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No heart's Real Plan

No Heart had Bright Heart tied up in his thunder pit room as he continued to work on his other potion. Bright Heart struggled against the restraints and said "Let me go No Heart!"

No Heart snapped his fingers then pointed and said "Silence!"

As thunder went off in the background and Bright Heart was quiet for a minute. But it didn't last as he asked "What are you even doing?"

No Heart sighed and said "Well, because you're one of the smarter Care Bear Cousins I'll tell you."

And he walked over to his book self and grabbed one and said some magic words. Bright Heart waited impatiently as No Heart threw a few things into his thunder pit then said "My plan is quite simple really. With your family distracted I can make everyone in the world more loving than ever."

Bright Heart raised an eyebrow and said "How exactly does that help you?"

No Heart smirked and said "With everyone too loving, the Caring Meter will over load, and when that happens it will break down, then I can rob the world of its feelings."

Bright Heart gasped and said "You'll never get away with this!"

No Heart smiled and said "I already have." And he blew something into Bright Heart's face and Bright Heart fell asleep.

No Heart sighed in relief and said "Man he's annoying." And said a few more magic words before throwing a few ingredients in the thunder pit again...

Noble Heart and all the others were making their way around the carnival when he got an idea and conjured up a cloud car and said "Okay everyone hop in."

As they all crawled inside Noble Heart kept an eye out for Shreeky and Beastly. He heard Shreeky in the distance screaming "BEASTLY! WHERE ARE THEY!?"

Noble Heart chuckled and helped the last of the inside and hopped in the driver's seat. Then he drove away as fast as he could. After a few minutes of driving he was pretty certain they were safe but as soon as he began to relax he heard the irreplaceable shriek of Shreeky herself he turned his head to see her and Beastly on their flying bike and she aimed her mirror and shot it at him. Noble Heart ducked and said "Hey!"

Shreeky laughed and said "You're not getting away that easily Care Bear."

Noble Heart tried to go faster but somehow Beastly managed to keep up. Noble Heart gritted his teeth and said "Okay hold on guys!"

And he made a sharp U-turn and was heading straight for Beastly and Shreeky who was laughing and taking aim with her magic mirror shouting "I got you now Care Bear!"

And she shot a bolt of lightning at the cloud car but Noble had a trick up his sleeve and pulled out up and dogged the bolt and then made a straight shot down, causing everyone to put their hands up, and he stood up and said "Care Bear stare!"

And he started the flying bike and hit the spinning blade causing it to stop and Shreeky and Beastly looked up and Beastly said "Ut oh."

The flying bike began to fall with Shreeky screaming. Noble Heart sat down and brought the cloud car to its normal travel pattern and looked at the others and said "Well that was fun."

They all nodded and clapped their hands. Noble laughed and made his way back to Care-a-lot...

Meanwhile Tenderheart and the others were packing up when they saw Noble Heart's cloud car approaching. After Noble Heart landed and hopped out he dusted himself off before True Heart ran up hugged him. He smiled and hugged her back while saying "Hey True Heart."

She sighed and said "Thank goodness you're back."

Noble Heart let her go and said "I'm not alone." And he opened the car door and the others "fell" out.

The others cheered and Cheer bear gave them all the growth potion and they returned to normal size.

After a few seconds Proud Heart gave a dazed Loyal a hug and said "Loyal!" He looked at her funny then seemed to get some sort of sense of the situation and hugged her back.

Brave Heart rubbed his head and asked "What happened?"

Innocent sighed and said "A very long story."

They all looked at her and she began to explain it again, with a reluctant sigh.

After a few minutes they all had gone inside the Hall of Hearts and we're sitting at their respected seats while Innocent Heart finished bringing everyone up to speed. Brave Heart whistled loudly and said "That was something."

Noble nodded and said "Agreed, so where is Bright Heart exactly then?"

Cheer raised her hand and said "Still at No Heart's castle."

Gentle Heart looked down for a second but looked back up and said "What are we gonna do?"

True Heart shrugged and said "I'm not sure Gentle Heart but we'll figure something out."

And she snuck her a smile which made Gentle Heart feel better.

Tenderheart had an idea and said "We could always sneak in the back way again."

Cheer shook her head and said "We already thought of that and he'll be expecting us there."

Cozy Heart nodded in support and said "It'sss jussst too rissssky."

Tenderheart sighed and thought about it for a second before asking "Any ideas?"

Everyone shook their heads except for Brave Heart who said "What if we barge down his front door?"

Tenderheart looked at him and asked "What?"

Brave Heart shrugged and said "Think about it, he's expecting us to sneak in. Why not do the opposite and go knocking on his front door?"

Tenderheart thought about it and said "Well, that could work. But I mean either way we could be walking right into a trap."

Noble Heart nodded and said "Agreed but we gotta do something."

Funshine had an idea and said "What if we used a distraction?"

Tenderheart nodded and said "That could work."

True Heart nodded but asked "But how would we distract him is the bigger question."

Everyone nodded and thought for a few minutes before Treat Heart said "How about we leave some sort of treat on his back door and wait for him to go for it then we run inside?"

Innocent Heart nodded and said "That just might work."

Tenderheart nodded and said "Agreed but in order for it to work it'd have to be something he'd go for."

Grumpy looked at him funny and said "So, what do we get for a sorcerer who hates everything?"

Noble Heart shrugged and said "You got me."

Suddenly Innocent snapped her fingers and said "A Care Bear!"

Everyone looked at her and she began to blush but said "Wait, hear me out. What if one of us was used as bait to lure No Heart away then when he captures them, stay with me, we can sweep in and save both at once."

Grumpy crossed his arms and said "That won't work!"

True Heart shrugged and said "It might actually."

Everyone looked at her and she said "Think about it, I mean what else would No Heart go to the back door for."

Tenderheart sighed and said "I guess you're right."

Innocent shrugged and then asked "Anyone wanna volunteer?"

The room was silent for a momment before two hands went into the air. Everyone turned to see Hugs and Tugs with their hands up saying simultaneously "We'll do it."

Noble Heart looked at True Heart who in turn looked at Tenderheart who tried to think of how to reply "Um...well"

Tugs crossed his arms and said "Come on Tenderheart we can do it."

Hugs nodded in agreement and said "Yeah!"

Tenderheart looked for some clue as to what everyone was thinking but no one was saying anything. "Well, I a...I guess, they could do it."

They both cheered and said "Thanks Tenderheart!"

True Heart leaned over and whispered "Are you sure Tenderheart?"

He nodded and said "What other choice do we have at least with the cubs we have a greater chance of getting No Heart's attention."

Both the founders nodded and True Heart said "Well, if there is nothing else let's get to it!"

Everyone nodded and made their way out of the Hall of Hearts and into their respected cloud cars and rainbow rollers with Hugs and Tugs riding with Tenderheart.

However Swift heart, the red cub, Proud heart and True heart, Hugs, and Tugs were left in Care-a-lot for more than one reason...

Beastly and Shreeky made their way back to No heart's castle. As they approach Beastly got a bad feeling and said "S...Shreeky are sure about this?"

Shreeky raised an eyebrow and said "Of course I'm sure now step on it fur ball." And Beastly began to peddle faster and they crashed into No heart's castle wall.

After they both got up Shreeky looked at Beastly and said "Beastly! You block head watch were you're going next time!" And she bonked him on the head before standing up and dusting herself off.

Beastly groaned and said "Sorry Shreeky."

Shreeky rolled her eyes and said "Come on you!"

And she grabbed him by the back of the neck to help him up before running inside. Beastly's eyes were rolling then he said "Oh ever had one of those days?"

Before following Shreeky inside. Once inside Shreeky was just outside of No heart's thunder pit room and was peering in. Beastly walked up to her and asked "What's going on?" Shreeky shushed him and said "Listen."

The two leaned in as No heart was saying a few more magic words then he said out loud "Almost done just a few more magic words and..."

He then threw a pinch of something into the thunder pit then said quite few magic words and there was a bright flash. He laughed as some blue mist arose from the thunder pit.

Shreeky looked at Beastly real quick before walking in saying "Oh what are you working with uncle No heart?"

No heart jumped and dropped something into the thunder pit and there was a loud explosion and the blue mist disappeared and was replaced with a dark green mist. No heart in clear agitation turned around with angry red eyes and said "SHREEKY!"

Shreeky gulped and said "Sorry, uncle No heart."

No heart sighed and said "Well, snow it's gonna take me longer to fix this so please tell me your coming back with news."

Shreeky rubbed the back of her head and said "Well, I'm they kinda"

No heart shrugged and said "No matter once my spell is complete nothing can stand in my way and with one of the Care Bear's Cousins in my dungeon they'll be focused on him rather than me."

Shreeky tilted her head and said "What exactly are you doing uncle No heart?"

No heart turned with one finger raised and said "Simple Shreeky the only way to beat the Care Bear Family is to get rid of their Caring meter and to do that we need to make everyone in the world loving and caring."

Shreeky looked at him and said "Huh?"

No heart sighed and said "You see Shreeky the Care Bears know that everyone must care about others however there is a limit to what the world can be if it gets too high the Caring meter sounds off an alarm but because of our nasty work that has never happened."

Shreeky nodded and said "I get that but how does making the world loving and caring gonna help us."

No heart put an arm around her shoulder and said "Because Shreeky when the Caring meter is broken the Care Bears won't be able to see what's wrong with the world and we can rob the feelings right out of the world!"

And more thunder sounded. Shreeky laughed and said "What a great idea uncle the Care Bears will never see it coming."

No heart nodded and said "Now go see how our guest is doing?"

Shreeky laughed and said "Right away uncle."

And she grabbed Beastly and dragged him off...

With everyone in the Hall of Hearts planning the rest of the escape Hugs, the red cub and Tugs all decided playing hide and go seek would be a fun game until they had to leave. Tugs decided he'd try again to be the seeker (he did have an ego to keep intact.) So Hugs and the red cub ran off to hide.

Tugs began to count and Hugs followed the red cub as they slid down a rainbow with smiled on their faces. Once at the bottom Hugs hide in a small patch of clouds while the red cub hid inside of a trash can.

After a few minutes Tugs came sliding down on the rainbow bridge and looked around. He thought for a moment then began to walk around. As he looked around Hugs couldn't help but giggle a little as Tugs walked by. However it backfired a d Tugs turned around and said "One, Two, Three on Hugs."

Hugs moaned and said "Man!" And hopped out of the cloud dusting herself off.

Tugs kept looking around but couldn't find the other cub and grunted saying "I give up!"

The red cub popped its head out of the trash can with the cap still on its head and all three began laughing. As the red cub climbed out Hugs looked at him and asked "So, do you know how to play tag?"

He looked at her questions tilted his head to the side. Tugs smiled and said "It's easy you're it and you have to tag us like this."

And he touched his shoulder lightly with an open hand.

The cub nodded and Hugs and Tugs began to run off while the red cub ran after them...

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