Love Finds All

Rescue Gone Wrong

Brave Heart's group was trying to figure out their plan but they had two problems. One they didn't know where Noble Heart was, two they had no idea what Shreeky and Beastly had planned. "Well it can't be that hard to find him right?" Brave Heart asked hoping they would agree with him.

Grumpy sighed and said "For all we know they took him to No Heart's castle. And we'll never get them out."

Wish Bear rolled her eyes and said "Way to stay optimistic Grumpy."

Grumpy just mumbled something then said "Well, where could they have taken him?"

Loyal Heart thought for a second then said "They may have taken him to an abandoned carnival Noble Heart and I saw."

Everyone looked at him and he asked "What?"

Friend Bear sighed and said "When did you two find a carnival?"

Loyal looked at her and said "Is that really important right now?"

Friend Bear nodded and Brave Heart asked "Okay where is this Carnival?"

Loyal sighed and said "I can show it to you but we should probably work on our plan a little more."

Brave Heart nodded and said "Alright, so if they are at No Heart's castle when Bright Heart's group comes back we can ask. But until then we can just assume they are at this carnival."

Grumpy groaned and said "What if they're not though. We'd be wasting time."

Brave Heart looked at him and said "You got any other idea where they could be?"

Grumpy shook his head and said "No, I just think scouting out this carnival first is a better idea in case this is a trap or they are not there."

Proud Heart scratched her ear and said "I hate to say it but Grumpy's right it's worth it to scout the place out first."

Wish Bear looked at her and said "And whom do you assume we send."

Proud Heart looked at Grumpy with a grin and said "Grumpy's idea, Grumpy's job."

Grumpy looked at her and said "What! Woah wait a minute. By myself? I can't do that!"

Brave Heart sighed and said "Take Loyal with you he needs to show you the place anyways."

Loyal nodded and said "I don't mind."

Grumpy rolled his eyes and said "Okay. Should we go now?"

Brave Heart nodded and Grumpy and Loyal stood up and left the room. Brave Heart sighed and said "Anyone got anything else to say?"

They all shook their heads and Brave Heart said "Then we best get ready."

And they all got up and went to go get their cloud cars and rainbow rollers ready...

Bright Heart's group was trying to figure out how they were gonna get into No Heart's castle. Bright Heart had said it was simple just sneak in and sneak out but Cheer wanted some more details. "Look Bright Heart I'm just not comfortable with just sneaking in. I mean what if we get separated? Or worse?"

Bright Heart shrugged and said "I don't know Cheer. But all we have to do is sneak in and go to No Heart's thunder pit and check his spell book."

Cheer sighed and said "Fine fine."

Cozy Heart smiled and said "Cheer up Cheer Bear; we'll be in and out in no time!"

Cheer smiled and said "I hope so, well? What are we waiting for let's go!" And all three got up and hopped into a cloud car and took off.

As they drove Cheer Bear looked at Cozy Heart and said "I haven't seen you in a while we're have you been?"

Cozy Heart smiled and said "I was just on a little trip that's all."

Cheer smiled and said "Well, that's good."

Cozy Heart smiled back and said "Yeah, how about you Cheer, how are you?"

Cheer's smile faded a little and said "I've been better but also worse."

Cozy tilted her head and said "We ssssshould hang out sssssssome time."

Cheer nodded and said "Here here."

Bright Heart sighed loudly and said "I hate to be a downer girls, but can we focus a little?"

Cheer rolled her eyes and said "On lighten up a little Bright Heart."

Bright Heart looked at her and said "This isn't exactly the moment to relax."

Cozy Heart shrugged and Cheer waved her hand. They all sat in silence for few minutes before they arrived at No Heart's castle. "So, what now?"

Cheer said and Bright Heart looked at her and said "Let's go in the back way."

Cozy Heart just nodded and all three began to go toward the back door when suddenly two of No Heart's shadows flew by and they had to duck into some dark wet clouds. "Yuck! These clouds are soaking wet."

Cheer said while flicking some water off her. "Its water it'll dry."

Bright Heart said while watching to see if there were more shadows.

Cheer still was disgusted but knew they had to keep moving. "Looks all clear."

Bright Heart said and all three got up and continued their way to the back door...

Innocent's team probably had the easiest yet still a hard job. "I'd say I could just run around and find them but."

Swift Heart motioned toward her ankle and Innocent said "I get it. I could just go around and you guys can just make sure none of them run off again."

Hugs and Tugs said "But we can help too!"

Swift Heart looked at Innocent and shrugged saying "Worth a shot."

Innocent sighed and said "Okay, okay. Why Brave Heart put me of all people in charge of a group I'll never know but Hugs, Tugs if you two feel up to the task."

Hugs and Tugs nodded and said "Of course we are!"

Innocent smiled and said "Okay, then all I want you to do is just bring everyone you find back to the Hall of Hearts okay?"

They both nodded and ran off. Innocent looked at Swift Heart and said "You sure you'll be able to handle all of the ones we bring back by yourself?"

Swift Heart made a face and said "Come on how hard could it be?"

Innocent shrugged and said "Alright, we'll be back."

Swift Heart nodded and Innocent ran off as well. Innocent exited the Hall of Hearts and tried to think of were the others would be when she got an idea and made her way over to one of the houses whichever happened to be Birthday Bears and she walked around trying to find someone. As she walked around she swore she heard someone crying so she ran over to find a little Birthday Bear waving his arms in tears.

She sighed in relief and picked him up and said "Don't worry Birthday Bear everything is gonna be fine. I hope."

And she was about to run back to the Hall of Hearts when she felt a little hand on her leg and she looked down to see a little Treat Heart tugging on her leg. She sighed and picked her up and brought them both back to the Hall of Hearts...

Grumpy and Loyal Heart were in a cloud car on their way to Earth when Loyal asked "Why do you seem grumpier than usual?"

Grumpy looked at him and said "What do you mean?"

Loyal sighed and said "Normally you just complain but go along with a plan or offer advice on it but never have I, at least seen you, suggest a complete new approach to something."

Grumpy sighed and said "I wasn't trying to do a whole new approach. I just thought we should keep our options open."

Loyal sighed and said "I know, and I get that but you could have been more subtle."

Grumpy chuckled and said "Me? Subtle? Goodness Loyal."

Loyal chuckled and said "Hey, I'm just saying."

Grumpy shook his head and said "I know, I just don't exactly enjoy being away from Swift Heart and it makes me snappy."

Loyal smiled and said "I know the feeling, every time I turn my back Proud Heart seems to run off and it scares me half to death."

Grumpy sighed and said "Some situations we got into huh?"

Loyal chuckled and said "Yeah, and her being pregnant isn't helping."

Grumpy smiled and said "Hey, it's gotta get better right?"

Loyal smiled and said "I suppose so." And they both laughed a little.

After a few minutes they arrived at the carnival and got out of the cloud car. The two began to walk around a little when Grumpy asked "Where did they go last time?"

Loyal Heart laughed and said "Ferris wheel, but I doubt they'd go there again."

Grumpy rolled his eyes and said "I agree. Wanna check out the big tent over there?"

Loyal nodded and the two made their way over. As they got closer Loyal bad feeling and said "Maybe we should look somewhere else."

Grumpy shook his head and said "We have to check here first."

Loyal sighed and said "Alright." And they arrived at the tent doorway and peeked in and saw Noble in his cage tugging at the bars.

Loyal walked in and said "Noble Heart!"

Grumpy suddenly saw Beastly appear in front of Loyal and was about to throw some dust on him but Grumpy started him and launched him back a little.

Loyal suddenly realized what was happening and was about to run out when Shreeky shot her mirror and caused the cover to the tent close and made some sort of magic spell stopped Grumpy from opening it from the outside. "Well, well is this all the Care Bears could send?"

Shreeky said with a grin which caused Loyal to clench his first and say "Let me out of here Shreeky!"

Beastly managed to sit up and said "What happened?"

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "You messed up fur ball!"

Beastly groaned and said "Oh don't worry Shreeky now we got him cornered!"

Shreeky looked at him and said "We?"

Beastly gulped and said "Not we Shreeky, no never we I mean you! You got him cornered!"

Loyal rolled his eyes and said "What are you gonna do Shreeky?"

Shreeky smiled and snapped her fingers and said "Beastly!"

Beastly nodded and he pulled out another rope and tied Loyal's hand while Shreeky brought down Noble Heart's cage and opened the door before putting Loyal inside...

Even with all his strength Grumpy couldn't get the cover up. He tried to get in by crawling under the tent itself but Shreeky's spell covered that too. He tried charging the plastic but all he got was a sore arm, so he resorted to his last resort. He took a deep breath and started to stare the cover. At first the spell appeared to break a little but Grumpy alone couldn't do it, it would require more. He sighed and yelled "I'll be back Shreeky!" And he ran back to his cloud car.

As he drove back to Care-a-lot all he could think about was the ear full he was gonna get from Proud Heart but he had to try. He managed to make it back in record time and jumped out and ran inside. As soon as he was inside he was greeted by Brave Heart who walked out and said "Grumpy! What happened?"

Grumpy tried to catch his breath and said "Loyal and I got spotted."

Suddenly Proud Heart walked out and said "Grumpy your back, where's Loyal?"

Grumpy couldn't look her in the eye and said to Brave Heart "Shreeky trapped Loyal in the main tent I couldn't get to him."

Proud Heart's face changed from relaxed to shear anger and she said "What!?"

Grumpy put his hands up and said "Listen Proud Heart we found Noble Heart and if we all go now we can break the spell she has on the tent and go rescue him."

Proud Heart took a deep breath and said "Well? What are we waiting for let's go."

Grumpy nodded and said "Yeah, I'll go tell everyone." And he went inside the building.

After Grumpy had explained everything to everyone they all hopped into their cloud cars and rainbow rollers and followed Grumpy's lead. Once they arrived at the carnival they followed Grumpy again to the big tent and Brave Heart said "Grumpy are you sure that we can't go in?"

Grumpy nodded and said "I'm sure Brave Heart."

Brave Heart walked forward and reached for the cover and Grumpy yelled "No!"

But Brave Heart didn't hear him and he pushed the cover Grumpy confused "What?"

Brave Heart shrugged and walked inside and the others followed. Proud Heart was the last one in when Grumpy stopped her and said "Wait."

Proud Heart was confused and Grumpy thought on it for a second before yelling in "Wait it's a tra..." but he was cut off by Shreeky closing the cover and putting the spell on it again and laughing.

Brave Heart and the others turned and he said "Wha..."

But Shreeky cut him off and said "This is what you call a trap Care Bears."

Brave Heart chuckled and said "Come on Shreeky your outnumbered!"

Shreeky laughed and said "Maybe, but I have one thing you don't."

Brave Heart laughed and said "Whats that?"

Shreeky snapped her fingers and Beastly jumped out with the bag of dust and threw a few handfuls over everyone and they all began to grown down into their cub form. Noble hit one of his bars and said "No!"

Shreeky laughed and said "Yes, Care Bear your little rescue party's plan has been foiled!"

Noble Heart suddenly got an idea and he leaned on the side of his cage and said "You know Shreeky, someones gotta watch all those cubs."

Shreeky crossed her arms and said "So?"

Noble Heart smirked and said "You ever watched one?"

And he counted all the little cubs crawling around and said "how about seven or more cubs before?"

Shreeky suddenly lost her smile and said " but what's your point?"

Noble shrugged and said "I mean I have, but eventually they are gonna get hungry or you know bump their heads."

Shreeky looked at Beastly who shrugged and she said "Oh you're just trying to trick us!"

Suddenly she cringed when she heard the unmistakable cry from none other than Brave Heart who had bumped his head on a seat and that set them all off...

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