Love Finds All


Proud Heart was out for a stroll but her ankles started getting sore and when she turned around there was Loyal running after her out of breath.

She shook her head and crossed her arms and he stopped in front of her and said "I...a...sorry..."

She gave him a look and said "For?"

He kept breathing funny and heaved out "About...everything..." She sighed and let him catch his breath.

When he did he took her hands and said "Proud Heart, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I went to the other side, I'm sorry I gave you that grin, and I'm really sorry.." he looked around as did she and he whispered "About our little secret."

She blushed and said "I know you are."

He gave her a smile and said "Please forgive me."

She opened her mouth and said "Loyal, I..."

he suddenly kissed her and said "Please."

She felt her lower chin quiver and she said "I...I don't know."

He put his hands on her cheeks and looked her in the eye and said "I love you."

She made a weird sound and said "I love you too."

And she gave him another kiss...

True Heart was back at home with the cub and he seemed hungry. So she carried him over to the counter where she looked around for something for him to eat. She kept looking but couldn't find anything so she walked over to the fridge and opened it. As soon as she opened it she found some formula in a bottle. And picked up the bottle and filled up a bowl with arm water and put it in then she set a timer for fifteen minutes. As she waited for the formula to heat up the cub began to cry so she bounced him saying "Shhh, sweetheart I know I know."

This seemed to calm him down and she sighed in relief. "Man, and I thought you were gonna go easy on me."

She smiled at him and he smiled back with joy. She wasn't sure what to do so she walked over to their kitchen table and set him down in his high chair before turning back to the timer and saw she had only fourteen minutes to go. True Heart shook her head but sat back down in front of the cub and asking him "Well, what do you wanna do?"

He tilted his head at her and she sighed "Same here sweetie."

She smiled and sighed she couldn't fathom who'd wanna give up such a cute child but she knew better then to think about it. As they waited for a few minutes in awkward silence True Heart tried to think what she and Noble Heart were gonna do to find his parents she'd told Noble Heart looking couldn't hurt but how was the real question. She sighed and tickled the cubs stomach causing him to giggle she laughed too and said "I hope my cub is like you sweet, quiet, and just so cute!" And she pinched his cheek.

Suddenly the timer went off and she stood up and walked over to the bottle and grabbed it she turned back and picked up the cub. She first tested it on her arm and decided it wasn't too hot. Then she put the bottle in his mouth and he began to suck. She rocked him a little and hummed a tune she had done for the other's when they were small. She smiled and kept going when she heard the door open and she turned to see Noble Heart. She smiled and said "Hey, just giving him something to eat."

Noble Heart smiled and said "That's good, how did he do at his appointment?"

True Heart kept smiling at the cub and said "He's healthy. Nothing serious."

True Heart then removed the bottle from the cubs mouth and began to burp him. The little cub burped a bit loud causing Noble Heart to chuckled and then say "Well, that's good."

Noble Heart then wiggled his finger in front of the cub causing him to laugh and reach for it. Noble Heart smiled and said "You know True Heart I think this is gonna be a wonderful experience for everyone."

True Heart raised an eyebrow and said "Assuming they all stop fighting. You dealt with it right?"

Noble Heart blushed and said "Of course I did hehehe..."

She raised an eyebrow but Noble was saved by the cub waving his hands around. True Heart sighed and said "You probably wanna take a nap huh?"

The cub smiled and True Heart looked at Noble and said "Better have dealt with it Noble."

Noble Heart nodded and then as soon as True Heart was gone said "Oh I'm so dead..."

Swift Heart was still at home playing a video game and watching the clock. Grumpy had been gone for a few minutes but she wanted to be extra cautious about it. She sighed and looked around completely abandoning the game. After a minute of agony she got up and walked into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. As she looked around so couldn't seem to find anything and suddenly felt her phone vibrate. She pulled it out of her pocket and saw she'd gotten a text from Cheer bear to come over. She sighed and said aloud "I wonder how Cheery's doing anyways."

And she grabbed a carrot and walked out her door. Usually she'd walk or run but she felt like driving was the better idea this time and hopped in her cloud car. As soon as she got in she seemed to speed off. As she drove she was thinking about that darn music box again. Not sure why she was though. Usually something like this would just blow over but it couldn't. Why is it only Grumpy seemed to have something with him from his "past" life? To her knowledge there was nothing with her when Noble and True Heart found her! She sighed and kept driving. It's not like Noble Heart and True Heart had found something and hid it. She landed her cloud car and hopped out she then walked up to the door and knocked on the door. Cheer opened the door and said "Swift Heart! How are you?"

Swift Heart smiled and said "Hey Cheer, I'm great, what do you need?"

Cheer motioned for her to come inside and said "I don't need anything but last time I saw you you were in tears and losing your mind."

Swift Heart rolled her eyes and said "Oh please I always get over it."

Cheer chuckled and said "Yeah with some help from Grumpy."

Swift Heart blushed a little and said "I suppose, so how are you?"

She asked leaning on Cheer's wall. Cheer smiled and said "I'm wonderful! And a little irradiated at the same time."

Swift Heart snickered and said "Why?"

Cheer sighed and said "I may have asked Champ a question that he's split on."

Swift Heart crossed her arms and said "Come on it can't be that bad."

Cheer raised an eyebrow and said "I'm inclined to disagree."

Swift Heart sighed and said "Okay, what do you need me to do?"

Cheer smiled and said "Just talk to him see what's on his mind."

Swift Heart thought about it and said "I suppose I could try."

Cheer smiled and cheered giving Swift Heart a hug cause Swift Heart to say "Woah, easy Cheer."

Cheer blushed and said "Sorry, sorry just thanks."

Swift Heart lifted a hand and said "Not a problem. However because I am a curious rabbit I'll ask what's the catch?"

Cheer shook her head and said "No catch, honest."

Swift Heart was still suspicious but shrugged and said "Okay, I'll talk to him."

Cheer again smiled and said "Thank you so much."

Swift Heart then walked out of Cheer's door waving...

Loyal and Proud Heart were on their way back to their house hand in hand. Loyal looked at Proud Heart and asked "How are you feeling?" She blushed a little and said "I'm fine Loyal, How about you?"

He smiled and said "Couldn't be happier if I tried."

Proud Heart smiled and said "Oh why is that?"

He gave her a look and he said "I'm with the girl of my dreams that's all I need."

Proud Heart blushed more and said "Oh stop!"

He chuckled and said "But I am I mean who wouldn't with someone like you."

She smacked his shoulder and they both laughed. They walked for a little more before they arrived back home and Loyal opened the door and Proud Heart walked in. Loyal shut the door and said "Ah home sweet home."

Proud Heart gave him a look and he shrugged and said "Sorry."

She shook her head and said "I know so what on your agenda today?"

He thought for a moment then shrugged and said "Nothing really, I mean I already did what I was gonna so I'm free."

Proud Heart nodded and said "Same here."

They both thought for a minute then Proud Heart said "Wanna see what True heart and Noble heart are planning?"

Loyal shrugged "Why not?"

And the two changed clothes and walked out their door...

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