Love Finds All

A Quiz

Harmony was on her way to Funshine and Playful's when a thought rolled across her mind. "Wonder what they're up to?"

She shrugged though and knocked on the door. When the door opened Funshine answered and said "Hey Harmony come on in." And moved away so that Harmony could get inside.

Harmony walked in and Funshine asked "What's happening?"

Harmony shrugged and said "Nothing just seeing what you're up to."

She smiled and said "Nothing, how about you?"

Harmony smiled and said "Same, just spent some time with Tenderheart."

Funshine smiled and said "Wait really? And it was fun?"

Harmony crossed her arms and said "What's that supposed to mean?"

Funshine put her hands up and said "Nothing, just asking he's usually so uptight."

Harmony rolled her eyes and said "Maybe I like that."

Funshine chuckled and said "Yeah, okay." And patted her shoulder.

Harmony chuckled too and asked "So, where's Playful Heart?"

Funshine shrugged and said "He went out."

Harmony shook her head and said "Typical."

Funshine laughed and said "Well, want a snack or something?"

Harmony smiled and said "Sure what you got?"

Funshine thought for a moment and said "We should have some banana bread."

Harmony raised and lowered her eyebrows and said "Sounds great." And the two walked into Funshine's kitchen and Funshine began to look around.

Harmony just looked at some pictures they had and laughed. "I remember this."

Funshine turned to see she was looking at the photo that she had taken when Playful Heart had thrown water balloons at Grumpy. She laughed and walked over "Yeah, Grumpy was pretty mad good thing Playful can climb."

Harmony smiled and said "Yeah, I remember Grumpy was so embarrassed because we had to go to Earth and his pants were soaked."

Harmony shook her head and said "Yeah can't believe he and Swift Heart got married."

Funshine raised an eyebrow and said "Why is that surprising? They always have liked each other."

Harmony shrugged "I don't mean that I mean how quickly, no pun intended, I mean didn't they go out then disappear. Then come back, and bam! their married!"

Funshine shrugged and said "I suppose so, ha maybe they..."

Harmony looked at her and said "What?"

Funshine shook her head and said "Never mind."

Harmony was suspicious and asked "Maybe they what?"

Funshine sighed and said "I don't know. Maybe Grumpy and Swift know."

Harmony suddenly caught on and said "No way! Swift Heart? Never."

Funshine shrugged and said "Oh well, have you hung out with Innocent at all?"

Harmony shrugged "A little she strikes me as very..."

Funshine waited and Harmony said "Private."

Funshine nodded and said "Pretty amazing though I mean another lion? Or rather she's a lioness. Here in Care-a-lot? Amazing."

Harmony smirked and said "I guess, I mean this has never really happened before."

Funshine chuckled and said "I'm sure it's a onetime thing."

Harmony smiled back and said "Yeah, bizarre though."

Funshine nodded and went back and grabbed a plate and handed it to Harmony saying "Help yourself."

And Harmony cut off and put a few slices of banana bread on her plate before walking back to Funshine who was looking at some other photos. "Ah Harmony remember this?"

Harmony blushed a little and said "I sure do, you and Playful messed with my microphone so I sounded like Bright Heart."

Funshine shrugged and said "It wasn't personal, and it was funny."

Harmony rolled her eyes and said "Maybe a little." And the two laughed.

Harmony sighed and said "One day, someone gonna get back at you two."

Funshine chuckled and said "People already have."

Harmony laughed and said "How'd it feel being on the other end of the stick."

Funshine shot her a look and said "Not as much fun, but none the less it was refreshing to not have to do all the hard work."

Harmony chuckled and said "Yeah, you know we should plan something for everyone a little surprise."

Funshine raised an eyebrow and asked "What exactly would we do?"

Harmony thought on it and said "I'm not sure but something nice."

Funshine made a face and said "You know I have just the idea."

And she motioned for Harmony to follow...

Gentle Heart was in her living room reading a book when she heard a knock on the door. She got up and answered it and saw Innocent Heart. "Hey Innocent what are you doing here?"

Innocent Heart smiled and said "Nothing just came over to"

Gentle Heart decided to wait and Innocent said "Well, I know you've been sidetracked badly but can...we carry on with my Caring mission training?"

Gentle Heart nodded and said "Yeah no problem come on in."

And Innocent walked inside and said "Sorry if I'm bothering you."

Gentle Heart shook her head and said "Its no bother."

Innocent sat down and Gentle Heart grabbed a piece of paper and said "Okay, so I have this small one paged quiz. Now I know your probably not crazy about it but I have to do this."

Innocent nodded and Gentle Heart handed her the paper and a pencil. "Now, just answer the questions and then hand it back to me and I'll read over then see if we can move on or not okay?"

Innocent Heart nodded and "Sounds great." And Innocent began to work on the questions.

After a few minutes Innocent finished and Gentle Heart took the paper and began to read it over and Innocent began to sweat. After a minute Gentle Heart said "Alright, so you've got down the basics which is what this quiz was for."

Innocent sighed and smiled and Gentle Heart went on "Now we get into the harder stuff, now don't panic if you want to take a break anytime to get your bearings that's fine."

Innocent nodded and said "Okay, so what do I gotta do?"

Gentle Heart sighed and said "So, to sum it up I'm gonna have to go over human psychology with you now much like our own the human mind is very complex and very difficult to get heck sometimes even we don't know how to handle it."

Innocent gulped a bit but nodded Gentle Heart sighed and said "Okay, so I want you know some of us, not gonna name names, failed this at least once."

Innocent smiled and said sarcastically "That's reassuring."

Gentle Heart smiled and said "Don't worry you'll be fine."

Innocent nodded and said "Okay, I think I'm ready."

Gentle Heart nodded again and sat down next to her and said "Okay, three answers, so to start with if you see someone crying at a school what do you assume?"

Innocent thought for a moment then said "Besides the obvious?"

Gentle Heart nodded "Okay, so they are crying so obvious they are sad, they are at a school so they must have at least one friend nearby, I would assume based on how they are dressed that either they are bullied, got in a fight with their friend, or..."

Gentle Heart waited and Innocent started to concentrate and said "They um...they..."

Gentle Heart said "That they..."

Innocent couldn't think of the answer and said "I don't know."

Gentle rubbed her back and said "That's okay, the final answer was that they did bad on an assignment or test and their parents might be mad."

Innocent sighed, she should have known!

Gentle smiled and said "Its okay, next one, one answer, a little boy is sad at a playground because no one will play with him what do you do?"

Innocent thought this was easy "Simple you'd play with him cheer him up."

Gentle Heart made a face and said "That's a good answer however it's wrong."

Innocent's face dropped and she said "Really?"

Gentle Heart nodded "Although it would cheer the boy up it didn't help him meet the other children and he'd be right back in the same situation."

Innocent sighed and said "Okay, sorry I should have known that!"

Gentle Heart shook her head and said "Hey, it's okay you know that saying?"

Innocent looked at her and shook her head. Gentle Heart smiled and said "If at first you don't succeed try, try, again."

Innocent smiled and said "Thanks Gentle Heart."

Gentle Heart nodded and moved on to the next question...

Wish Bear was back home she hadn't told Bedtime about the cub yet even though they had talked about it. She was in the living room when Bedtime walked inside with a yawn and said "Hey."

Wish bear jumped up and said "Hey Bedtime!"

Bedtime raised an eyebrow and said "You seem rather happy."

Wish bear turned it down a little and said "Yeah, sorry but I got news."

Bedtime raised an eyebrow and said "What is it?"

Wish bear walked up to him and whispered into his ear and his eyes shot open and he said "Really!"

She nodded he smiled and gave her a kiss. She smiled back and said "Yes really! Can you believe it!"

Bedtime still had a big grin on his face and said "That's great, but we need a lot of things do we not?"

Wish bear shrugged and said "So what!? I can pick up a crib today and a few other things."

Bedtime nodded and said "I can paint the spare room I have."

Wish bear squealed and said "See? Come on! If we work quick I can get him from Noble and True Heart's in two days."

Bedtime nodded and said "Okay, wanna go to Earth together?"

She smiled and said "Of course."

And she took his hand and the two walked out the door.

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