "Calm down, the others are gonna get him on their own he'll be fine okay?"

True Heart sat down and said "I guess, oh man this is bad. Anything else?"

Gram made a face and said "Shreeky and Beastly had some sort of dust that cab reverses everyone to cubs."

True Heart sarcastically said "Oh that's relieving."

Grams smiled and said "Here drink this it'll calm you down."And she handed her a tea cup and sat down next to her with her own cup and said "They'll be fine True Heart okay?"

True Heart nodded and said "Okay, okay."

And True Heart took another sip of her tea and said "You know Grams when I found out I was pregnant I expected thing me to go smoothly fools error huh?"

Grams smiled and said "Nah, I believe everyone expecting mother does." True Heart leaned on Grams shoulder and said "I'm so scared for Noble Heart."

Grams wrapped an arm around her and said "Me too dear, me too." True Heart looked at Grams and said "Where are Hugs and Tugs?"

Grams smiled and said "They went with Brave Heart and Innocent. Don't worry dear they are in safe hands."

With that True Heart nodded and took a sip of her tea...

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