Love Finds All

Doctor's Appointment

Loyal decided he wanted to cover all his bases and drove up to Good Luck's house and knocked on the door.

Good Luck opened the door and said "Oh hey Loyal."

Loyal smiled and said "Hey Good Luck, we need to talk."

Good Luck nodded and let him in. Loyal sighed and said to him "Good Luck, we gotta stop everything."

Good Luck looked at him confused and said "What do you mean?"

Loyal sighed and said "Look I already talked to Brave Heart and he said he was gonna stop the whole court thing."

Good Luck looked at him funny and said "What? Why?"

Loyal sighed and said "Because I say so."

Good Luck shook his head and said "Alright."

Loyal sighed and said "Oh I almost forgot."

Loyal got close to Good Luck and said "I hear one word of our little secret, I'm not gonna be too friendly."

Good Luck stuck his hands up and said "Why so aggressive?"

Loyal smiled and said "Part of loyalty is protecting the ones your loyal to even if you gotta get your hands dirty."

Good Luck nodded and said "Okay, okay! Made your point!"

Loyal tilted his head and said "I had better." And walked out Good Luck's front door.

Good Luck sighed and said to himself "What a mess." Before returning to his living room...

True Heart was still at home with the red cub trying to get a hold of Take Care to no avail. And to make matters worse the cub was getting anxious and True Heart wasn't gonna have any of it. "Hey, Take Care call me!"

And she hung up as the cub started moving and she had to pick him and while she tried again. As she waited the cub began to cry and she bounced him with one hand to calm him down and it seemed to help. She sighed and she got lucky again because Take Care actually answered. "Hello?"

True Heart seemed to pop up "Hey, Take Care were have you been I've been trying to get a hold of you for a good fifteen minutes!"

Take Care was surprised and said "Oh I'm sorry I had to take care, ha, of something."

True Heart rolled her eyes and said "Very funny well is it okay if I stop over?"

Take Care said "Not at all."

True Heart sighed in relief and said "Okay, be there really soon." And she hung up.

She then looked at the cub and said "Lets go see Take Care."

And they walked out the door.

After she buckled the little cub in she hopped into the drives seat and smiling at him and saying "Ready?"

He looked at her and she shrugged "Guess that's a yes." And she drove off.

As she landed the cloud car she sighed to herself and said "This is gonna be fun."

And got out of her cloud car and picked up the cub then knocked on Take Care's door and Take Care opened it and said "Hey Truuuuu..."

She stopped when she saw the cub and said "Who is that?"

True Heart smiled and said "Wish bear found him and he needs an exam."

Take Care head began to spin and she said "I see, um come...come on in."

And True Heart walked inside and Take Care closed the door then said "True Heart I'm not exactly a pediatrician."

True Heart shrugged and said "I know but I can't exactly go down to Earth and no one else here has medical experience or equipment."

Take Care sighed and said "Well, let me see him."

True Heart handed her the cub and Take Care looked him over a little before saying "Well, he's not malnourished, no prolonged exposure to the sun I hope."

True Heart shook her head and said "Not to my knowledge Wish bear said that she got a call to the middle of no where and found him."

Take Care nodded and said "He eating?"

True Heart nodded and said "Also he slept well it seemed."

Take Care made a face and said "Thats good well he's fine physically, did Wish see the mother or father?"

True Heart shook her head and said "No, she just found him."

Take Care then asked "Did he seem sad at all?"

True Heart stood up and said "No, other than crying a little he seemed rather happy."

Take Care made a face and said "Well, he seems friendly enough usually when a child or cub is abandoned or something they are very hostile to strangers."

True Heart shrugged and said "He was rather suspicious to us but when Wish stopped by he perked up."

Take Care nodded and said "He probably has a bond with her." She tickled his stomach and the cub giggled.

True Heart smiled and said "That's what I assumed happened."

Take Care smiled at the cub and said "He'll be fine though Wish bear probably gonna have to get off Star-o-scope duty for a little while because I don't think it's a good idea to leave him alone for awhile."

True Heart nodded and picked up the cub while saying "Well, we'd better go. Thanks Take Care."

Take Care nodded but just before they left she asked "He got a name?"

True Heart shrugged and said "I think I'll leave that up to Wish bear."

Take Care nodded and True Heart left...

Tenderheart had woken up before Harmony and was in her kitchen looking for something to eat while Harmony woke up and looked around she sighed and got out of bed and threw on her house coat and walked out of the room. She walked into the kitchen and leaned on the wall and said "What cha doing?"

Tenderheart jumped and blushed a little "Sorry, I was a just looking for a snack."

She smiled and said "Top cupboard." He nodded and opened up the cupboard to find a few boxes.

He grabbed one and began to eat while he asked "So, how'd you sleep?"

She chuckled and said "Fine, you?"

He shrugged and said "Great, so what are you gonna do today?"

She shrugged "I don't know, I figured I'd go see what Funshine and Playful Heart are up to."

He nodded and said "Yeah, they've been even more secretive than usual."

She nodded and said "Should I type up a report captain?"

He shook his head and said "Hardy har har."

She smiled and said "Seriously should I bring back a report of some sort?"

He shook his head "No, it's not like I'm gonna conspire against them."

She chuckled and said "I know just thought I'd ask."

He rolled his eyes and said "Does everyone think I'm like that?"

She looked away and said "Maybe."

Then she walked over to her fridge and grabbed something before closing it. He shook his head and said "Look so I'm responsible so what? Never hurt anyone. "

Harmony shrugged and said "They know just never crossed anyone's mind that you know how to have fun."

He sighed and said "Well, I do."

She put her hands up and said "Never said you didn't."

He put his hands on a chair and starred at her and she looked at him and said "What?"

He said "You don't believe me."

She shook her head and said "No! Well..."

He gave her a look and she sighed "Okay! Okay! Yes!"

He snapped his fingers and said "I knew it!"

She gave him a look and said "It doesn't matter! I don't care if you don't act fun all the time!"

He sighed and looked at her and said "Really?"

She nodded and said "Yeah, Heck we all know how annoying Funshine is."

Tenderheart sighed and said "I guess, but I could change!"

Harmony put a finger on his lips and said "Then I wouldn't love you so much."

And she gave him a kiss...

Grumpy was suspicious of Swift Heart but he knew she would throw him out if he pushed her so he had to be sneaky. While she ate breakfast he had said he wanted to check on something and walked into his workshop to snoop. As he looked around for what she was so interested in he tried to explain it all to himself. After a few minutes he walked out empty handed and asked "So, why again do you keep going into my workshop?"

Swift Heart looked at him and said "Just looking is all."

He nodded and said "Swift Heart I'm not dumb. If there is something in there you have a question about, just tell me."

She blushed a little and said "Nothing, why does it bother you?"

Grumpy shook his head and sat down "No, no, no, I'm just perplexed is all."

She sighed and said "Grumpy, I'm just..."

He waited and she said "Okay, I'm just going in there because there is this"

Grumpy was confused then the thought hit him and his face dropped. "Oh that thing..."

She looked at him and said "Yeah, that thing. I wanna know the significance of it."

He started tapping a foot and he said "That is...a very big question."

She gave him a look and touched his hand and he relaxed "The box is...something I got from my mother."

Swift Heart sat back and said "Your mother?"

Grumpy nodded and said "Yeah, I know unbelievable."

She nodded and he sighed "I'll explain, when Noble and True Heart found me as a cub I had a few things near me the music box, a toy, and a note. They grabbed me and read the note which said the music box was to go with me. Obviously I was too young to carry it or take care of it, so Noble Heart watched it for me till I was old enough."

She nodded and asked "And the toy?"

He smiled and said "I got it stowed away somewhere."

She smiled back and said "That's good, but why hide it?"

He shrugged and said "I'm saving it."

She tilted her head and asked "For?"

He winked at her and said "You'll see."

And he got up and she asked "Where you going?"

He sighed sarcastically and said "To my wonderful job of Caring duty."

She chuckled and said "I see, well I'll be at home all day probably."

He nodded and walked out the door and she got up and walked into their bedroom and picked up the phone...

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