Love Finds All

Escape and Capture

A/N Okay let me just day I am terrible sorry about the with I just missed two days of school and fell way behind I promise I'll update faster and when I can.

Bright Heart's team had made it to the back door and were now inside No Heart's castle. As they made their way around Cheer couldn't help but ask Bright Heart "What exactly are we looking for?"

Bright Heart looked at her and said "Anything that could tell us how to reverse this spell."

Cheer nodded and Cozy Heart asked "Where do you think we would find it?"

Bright Heart shrugged and said "I calculate that he'd most likely keep it in his thunder pit room."

Cheer looked at him and said "What makes you say that?"

Bright Heart rolled his eyes and said "Just trust me."

Cheer shrugged and said "Alright." And the three kept moving.

As they made their way around a corner Bright Heart stopped and raised his hand. He peaked around another corner and said "Okay, No Heart's storm room is up ahead I'll go first to see if the coast is clear."

Cheer looked at him and said "By yourself?"

Bright Heart nodded and said "I'll give you the signal if it's clear if I'm not back in five minutes something's wrong."

Cozy Heart shook her head and said "It'sssss too risssssky!"

Bright Heart smiled and said "It's more risky if we all go." And with that before they could object he bolted around the corner and into the thunder pit room, empty.

This made bright Heart uneasy but he just sighed and gave the signal to Cheer bear and Cozy Heart who joined him in the room.

They began to look around and Cheer said "Let's try to hurry up this place gives me the creeps and I'm getting all dirty."

Bright Heart smiled and shook his head "Well, if we can find out what reverses the spell we can get out of here."

Cozy Heart was looking at No Heart's shells when she said "Hey Bright Heart?"

Bright Heart turned and said "What is it Cozy Heart?"

She tossed him a vile and he caught it saying "Growth formula?"

She shrugged and said "Might be both growth in asssssked and age."

Bright Heart examined the vile some more then said "This just might work but if it doesn't get his shrink formula too."

Cozy nodded and tossed him that vile too and he caught it. Cheer suddenly said "Guys someone's coming!"

Bright Heart and Cozy Heart ran over to the way they came in and hid with Cheer as No Heart walked in with two shadows and said "Ah ha ha with Beastly and Shreeky distracting the Care Bear family with that magical dust I can set in motion my real plan."

No Heart's demons seemed to simulate laughing and he grabbed one of his other viles and said "With this potion I can make everyone in the world be loving and caring."

His shadows got a confused look and he said "With everyone over caring that Caring meter the Care Bears have will over load and break, then I can take away every person's feelings in the world!"

There was a sudden thunder and Cozy Heart and the others flinched. No Heart began moving something's around before he said "With all the Care Bears distracted no one can stop me!"

Bright Heart and the other began to back away when suddenly Cheer tripped over Cozy Heart's foot and they all fell down. No Heart turned and said "What? Huh! Care Bears!"

Bright Heart stood up and said "Run!"

And all three took off No Heart pointed at them and said "After them!"

And his shadows began to chase Bright Heart and the others.

As the three turned a corner Bright Heart tripped and got his foot stuck on something. "Ah! Cheer bear, Cozy Heart!"

Both stopped and ran back to Bright Heart and Cheer said "Can you get it loose?"

Bright Heart tugged on his foot but just shook his head and said "No, here."

And he handed Cheer the files and she said "No, no, no we can get you out."

Bright Heart shook his head and said "There's no time, go."

Cheer was still shaking her head and Cozy Heart had to grab her arm for her to get going. Bright Heart turned his attention back to his foot and said "I calculate if I counter the weight on the other side..."

And with one final jab his foot broke free. He smiled and said "Yes!"

And he got up but as soon as he turned around he bumped into No Heart himself with his two shadow at his side. Bright Heart sighed and said "I take it this is where I surrender?"

No Heart chuckled and said "You're Bright Heart correct?"

Bright Heart nodded and said "Indeed I am."

No Heart thought on it for a second then said "Seize him!"

And the two shadows, somehow, managed to grab Bright Heart's arms and lift him up with him kicking and saying "Let me go!"

Bright Heart chuckled and said "I don't think so."

And he snapped his fingers and all of them began making their way back to the thunder pit room...

Innocent Heart wasn't having an easy time either after bringing in Birthday bear and Treat Heart. Every time she found one of the others it magically disappeared. She sighed and yelled "You know you guys aren't exactly making this easy!" And she took a deep breath.

Suddenly she felt a slight tug on her pants and she turned to see Lotsa Heart had a smile. Innocent Heart smiled and picked him up and said "Thanks."

And she made her way back to the Hall of Hearts where Swift Heart had all the others under watch. Innocent smiled and set Lotsa Heart down and he joined the others. She sat down and said "It's as if they don't know what happened nor do they care."

Swift Heart shrugged and said "Maybe the spell changed their minds too."

Innocent shrugged and said "I don't know, all I do know is that Love-a-lot, Tenderheart, Harmony, and Share are still missing."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Yeah. But at least we got the others." Innocent Heart smiled and said "I suppose so."

The two sat in silence for a few minutes when Hugs, Tugs, Love-a-lot, and Share walked in and Share said "What's going on?"

Innocent sighed and explained everything again and finish with "Didn't you two get the message?"

Share and Love-a-Lot shook their heads and Share said "We were out of range.

Innocent Heart nodded and said "Alright."

Share smiled and said "So what do we do?"

Innocent shrugged and said "Wait for the others to come back."

Love-a-lot nodded and said "Okay."

And the two sat down and they began to wait till Tugs said "Innocent, Tenderheart is back."

Innocent Heart perked up and said "What?"

Tugs motioned for them to follow and they did and they walked out of the Hall of Hearts to see Tenderheart land his cloud car and said "What? I leave for a few hours and all of Care-a-lot falls apart?"

Innocent shrugged and said "Kinda."

He sighed and said "Okay, bring me up to speed."

And he grabbed his coat which he never wore but felt complied to wear it. As they walked inside Innocent explained everything and Tenderheart sighed and said "So, Brave Heart left to go save Noble Heart, you rounded everyone up, and Bright Heart went to No Heart's castle to get a cure?"

Innocent nodded and Tenderheart said "Then I guess we wait for them to come back."

And he sat down and just shook his head. After a few more minutes they heard the door open and they turned to see Grumpy and Proud Heart. Swift Heart was about toget up and hug Grumpy but remembered her ankle and waited for him to come over.

"Well?" Innocent asked hoping for the best.

Grumpy shook his head and said "It was a trap, Beastly and Shreeky got almost everyone in our group except for us."

Tenderheart sighed and said "Well, you're back now. Have a seat."

Grumpy was confused and asked "We're just gonna wait?"

Tenderheart looked at him and said "Yes, we are gonna wait."

Grumpy shook his head and said "Why?"

Tenderheart sighed and smacked the table they were sitting at and said "Because I don't know who else has been caught so until Bright Heart's team comes back we just have to assume they are still on mission."

Grumpy sighed and said "Sorry, sorry. Just a little frustrated here."

Tenderheart nodded and said "So, what you guys decided to break up into three groups?"

They all nodded and Innocent said "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Tenderheart smiled and said "It is a good idea but one group was way too big made it easier to get caught but the only way to know that is through experience."

Innocent sighed and said "It's my fault."

Swift Heart shook her head and said "No, Innocent it's not let's just wait for Bright Heart to get back."

Innocent nodded and they began to count the minutes...

Shreeky and Beastly were having a hard time trying to calm all the cubs who in one way or another crying or seeking attention. Noble Heart chuckled from his cage and Shreeky said "What's so funny?"

Noble Heart smiled and said "The fact that I could handle this no problem but you two rather run around."

Shreeky gritted her teeth and said "What's the catch?"

Noble Heart shrugged and said "No catch, I just think you could use a little help."

Beastly groaned and said "Maybe we should let him Shreeky."

She silenced him and said "Alright Care Bear. I'll let you down but try anything funny and I'll have you back in that cage in no time flat."

Noble Heart nodded and Shreeky zapped the rope holding him up and Noble Heart opened the cage door and Shreeky said "Get to work."

Noble Heart bowed sarcastically and began rounding up the former rescue party and put the in his cage. Soon after a few minutes he had everyone in the cage. And he sighed saying "See? Nothing to it."

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "Big deal you're all still trapped and as long as that's a fact you'll never get away." And she zapped his feet again and he jumped up.

She laughed and said "Beastly!"

Beastly tripped over his own feet on his way back and said "Yes Shreeky?"

Shreeky smiled and said "Make sure that those other Care Bear don't realize our trap."

Beastly nodded and ran back over to the cover and made sure whatever they had planned was gonna work. Noble Heart shook his head and said "Shreeky come on let us go."

Shreeky looked at him and said "No why should I do that?"

Noble Heart gave her a look and said "Because I know right now you care about what happens next."

Shreeky shook her head and said "I don't care about anything Care Bear. Now..."

She then zapped his feet once more and she said "Get in that cage!"

Noble Heart reluctantly got in the cage with the others and sat down. Shreeky turned back to Beastly and yelled "Beastly! What is taking so long!"

Beastly called back "Something is wrong Shreeky!"

She groaned and shot her magic mirror at the rope and it retied itself and she walked outside. Noble Heart made sure she was gone the looked at the others and said "Don't worry guys." And he pulled out a key and said "I always have a plan."

He then unlocked the cage door and opened it a little. He looked at the cover then shot a state at the rope and it gentle set the cage down and he then motioned for them all to move.

One by one they walked or crawled out and under the tent then Noble Heart left himself...

Over at No Heart's castle Cheer and Cozy Heart had a little trouble on their way back to the cloud car. But they finally made it back and Cheer quickly go out of there. Once they'd were gone Cheer hit the wheel and said "Darn it!"

Cozy sighed and said "You still got thosssse vilessss?"

Cheer nodded and said "Yeah, let's hope they work."

Cozy Heart nodded and said "Here here." And Cheer kept driving.

Soon they arrived back at Care-a-lot and hopped out and ran to the Hall of Heart talking before they even got in the door. "We go that we think is the solution." She said holding up the vile of growth potion.

Innocent hopped on her feet and said "Fantastic! Where's Bright Heart?"

Cheer sighed and said "He got caught."

Tenderheart rubbed his temples and Harmony grabbed his hand and smiled he nodded. Cheer handed him the potion and he asked "You sure this will work?" She nodded and said "Yeah, Bright Heart thought so."

Tenderheart shrugged and said "Good enough for me."

And he looked at the other who shrugged. He knelt down and dropped on drop into Good Luck's mouth and he flashed then grew back to his adult form and said "Wa?

" He looked around and said "What? Where? Who?"

Proud Heart sighed and said "It worked!"

And she gave Good Luck a hug as he said "What worked?"

Harmony tilted her head and said "You don't remember?"

He shook his head and she said "What's the last thing you remember?"

Good Luck rubbed his face and said "Shreeky and Beastly admonishing me."

Swift Heart nodded and said "Well, hate to sound rude but don't we have others to turn back."

Tenderheart smiled and said "Way ahead of yeah." And she looked to see everyone else they had found back to normal size.

Birthday bear sighed and said "Looks like nobody remembers what happened so bring us up to speed."

Innocent Heart nodded and began to explain what happened again...

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